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# RUN: llc -march=hexagon -post-RA-scheduler -run-pass post-RA-sched %s -o - | FileCheck %s
--- |
declare void @check(i64, i32, i32, i64)
define void @foo() {
ret void
name: foo
tracksRegLiveness: true
body: |
liveins: %r0, %r1, %d1, %d2, %r16, %r17, %r19, %r22, %r23
%r2 = A2_add %r23, killed %r17
%r6 = M2_mpyi %r16, %r16
%r22 = M2_accii %r22, killed %r2, 2
%r7 = A2_tfrsi 12345678
%r3 = A2_tfr killed %r16
%d2 = A2_tfrp killed %d0
%r2 = L2_loadri_io %r29, 28
%r2 = M2_mpyi killed %r6, killed %r2
%r23 = S2_asr_i_r %r22, 31
S2_storeri_io killed %r29, 0, killed %r7
; The anti-dependency on r23 between the first A2_add and the
; S2_asr_i_r was causing d11 to be renamed, while r22 remained
; unchanged. Check that the renaming of d11 does not happen.
; CHECK: d11
%d0 = A2_tfrp killed %d11
J2_call @check, implicit-def %d0, implicit-def %d1, implicit-def %d2, implicit %d0, implicit %d1, implicit %d2