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// Verify that we can parse a simple CUDA file with or without -save-temps
// RUN: %clang -nocudainc -nocudalib -Werror -fsyntax-only -c %s
// Verify that we pass -x cuda-cpp-output to compiler after
// preprocessing a CUDA file
// RUN: %clang -Werror -### -save-temps -c %s 2>&1 | FileCheck %s
// CHECK: "-cc1"
// CHECK: "-E"
// CHECK: "-x" "cuda"
// CHECK-NEXT: "-cc1"
// CHECK: "-x" "cuda-cpp-output"
// Verify that compiler accepts CUDA syntax with "-x cuda-cpp-output".
// RUN: %clang -Werror -fsyntax-only -x cuda-cpp-output -c %s
extern "C" int cudaConfigureCall(int, int);
extern "C" int __cudaPushCallConfiguration(int, int);
__attribute__((global)) void kernel() {}
void func() {