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#!/usr/bin/env python2.7
from __future__ import print_function
import yaml
# Try to use the C parser.
from yaml import CLoader as Loader
except ImportError:
print("For faster parsing, you may want to install libYAML for PyYAML")
from yaml import Loader
import cgi
from collections import defaultdict
import fnmatch
import functools
from multiprocessing import Lock
import os, os.path
import subprocess
import optpmap
p = subprocess.Popen(['c++filt', '-n'], stdin=subprocess.PIPE, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
p_lock = Lock()
except AttributeError:
# Python 3
def itervalues(d):
return iter(d.values())
def iteritems(d):
return iter(d.items())
# Python 2
def itervalues(d):
return d.itervalues()
def iteritems(d):
return d.iteritems()
def demangle(name):
with p_lock:
p.stdin.write((name + '\n').encode('utf-8'))
return p.stdout.readline().rstrip().decode('utf-8')
def html_file_name(filename):
return filename.replace('/', '_').replace('#', '_') + ".html"
def make_link(File, Line):
return "\"{}#L{}\"".format(html_file_name(File), Line)
class Remark(yaml.YAMLObject):
# Work-around for
yaml_loader = Loader
def initmissing(self):
if not hasattr(self, 'Hotness'):
self.Hotness = 0
if not hasattr(self, 'Args'):
self.Args = []
def File(self):
return self.DebugLoc['File']
def Line(self):
return int(self.DebugLoc['Line'])
def Column(self):
return self.DebugLoc['Column']
def DebugLocString(self):
return "{}:{}:{}".format(self.File, self.Line, self.Column)
def DemangledFunctionName(self):
return demangle(self.Function)
def Link(self):
return make_link(self.File, self.Line)
def getArgString(self, mapping):
mapping = mapping.copy()
dl = mapping.get('DebugLoc')
if dl:
del mapping['DebugLoc']
assert(len(mapping) == 1)
(key, value) = mapping.items()[0]
if key == 'Caller' or key == 'Callee':
value = cgi.escape(demangle(value))
if dl and key != 'Caller':
return "<a href={}>{}</a>".format(
make_link(dl['File'], dl['Line']), value)
return value
def getDiffPrefix(self):
if hasattr(self, 'Added'):
if self.Added:
return '+'
return '-'
return ''
def PassWithDiffPrefix(self):
return self.getDiffPrefix() + self.Pass
def message(self):
# Args is a list of mappings (dictionaries)
values = [self.getArgString(mapping) for mapping in self.Args]
return "".join(values)
def RelativeHotness(self):
if self.max_hotness:
return "{}%".format(int(round(self.Hotness * 100 / self.max_hotness)))
return ''
def key(self):
k = (self.__class__, self.PassWithDiffPrefix, self.Name, self.File, self.Line, self.Column, self.Function)
for arg in self.Args:
for (key, value) in iteritems(arg):
if type(value) is dict:
value = tuple(value.items())
k += (key, value)
return k
def __hash__(self):
return hash(self.key)
def __eq__(self, other):
return self.key == other.key
def __repr__(self):
return str(self.key)
class Analysis(Remark):
yaml_tag = '!Analysis'
def color(self):
return "white"
class AnalysisFPCommute(Analysis):
yaml_tag = '!AnalysisFPCommute'
class AnalysisAliasing(Analysis):
yaml_tag = '!AnalysisAliasing'
class Passed(Remark):
yaml_tag = '!Passed'
def color(self):
return "green"
class Missed(Remark):
yaml_tag = '!Missed'
def color(self):
return "red"
def get_remarks(input_file):
max_hotness = 0
all_remarks = dict()
file_remarks = defaultdict(functools.partial(defaultdict, list))
with open(input_file) as f:
docs = yaml.load_all(f, Loader=Loader)
for remark in docs:
# Avoid remarks withoug debug location or if they are duplicated
if not hasattr(remark, 'DebugLoc') or remark.key in all_remarks:
all_remarks[remark.key] = remark
# If we're reading a back a diff yaml file, max_hotness is already
# captured which may actually be less than the max hotness found
# in the file.
if hasattr(remark, 'max_hotness'):
max_hotness = remark.max_hotness
max_hotness = max(max_hotness, remark.Hotness)
return max_hotness, all_remarks, file_remarks
def gather_results(filenames, num_jobs, should_print_progress):
if should_print_progress:
print('Reading YAML files...')
remarks = optpmap.pmap(
get_remarks, filenames, num_jobs, should_print_progress)
max_hotness = max(entry[0] for entry in remarks)
def merge_file_remarks(file_remarks_job, all_remarks, merged):
for filename, d in iteritems(file_remarks_job):
for line, remarks in iteritems(d):
for remark in remarks:
# Bring max_hotness into the remarks so that
# RelativeHotness does not depend on an external global.
remark.max_hotness = max_hotness
if remark.key not in all_remarks:
all_remarks = dict()
file_remarks = defaultdict(functools.partial(defaultdict, list))
for _, all_remarks_job, file_remarks_job in remarks:
merge_file_remarks(file_remarks_job, all_remarks, file_remarks)
return all_remarks, file_remarks, max_hotness != 0
def find_opt_files(dirs_or_files):
all = []
for dir_or_file in dirs_or_files:
if os.path.isfile(dir_or_file):
for dir, subdirs, files in os.walk(dir_or_file):
# Exclude mounted directories and symlinks (os.walk default).
subdirs[:] = [d for d in subdirs
if not os.path.ismount(os.path.join(dir, d))]
for file in files:
if fnmatch.fnmatch(file, "*.opt.yaml"):
all.append(os.path.join(dir, file))
return all