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// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is dual licensed under the MIT and the University of Illinois Open
// Source Licenses. See LICENSE.txt for details.
#include <source/COIBuffer_source.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#if MPSS_VERSION <= 33
// CEAN expression representation
struct dim_desc {
int64_t size; // Length of data type
int64_t lindex; // Lower index
int64_t lower; // Lower section bound
int64_t upper; // Upper section bound
int64_t stride; // Stride
struct arr_desc {
int64_t base; // Base address
int64_t rank; // Rank of array
dim_desc dim[1];
struct CeanReadDim {
int64_t count; // The number of elements in this dimension
int64_t size; // The number of bytes between successive
// elements in this dimension.
struct CeanReadRanges {
void * ptr;
int64_t current_number; // the number of ranges read
int64_t range_max_number; // number of contiguous ranges
int64_t range_size; // size of max contiguous range
int last_noncont_ind; // size of Dim array
int64_t init_offset; // offset of 1-st element from array left bound
CeanReadDim Dim[1];
// array descriptor length
#define __arr_desc_length(rank) \
(sizeof(int64_t) + sizeof(dim_desc) * (rank))
// returns offset and length of the data to be transferred
void __arr_data_offset_and_length(const arr_desc *adp,
int64_t &offset,
int64_t &length);
// define if data array described by argument is contiguous one
bool is_arr_desc_contiguous(const arr_desc *ap);
// allocate element of CeanReadRanges type initialized
// to read consequently contiguous ranges described by "ap" argument
CeanReadRanges * init_read_ranges_arr_desc(const arr_desc *ap);
// check if ranges described by 1 argument could be transferred into ranges
// described by 2-nd one
bool cean_ranges_match(
CeanReadRanges * read_rng1,
CeanReadRanges * read_rng2
// first argument - returned value by call to init_read_ranges_arr_desc.
// returns true if offset and length of next range is set successfuly.
// returns false if the ranges is over.
bool get_next_range(
CeanReadRanges * read_rng,
int64_t *offset
// returns number of transferred bytes
int64_t cean_get_transf_size(CeanReadRanges * read_rng);
// prints array descriptor contents to stderr
void __arr_desc_dump(
const char *spaces,
const char *name,
const arr_desc *adp,
bool dereference);
#define __arr_desc_dump(