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; RUN: opt < %s -tailcallelim -S | FileCheck %s
; Don't turn this into an infinite loop, this is probably the implementation
; of fabs and we expect the codegen to lower fabs.
; CHECK: @fabs(double %f)
; CHECK: call
; CHECK: ret
define double @fabs(double %f) {
%tmp2 = call double @fabs( double %f ) ; <double> [#uses=1]
ret double %tmp2
; Do turn other calls into infinite loops though.
; CHECK: define double @foo
; CHECK-NOT: call
; CHECK: }
define double @foo(double %f) {
%t= call double @foo(double %f)
ret double %t
; CHECK: define float @fabsf
; CHECK-NOT: call
; CHECK: }
define float @fabsf(float %f) {
%t= call float @fabsf(float 2.0)
ret float %t
declare float @fabsf(float %f)
declare x86_fp80 @fabsl(x86_fp80 %f)