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* include/30/omp.h.var
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is dual licensed under the MIT and the University of Illinois Open
// Source Licenses. See LICENSE.txt for details.
#ifndef __OMP_H
# define __OMP_H
# ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
# endif
# define omp_set_num_threads ompc_set_num_threads
# define omp_set_dynamic ompc_set_dynamic
# define omp_set_nested ompc_set_nested
# define omp_set_max_active_levels ompc_set_max_active_levels
# define omp_set_schedule ompc_set_schedule
# define omp_get_ancestor_thread_num ompc_get_ancestor_thread_num
# define omp_get_team_size ompc_get_team_size
# define kmp_set_stacksize kmpc_set_stacksize
# define kmp_set_stacksize_s kmpc_set_stacksize_s
# define kmp_set_blocktime kmpc_set_blocktime
# define kmp_set_library kmpc_set_library
# define kmp_set_defaults kmpc_set_defaults
# define kmp_set_affinity_mask_proc kmpc_set_affinity_mask_proc
# define kmp_unset_affinity_mask_proc kmpc_unset_affinity_mask_proc
# define kmp_get_affinity_mask_proc kmpc_get_affinity_mask_proc
# define kmp_malloc kmpc_malloc
# define kmp_calloc kmpc_calloc
# define kmp_realloc kmpc_realloc
# define kmp_free kmpc_free
# if defined(_WIN32)
# define __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION __cdecl
# else
# endif
/* schedule kind constants */
typedef enum omp_sched_t {
omp_sched_static = 1,
omp_sched_dynamic = 2,
omp_sched_guided = 3,
omp_sched_auto = 4
} omp_sched_t;
/* set API functions */
extern void __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION omp_set_num_threads (int);
extern void __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION omp_set_dynamic (int);
extern void __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION omp_set_nested (int);
extern void __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION omp_set_max_active_levels (int);
extern void __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION omp_set_schedule (omp_sched_t, int);
/* query API functions */
extern int __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION omp_get_num_threads (void);
extern int __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION omp_get_dynamic (void);
extern int __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION omp_get_nested (void);
extern int __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION omp_get_max_threads (void);
extern int __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION omp_get_thread_num (void);
extern int __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION omp_get_num_procs (void);
extern int __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION omp_in_parallel (void);
extern int __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION omp_in_final (void);
extern int __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION omp_get_active_level (void);
extern int __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION omp_get_level (void);
extern int __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION omp_get_ancestor_thread_num (int);
extern int __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION omp_get_team_size (int);
extern int __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION omp_get_thread_limit (void);
extern int __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION omp_get_max_active_levels (void);
extern void __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION omp_get_schedule (omp_sched_t *, int *);
/* lock API functions */
typedef struct omp_lock_t {
void * _lk;
} omp_lock_t;
extern void __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION omp_init_lock (omp_lock_t *);
extern void __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION omp_set_lock (omp_lock_t *);
extern void __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION omp_unset_lock (omp_lock_t *);
extern void __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION omp_destroy_lock (omp_lock_t *);
extern int __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION omp_test_lock (omp_lock_t *);
/* nested lock API functions */
typedef struct omp_nest_lock_t {
void * _lk;
} omp_nest_lock_t;
extern void __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION omp_init_nest_lock (omp_nest_lock_t *);
extern void __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION omp_set_nest_lock (omp_nest_lock_t *);
extern void __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION omp_unset_nest_lock (omp_nest_lock_t *);
extern void __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION omp_destroy_nest_lock (omp_nest_lock_t *);
extern int __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION omp_test_nest_lock (omp_nest_lock_t *);
/* time API functions */
extern double __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION omp_get_wtime (void);
extern double __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION omp_get_wtick (void);
# include <stdlib.h>
/* kmp API functions */
extern int __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION kmp_get_stacksize (void);
extern void __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION kmp_set_stacksize (int);
extern size_t __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION kmp_get_stacksize_s (void);
extern void __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION kmp_set_stacksize_s (size_t);
extern int __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION kmp_get_blocktime (void);
extern int __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION kmp_get_library (void);
extern void __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION kmp_set_blocktime (int);
extern void __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION kmp_set_library (int);
extern void __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION kmp_set_library_serial (void);
extern void __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION kmp_set_library_turnaround (void);
extern void __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION kmp_set_library_throughput (void);
extern void __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION kmp_set_defaults (char const *);
/* affinity API functions */
typedef void * kmp_affinity_mask_t;
extern int __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION kmp_set_affinity (kmp_affinity_mask_t *);
extern int __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION kmp_get_affinity (kmp_affinity_mask_t *);
extern int __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION kmp_get_affinity_max_proc (void);
extern void __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION kmp_create_affinity_mask (kmp_affinity_mask_t *);
extern void __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION kmp_destroy_affinity_mask (kmp_affinity_mask_t *);
extern int __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION kmp_set_affinity_mask_proc (int, kmp_affinity_mask_t *);
extern int __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION kmp_unset_affinity_mask_proc (int, kmp_affinity_mask_t *);
extern int __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION kmp_get_affinity_mask_proc (int, kmp_affinity_mask_t *);
extern void * __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION kmp_malloc (size_t);
extern void * __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION kmp_aligned_malloc (size_t, size_t);
extern void * __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION kmp_calloc (size_t, size_t);
extern void * __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION kmp_realloc (void *, size_t);
extern void __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION kmp_free (void *);
extern void __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION kmp_set_warnings_on(void);
extern void __KAI_KMPC_CONVENTION kmp_set_warnings_off(void);
/* Warning:
The following typedefs are not standard, deprecated and will be removed in a future release.
typedef int omp_int_t;
typedef double omp_wtime_t;
# ifdef __cplusplus
# endif
#endif /* __OMP_H */