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<ompts:testdescription>Test which checks that the omp_get_num_threads returns the correct number of threads. Therefor it counts up a variable in a parallelized section and compars this value with the result of the omp_get_num_threads function.</ompts:testdescription>
#include <stdio.h>
#include "omp_testsuite.h"
int <ompts:testcode:functionname>omp_get_num_threads</ompts:testcode:functionname> (FILE * logFile)
/* checks that omp_get_num_threads is equal to the number of
threads */
int nthreads_lib;
int nthreads = 0;
nthreads_lib = -1;
#pragma omp parallel
#pragma omp critical
} /* end of critical */
#pragma omp single
<ompts:check>nthreads_lib = omp_get_num_threads ();</ompts:check>
} /* end of single */
} /* end of parallel */
fprintf (logFile, "Counted %d threads. get_num_threads returned %d.\n", nthreads, nthreads_lib);
return (nthreads == nthreads_lib);