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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -fsyntax-only -verify %s -std=c++0x
struct T1 {
static_assert(__has_trivial_constructor(T1), "T1 has trivial constructor!");
struct T2 {
static_assert(!__has_trivial_constructor(T2), "T2 has a user-declared constructor!");
struct T3 {
virtual void f();
static_assert(!__has_trivial_constructor(T3), "T3 has a virtual function!");
struct T4 : virtual T3 {
static_assert(!__has_trivial_constructor(T4), "T4 has a virtual base class!");
struct T5 : T1 {
static_assert(__has_trivial_constructor(T5), "All the direct base classes of T5 have trivial constructors!");
struct T6 {
T5 t5;
T1 t1[2][2];
static T2 t2;
static_assert(__has_trivial_constructor(T6), "All nonstatic data members of T6 have trivial constructors!");
struct T7 {
T4 t4;
static_assert(!__has_trivial_constructor(T7), "t4 does not have a trivial constructor!");
struct T8 : T2 {
static_assert(!__has_trivial_constructor(T8), "The base class T2 does not have a trivial constructor!");