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; RUN: llvm-as -f %s -o - | llc
;; Test the sequence:
;; cast -> setle 0, %cast -> br %cond
;; This sequence should cause the cast value to be forwarded twice,
;; i.e., cast is forwarded to the setle and teh setle is forwarded
;; to the branch.
;; register argument of the "branch-on-register" instruction, i.e.,
;; This produces the bogus output instruction:
;; brlez <NULL VALUE>, .L_SumArray_bb3.
;; This came from %bb1 of sumarrray.ll generated from sumarray.c.
int %SumArray(int %Num) {
%Num = alloca int
br label %Top
store int %Num, int * %Num
%reg108 = load int * %Num
%cast1006 = cast int %reg108 to uint
%cond1001 = setle uint %cast1006, 0
br bool %cond1001, label %bb6, label %Top
ret int 42