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//===--- CommonArgs.h - Args handling for multiple toolchains ---*- C++ -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
#include "InputInfo.h"
#include "clang/Driver/Driver.h"
#include "clang/Driver/Multilib.h"
#include "clang/Driver/Tool.h"
#include "clang/Driver/ToolChain.h"
#include "llvm/Support/CodeGen.h"
namespace clang {
namespace driver {
namespace tools {
void addPathIfExists(const Driver &D, const Twine &Path,
ToolChain::path_list &Paths);
void AddLinkerInputs(const ToolChain &TC, const InputInfoList &Inputs,
const llvm::opt::ArgList &Args,
llvm::opt::ArgStringList &CmdArgs, const JobAction &JA);
void claimNoWarnArgs(const llvm::opt::ArgList &Args);
bool addSanitizerRuntimes(const ToolChain &TC, const llvm::opt::ArgList &Args,
llvm::opt::ArgStringList &CmdArgs);
void linkSanitizerRuntimeDeps(const ToolChain &TC,
llvm::opt::ArgStringList &CmdArgs);
bool addXRayRuntime(const ToolChain &TC, const llvm::opt::ArgList &Args,
llvm::opt::ArgStringList &CmdArgs);
void linkXRayRuntimeDeps(const ToolChain &TC,
llvm::opt::ArgStringList &CmdArgs);
void AddRunTimeLibs(const ToolChain &TC, const Driver &D,
llvm::opt::ArgStringList &CmdArgs,
const llvm::opt::ArgList &Args);
void AddHIPLinkerScript(const ToolChain &TC, Compilation &C,
const InputInfo &Output, const InputInfoList &Inputs,
const llvm::opt::ArgList &Args,
llvm::opt::ArgStringList &CmdArgs, const JobAction &JA,
const Tool &T);
const char *SplitDebugName(const llvm::opt::ArgList &Args,
const InputInfo &Input, const InputInfo &Output);
void SplitDebugInfo(const ToolChain &TC, Compilation &C, const Tool &T,
const JobAction &JA, const llvm::opt::ArgList &Args,
const InputInfo &Output, const char *OutFile);
void AddGoldPlugin(const ToolChain &ToolChain, const llvm::opt::ArgList &Args,
llvm::opt::ArgStringList &CmdArgs, const InputInfo &Output,
const InputInfo &Input, bool IsThinLTO);
std::tuple<llvm::Reloc::Model, unsigned, bool>
ParsePICArgs(const ToolChain &ToolChain, const llvm::opt::ArgList &Args);
unsigned ParseFunctionAlignment(const ToolChain &TC,
const llvm::opt::ArgList &Args);
void AddAssemblerKPIC(const ToolChain &ToolChain,
const llvm::opt::ArgList &Args,
llvm::opt::ArgStringList &CmdArgs);
void addArchSpecificRPath(const ToolChain &TC, const llvm::opt::ArgList &Args,
llvm::opt::ArgStringList &CmdArgs);
/// Returns true, if an OpenMP runtime has been added.
bool addOpenMPRuntime(llvm::opt::ArgStringList &CmdArgs, const ToolChain &TC,
const llvm::opt::ArgList &Args,
bool ForceStaticHostRuntime = false,
bool IsOffloadingHost = false, bool GompNeedsRT = false);
llvm::opt::Arg *getLastProfileUseArg(const llvm::opt::ArgList &Args);
llvm::opt::Arg *getLastProfileSampleUseArg(const llvm::opt::ArgList &Args);
bool isObjCAutoRefCount(const llvm::opt::ArgList &Args);
unsigned getLTOParallelism(const llvm::opt::ArgList &Args, const Driver &D);
bool areOptimizationsEnabled(const llvm::opt::ArgList &Args);
bool isUseSeparateSections(const llvm::Triple &Triple);
void addDirectoryList(const llvm::opt::ArgList &Args,
llvm::opt::ArgStringList &CmdArgs, const char *ArgName,
const char *EnvVar);
void AddTargetFeature(const llvm::opt::ArgList &Args,
std::vector<StringRef> &Features,
llvm::opt::OptSpecifier OnOpt,
llvm::opt::OptSpecifier OffOpt, StringRef FeatureName);
std::string getCPUName(const llvm::opt::ArgList &Args, const llvm::Triple &T,
bool FromAs = false);
void handleTargetFeaturesGroup(const llvm::opt::ArgList &Args,
std::vector<StringRef> &Features,
llvm::opt::OptSpecifier Group);
/// Handles the -save-stats option and returns the filename to save statistics
/// to.
SmallString<128> getStatsFileName(const llvm::opt::ArgList &Args,
const InputInfo &Output,
const InputInfo &Input, const Driver &D);
/// \p Flag must be a flag accepted by the driver with its leading '-' removed,
// otherwise '-print-multi-lib' will not emit them correctly.
void addMultilibFlag(bool Enabled, const char *const Flag,
Multilib::flags_list &Flags);
StringRef getTargetABI(const llvm::opt::ArgList &Args,
const llvm::Triple &Triple);
void getTargetFeatures(const ToolChain &TC, const llvm::Triple &Triple,
const llvm::opt::ArgList &Args,
llvm::opt::ArgStringList &CmdArgs, bool ForAS,
bool ForLTOPlugin = false);
} // end namespace tools
} // end namespace driver
} // end namespace clang