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; RUN: opt < %s -passes='require<profile-summary>,cgscc(inline)' -inline-threshold=100 -inline-cold-callsite-threshold=0 -S | FileCheck %s
; This tests that a cold callsite gets the inline-cold-callsite-threshold
; and does not get inlined. Another callsite to an identical callee that
; is not cold gets inlined because cost is below the inline-threshold.
define void @callee() {
call void @extern()
call void @extern()
ret void
declare void @extern()
declare i1 @ext(i32)
; CHECK-LABEL: caller
define i32 @caller(i32 %n) {
%cmp4 = icmp sgt i32 %n, 0
br i1 %cmp4, label %for.body, label %for.cond.cleanup
ret i32 0
%i.05 = phi i32 [ %inc, ], [ 0, %entry ]
; CHECK: %call = tail call
%call = tail call zeroext i1 @ext(i32 %i.05)
; CHECK-NOT: call void @callee
; CHECK-NEXT: call void @extern
call void @callee()
br i1 %call, label %cold, label, !prof !0
; CHECK: call void @callee
call void @callee()
br label
%inc = add nuw nsw i32 %i.05, 1
%exitcond = icmp eq i32 %inc, %n
br i1 %exitcond, label %for.cond.cleanup, label %for.body
!0 = !{!"branch_weights", i32 1, i32 2000}