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; Test conversions of unsigned i32s to floating-point values.
; RUN: llc < %s -mtriple=s390x-linux-gnu | FileCheck %s
; Check i32->f32. There is no native instruction, so we must promote
; to i64 first.
define float @f1(i32 %i) {
; CHECK: f1:
; CHECK: llgfr [[REGISTER:%r[0-5]]], %r2
; CHECK: cegbr %f0, [[REGISTER]]
; CHECK: br %r14
%conv = uitofp i32 %i to float
ret float %conv
; Check i32->f64.
define double @f2(i32 %i) {
; CHECK: f2:
; CHECK: llgfr [[REGISTER:%r[0-5]]], %r2
; CHECK: cdgbr %f0, [[REGISTER]]
; CHECK: br %r14
%conv = uitofp i32 %i to double
ret double %conv
; Check i32->f128.
define void @f3(i32 %i, fp128 *%dst) {
; CHECK: f3:
; CHECK: llgfr [[REGISTER:%r[0-5]]], %r2
; CHECK: cxgbr %f0, [[REGISTER]]
; CHECK: std %f0, 0(%r3)
; CHECK: std %f2, 8(%r3)
; CHECK: br %r14
%conv = uitofp i32 %i to fp128
store fp128 %conv, fp128 *%dst
ret void