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; NOTE: Assertions have been autogenerated by utils/
; RUN: opt -S %s -instcombine | FileCheck %s
@glob = external global i16
define void @patatino(i8 %beth) {
; CHECK-LABEL: @patatino(
; CHECK-NEXT: [[CONV:%.*]] = zext i8 [[BETH:%.*]] to i32
; CHECK-NEXT: br i1 undef, label [[IF_THEN9:%.*]], label [[IF_THEN9]]
; CHECK: if.then9:
; CHECK-NEXT: [[MUL:%.*]] = mul nuw nsw i32 [[CONV]], [[CONV]]
; CHECK-NEXT: [[TINKY:%.*]] = load i16, i16* @glob, align 2
; CHECK-NEXT: [[CONV131:%.*]] = zext i16 [[TINKY]] to i32
; CHECK-NEXT: [[AND:%.*]] = and i32 [[MUL]], [[CONV131]]
; CHECK-NEXT: [[CONV14:%.*]] = trunc i32 [[AND]] to i16
; CHECK-NEXT: store i16 [[CONV14]], i16* @glob, align 2
; CHECK-NEXT: ret void
%conv = zext i8 %beth to i32
%mul = mul nuw nsw i32 %conv, %conv
%conv3 = and i32 %mul, 255
%tobool8 = icmp ne i32 %mul, %conv3
br i1 %tobool8, label %if.then9, label %if.then9
%tinky = load i16, i16* @glob
%conv13 = sext i16 %tinky to i32
%and = and i32 %mul, %conv13
%conv14 = trunc i32 %and to i16
store i16 %conv14, i16* @glob
ret void