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<ompts:testdescription>Test which checks the omp taskwait directive. First we generate a set of tasks, which set the elements of an array to a specific value. Then we do a taskwait and check if all tasks finished meaning all array elements contain the right value. Then we generate a second set setting the array elements to another value. After the parallel region we check if all tasks of the second set finished and were executed after the tasks of the first set.</ompts:testdescription>
<ompts:directive>omp taskwait</ompts:directive>
<ompts:dependences>omp single,omp task</ompts:dependences>
INCLUDE "omp_my_sleep.f"
INTEGER FUNCTION <ompts:testcode:functionname>omp_taskwait</ompts:testcode:functionname>()
INCLUDE "omp_testsuite.f"
INTEGER result1, result2
INTEGER i, myi
external my_sleep
result1 = 0
result2 = 0
! fill array
do i = 1, NUM_TASKS
array(i) = 0
end do
!$omp parallel shared(i) private(myi)
!$omp single
do i=1, NUM_TASKS
! First we have to store the value of the loop index in a new variable
! which will be private for each task because otherwise it will be
! overwritten if the execution of the task takes longer than the time
! which is needed to enter the next step of the loop!
myi = i
!$omp task
call my_sleep(SLEEPTIME)
array(myi) = 1
!$omp end task
end do
!$omp taskwait
! check if all tasks were finished
do i=1, NUM_TASKS
if (array(i) .ne. 1) then
result1 = result1 + 1
end if
end do
! generate some more tasks which now shall overwrite the valuesin the
! array
do i=1, NUM_TASKS
myi = i
!$omp task
array(myi) = 2
!$omp end task
end do
!$omp end single
!$omp end parallel
! final check, if all array elements contain the right values
do i=1, NUM_TASKS
if (array(i) .ne. 2) then
result2 = result2 + 1
end if
end do
if ( (result1 .eq. 0) .and. (result2 .eq. 0) ) then
<testfunctionname></testfunctionname> = 1
<testfunctionname></testfunctionname> = 0
end if