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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -fsyntax-only -verify -std=c++0x %s
int final_fail [[final]]; //expected-error {{'final' attribute only applies to virtual method or class types}}
struct [[final]] final_base { }; // expected-note {{'struct final_base' declared here}}
struct final_child : final_base { }; // expected-error {{derivation from 'final' struct final_base}}
struct final_member { virtual void quux [[final]] (); }; // expected-note {{overridden virtual function is here}}
struct final_override : final_member { virtual void quux (); }; // expected-error {{declaration of 'quux' overrides a 'final' function}}
int align_illegal [[align(3)]]; //expected-error {{requested alignment is not a power of 2}}
char align_big [[align(int)]];
int align_small [[align(1)]];
int align_multiple [[align(1), align(8), align(1)]];
struct align_member {
int member [[align(8)]];
static_assert(alignof(align_big) == alignof(int), "k's alignment is wrong");
static_assert(alignof(align_small) == alignof(int), "j's alignment is wrong");
static_assert(alignof(align_multiple) == 8, "l's alignment is wrong");
static_assert(alignof(align_member) == 8, "quuux's alignment is wrong");
static_assert(sizeof(align_member) == 8, "quuux's size is wrong");
int bc_fail [[base_check]]; // expected-error {{'base_check' attribute only applies to class types}}
int hiding_fail [[hiding]]; // expected-error {{'hiding' attribute only applies to member types}}
int override_fail [[override]]; // expected-error {{'override' attribute only applies to virtual method types}}
struct base {
virtual void function();
virtual void other_function();
struct [[base_check, base_check]] bc : base { // expected-error {{'base_check' attribute cannot be repeated}}