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; RUN: llc -O2 -march=hexagon < %s | FileCheck %s
; CHECK: cmp.eq(r{{[0-9]+}},#0)
; Check that the result of the builtin is not stored directly, i.e. that
; there is an instruction that converts it to {0,1} from {0,-1}. Right now
; the instruction is "r4 = !cmp.eq(r0, #0)".
@var = common global i32 0, align 4
declare i32 @llvm.hexagon.C2.cmpgtup(i64,i64) nounwind
define void @foo(i64 %a98, i64 %a100) nounwind {
%a101 = tail call i32 @llvm.hexagon.C2.cmpgtup(i64 %a98, i64 %a100)
%tobool250 = icmp eq i32 %a101, 0
%a102 = zext i1 %tobool250 to i8
%detected.0 = xor i8 %a102, 1
%conv253 = zext i8 %detected.0 to i32
store i32 %conv253, i32* @var, align 4
ret void