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| To use the OpenMP Validation Suite for testing |
| LLVM OpenMP Implementation |
| High Performance Computing and Tools, |
| University of Houston |
| Jan. 2015 |
Two new files have been added to openmp/runtime: and
Go to /openmp/runtime, run:
make test compiler=clang
make test-clean
For the OpenMP-LLVM Project, following are the Files and Directories to know about:
c Directory containing the templates for the c tests
fortran Directory containing the templates for the Fortran
Makefile Makefile containing options for compilation
README_LLVM_OPENMP README file for to use the OpenMP test-suite
README_OpenMP_Validation_Suite README file on the Validation Suite, templates, etc.,
as a basis for testing the LLVM OpenMP implementation.
LLVM_IR Directory containing target-specific IR files
bin/lit files In the lit model, every test must exist inside some test suite.
lit resolves the inputs specified on the command line to
test suites by searching upwards from the input path
until it finds a lit.cfg or file.
These files serve as both a marker of test suites and
as configuration files which lit loads in order to
understand how to find and run the tests inside the test suite.
bin/header Header for the tests, calls clang driver for the test,
and executes the resulting executable
bin/Makefile To generate LLVM_IR files
bin/ Generates LLVM_IR files, finds the architecture and OS, moves
the generated IR files to the corresponding folder
runtime/tools/ Retrieving the right path
runtime/tools/ Returns the architecture and OS, e.g. lin_32e
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