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; This test lures sretpromotion into promoting the sret argument of foo, even
; when the function is used as an argument to bar. It used to not check for
; this, assuming that all users of foo were direct calls, resulting in an
; assertion failure later on.
; We're mainly testing for opt not to crash, but we'll check to see if the sret
; attribute is still there for good measure.
; RUN: opt < %s -sretpromotion -S | grep sret
%struct.S = type <{ i32, i32 }>
define i32 @main() {
%tmp = alloca %struct.S ; <%struct.S*> [#uses=1]
call void @bar( %struct.S* sret %tmp, void (%struct.S*, ...)* @foo )
ret i32 undef
declare void @bar(%struct.S* sret , void (%struct.S*, ...)*)
define internal void @foo(%struct.S* sret %agg.result, ...) {
ret void