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; Check that we fold the condition of branches of the
; form: br <condition> dest1, dest2, where dest1 == dest2.
; RUN: opt -instcombine -S < %s | FileCheck %s
define i32 @test(i32 %x) {
; CHECK-LABEL: @test
; CHECK-NOT: icmp
; CHECK: br i1 false
%cmp = icmp ult i32 %x, 7
br i1 %cmp, label %merge, label %merge
; CHECK-LABEL: merge:
; CHECK: ret i32 %x
ret i32 %x
@global = global i8 0
define i32 @pat(i32 %x) {
; CHECK-NOT: icmp false
; CHECK: br i1 false
%y = icmp eq i32 27, ptrtoint(i8* @global to i32)
br i1 %y, label %patatino, label %patatino
ret i32 %x