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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -fsyntax-only -verify %s
struct X {
X operator+(X, X);
X operator-(X, X) { X x; return x; }
struct Y {
Y operator-() const;
void operator()(int x = 17) const;
int operator[](int);
static int operator+(Y, Y); // expected-error{{overloaded 'operator+' cannot be a static member function}}
void f(X x) {
x = operator+(x, x);
X operator+(int, float); // expected-error{{overloaded 'operator+' must have at least one parameter of class or enumeration type}}
X operator*(X, X = 5); // expected-error{{parameter of overloaded 'operator*' cannot have a default argument}}
X operator/(X, X, ...); // expected-error{{overloaded 'operator/' cannot be variadic}}
X operator%(Y); // expected-error{{overloaded 'operator%' must be a binary operator (has 1 parameter)}}
void operator()(Y&, int, int); // expected-error{{overloaded 'operator()' must be a non-static member function}}
typedef int INT;
typedef float FLOAT;
Y& operator++(Y&);
Y operator++(Y&, INT);
X operator++(X&, FLOAT); // expected-error{{parameter of overloaded post-increment operator must have type 'int' (not 'FLOAT' (aka 'float'))}}
int operator+; // expected-error{{'operator+' cannot be the name of a variable or data member}}
namespace PR6238 {
static struct {
void operator()();
} plus;