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// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is dual licensed under the MIT and the University of Illinois Open
// Source Licenses. See LICENSE.txt for details.
#include <stdint.h>
// Dope vector declarations
#define ArrDescMaxArrayRank 31
// Dope vector flags
#define ArrDescFlagsDefined 1
#define ArrDescFlagsNodealloc 2
#define ArrDescFlagsContiguous 4
typedef int64_t dv_size;
typedef struct DimDesc {
dv_size Extent; // Number of elements in this dimension
dv_size Mult; // Multiplier for this dimension.
// The number of bytes between successive
// elements in this dimension.
dv_size LowerBound; // LowerBound of this dimension
} DimDesc ;
typedef struct ArrDesc {
dv_size Base; // Base address
dv_size Len; // Length of data type, used only for
// character strings.
dv_size Offset;
dv_size Flags; // Flags
dv_size Rank; // Rank of pointer
dv_size Reserved; // reserved for openmp requests
DimDesc Dim[ArrDescMaxArrayRank];
} ArrDesc ;
typedef ArrDesc* pArrDesc;
bool __dv_is_contiguous(const ArrDesc *dvp);
bool __dv_is_allocated(const ArrDesc *dvp);
uint64_t __dv_data_length(const ArrDesc *dvp);
uint64_t __dv_data_length(const ArrDesc *dvp, int64_t nelems);
CeanReadRanges * init_read_ranges_dv(const ArrDesc *dvp);
void __dv_desc_dump(const char *name, const ArrDesc *dvp);
#define __dv_desc_dump(name, dvp)