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LLVM Extensions
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This document describes extensions to tools and formats LLVM seeks compatibility
General Assembly Syntax
C99-style Hexadecimal Floating-point Constants
LLVM's assemblers allow floating-point constants to be written in C99's
hexadecimal format instead of decimal if desired.
.. code-block:: gas
.section .data
.float 0x1c2.2ap3
Machine-specific Assembly Syntax
The following additional relocation type is supported:
**@IMGREL** (AT&T syntax only) generates an image-relative relocation that
corresponds to the COFF relocation types ``IMAGE_REL_I386_DIR32NB`` (32-bit) or
``IMAGE_REL_AMD64_ADDR32NB`` (64-bit).
.. code-block:: gas
mov foo@IMGREL(%ebx, %ecx, 4), %eax
.section .pdata
.long fun@IMGREL
.long (fun@imgrel + 0x3F)
.long $unwind$fun@imgrel
``.linkonce`` Directive
``.linkonce [ comdat type [ section identifier ] ]``
Supported COMDAT types:
Discards duplicate sections with the same COMDAT symbol. This is the default
if no type is specified.
If the symbol is defined multiple times, the linker issues an error.
Duplicates are discarded, but the linker issues an error if any have
different sizes.
Duplicates are discarded, but the linker issues an error if any duplicates
do not have exactly the same content.
Links the section if a certain other COMDAT section is linked. This other
section is indicated by its section identifier following the comdat type.
The following restrictions apply to the associated section:
1. It must be the name of a section already defined.
2. It must differ from the current section.
3. It must be a COMDAT section.
4. It cannot be another associative COMDAT section.
Links the largest section from among the duplicates.
Links the newest section from among the duplicates.
.. code-block:: gas
.section .text$foo
.section .xdata$foo
.linkonce associative .text$foo
``.section`` Directive
MC supports passing the information in ``.linkonce`` at the end of
``.section``. For example, these two codes are equivalent
.. code-block:: gas
.section secName, "dr", discard, "Symbol1"
.globl Symbol1
.long 1
.. code-block:: gas
.section secName, "dr"
.linkonce discard
.globl Symbol1
.long 1
Note that in the combined form the COMDAT symbol is explict. This
extension exits to support multiple sections with the same name in
different comdats:
.. code-block:: gas
.section secName, "dr", discard, "Symbol1"
.globl Symbol1
.long 1
.section secName, "dr", discard, "Symbol2"
.globl Symbol2
.long 1