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//===-- llvm/Instrinsics.h - LLVM Intrinsic Function Handling ---*- C++ -*-===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file was developed by the LLVM research group and is distributed under
// the University of Illinois Open Source License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// This file defines a set of enums which allow processing of intrinsic
// functions. Values of these enum types are returned by
// Function::getIntrinsicID.
namespace llvm {
/// Intrinsic Namespace - This namespace contains an enum with a value for
/// every intrinsic/builtin function known by LLVM. These enum values are
/// returned by Function::getIntrinsicID().
namespace Intrinsic {
enum ID {
not_intrinsic = 0, // Must be zero
// Varargs handling intrinsics.
vastart, // Used to implement the va_start macro in C
vaend, // Used to implement the va_end macro in C
vacopy, // Used to implement the va_copy macro in C
// Code generator intrinsics.
returnaddress, // Yields the return address of a dynamic call frame
frameaddress, // Yields the frame address of a dynamic call frame
prefetch, // Prefetch a value into the cache
pcmarker, // Export a PC from near the marker
// setjmp/longjmp intrinsics.
setjmp, // Used to represent a setjmp call in C
longjmp, // Used to represent a longjmp call in C
sigsetjmp, // Used to represent a sigsetjmp call in C
siglongjmp, // Used to represent a siglongjmp call in C
// Garbage Collection intrinsics.
gcroot, // Defines a new GC root on the stack
gcread, // Defines a read of a heap object (for read barriers)
gcwrite, // Defines a write to a heap object (for write barriers)
// Debugging intrinsics.
dbg_stoppoint, // Represents source lines and breakpointable places
dbg_region_start, // Start of a region
dbg_region_end, // End of a region
dbg_func_start, // Start of a function
dbg_declare, // Declare a local object
// Standard libc functions.
memcpy, // Copy non-overlapping memory blocks
memmove, // Copy potentially overlapping memory blocks
memset, // Fill memory with a byte value
// libm related functions.
isunordered, // Return true if either argument is a NaN
ctpop, //count population
ctlz, //count leading zeros
cttz, //count trailing zeros
sqrt, //square root
// Input/Output intrinsics.
} // End Intrinsic namespace
} // End llvm namespace