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; REQUIRES: loadable_module
; RUN: echo "import sys" >
; RUN: echo "print('args = ' + str(sys.argv))" >>
; RUN: echo "exit(1)" >>
; RUN: not bugpoint -load %llvmshlibdir/BugpointPasses%shlibext %s -output-prefix %t -bugpoint-crashcalls -opt-command="%python" -opt-args | FileCheck %s
; RUN: not --crash opt -load %llvmshlibdir/BugpointPasses%shlibext %s -bugpoint-crashcalls -disable-symbolication 2>&1 | FileCheck --check-prefix=CRASH %s
; Test that bugpoint disables symbolication on the opt tool to reduce runtime overhead when opt crashes
; CHECK: args = {{.*}}'-disable-symbolication'
; Test that opt, when it crashes & is passed -disable-symbolication, doesn't symbolicate.
; In theory this test should maybe be in test/tools/opt or
; test/Transforms, but since there doesn't seem to be another convenient way to
; crash opt, apart from the BugpointPasses dynamic plugin, this is the spot for
; now.
define void @f() {
call void @f()
ret void