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//=- - AArch64 SVE Instructions -*- tablegen -*-----=//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
// AArch64 Scalable Vector Extension (SVE) Instruction definitions.
let Predicates = [HasSVE] in {
def RDFFR_PPz : sve_int_rdffr_pred<0b0, "rdffr">;
def RDFFRS_PPz : sve_int_rdffr_pred<0b1, "rdffrs">;
def RDFFR_P : sve_int_rdffr_unpred<"rdffr">;
def SETFFR : sve_int_setffr<"setffr">;
def WRFFR : sve_int_wrffr<"wrffr">;
defm ADD_ZZZ : sve_int_bin_cons_arit_0<0b000, "add">;
defm SUB_ZZZ : sve_int_bin_cons_arit_0<0b001, "sub">;
defm SQADD_ZZZ : sve_int_bin_cons_arit_0<0b100, "sqadd">;
defm UQADD_ZZZ : sve_int_bin_cons_arit_0<0b101, "uqadd">;
defm SQSUB_ZZZ : sve_int_bin_cons_arit_0<0b110, "sqsub">;
defm UQSUB_ZZZ : sve_int_bin_cons_arit_0<0b111, "uqsub">;
defm AND_ZZZ : sve_int_bin_cons_log<0b00, "and">;
defm ORR_ZZZ : sve_int_bin_cons_log<0b01, "orr">;
defm EOR_ZZZ : sve_int_bin_cons_log<0b10, "eor">;
defm BIC_ZZZ : sve_int_bin_cons_log<0b11, "bic">;
defm ADD_ZPmZ : sve_int_bin_pred_arit_0<0b000, "add">;
defm SUB_ZPmZ : sve_int_bin_pred_arit_0<0b001, "sub">;
defm SUBR_ZPmZ : sve_int_bin_pred_arit_0<0b011, "subr">;
defm ORR_ZPmZ : sve_int_bin_pred_log<0b000, "orr">;
defm EOR_ZPmZ : sve_int_bin_pred_log<0b001, "eor">;
defm AND_ZPmZ : sve_int_bin_pred_log<0b010, "and">;
defm BIC_ZPmZ : sve_int_bin_pred_log<0b011, "bic">;
defm ADD_ZI : sve_int_arith_imm0<0b000, "add">;
defm SUB_ZI : sve_int_arith_imm0<0b001, "sub">;
defm SUBR_ZI : sve_int_arith_imm0<0b011, "subr">;
defm SQADD_ZI : sve_int_arith_imm0<0b100, "sqadd">;
defm UQADD_ZI : sve_int_arith_imm0<0b101, "uqadd">;
defm SQSUB_ZI : sve_int_arith_imm0<0b110, "sqsub">;
defm UQSUB_ZI : sve_int_arith_imm0<0b111, "uqsub">;
defm MAD_ZPmZZ : sve_int_mladdsub_vvv_pred<0b0, "mad">;
defm MSB_ZPmZZ : sve_int_mladdsub_vvv_pred<0b1, "msb">;
defm MLA_ZPmZZ : sve_int_mlas_vvv_pred<0b0, "mla">;
defm MLS_ZPmZZ : sve_int_mlas_vvv_pred<0b1, "mls">;
// SVE predicated integer reductions.
defm SADDV_VPZ : sve_int_reduce_0_saddv<0b000, "saddv">;
defm UADDV_VPZ : sve_int_reduce_0_uaddv<0b001, "uaddv">;
defm SMAXV_VPZ : sve_int_reduce_1<0b000, "smaxv">;
defm UMAXV_VPZ : sve_int_reduce_1<0b001, "umaxv">;
defm SMINV_VPZ : sve_int_reduce_1<0b010, "sminv">;
defm UMINV_VPZ : sve_int_reduce_1<0b011, "uminv">;
defm ORV_VPZ : sve_int_reduce_2<0b000, "orv">;
defm EORV_VPZ : sve_int_reduce_2<0b001, "eorv">;
defm ANDV_VPZ : sve_int_reduce_2<0b010, "andv">;
defm ORR_ZI : sve_int_log_imm<0b00, "orr", "orn">;
defm EOR_ZI : sve_int_log_imm<0b01, "eor", "eon">;
defm AND_ZI : sve_int_log_imm<0b10, "and", "bic">;
defm SMAX_ZI : sve_int_arith_imm1<0b00, "smax", simm8>;
defm SMIN_ZI : sve_int_arith_imm1<0b10, "smin", simm8>;
defm UMAX_ZI : sve_int_arith_imm1<0b01, "umax", imm0_255>;
defm UMIN_ZI : sve_int_arith_imm1<0b11, "umin", imm0_255>;
defm MUL_ZI : sve_int_arith_imm2<"mul">;
defm MUL_ZPmZ : sve_int_bin_pred_arit_2<0b000, "mul">;
defm SMULH_ZPmZ : sve_int_bin_pred_arit_2<0b010, "smulh">;
defm UMULH_ZPmZ : sve_int_bin_pred_arit_2<0b011, "umulh">;
defm SDIV_ZPmZ : sve_int_bin_pred_arit_2_div<0b100, "sdiv">;
defm UDIV_ZPmZ : sve_int_bin_pred_arit_2_div<0b101, "udiv">;
defm SDIVR_ZPmZ : sve_int_bin_pred_arit_2_div<0b110, "sdivr">;
defm UDIVR_ZPmZ : sve_int_bin_pred_arit_2_div<0b111, "udivr">;
defm SDOT_ZZZ : sve_intx_dot<0b0, "sdot", int_aarch64_sve_sdot>;
defm UDOT_ZZZ : sve_intx_dot<0b1, "udot", int_aarch64_sve_udot>;
defm SDOT_ZZZI : sve_intx_dot_by_indexed_elem<0b0, "sdot", int_aarch64_sve_sdot_lane>;
defm UDOT_ZZZI : sve_intx_dot_by_indexed_elem<0b1, "udot", int_aarch64_sve_udot_lane>;
defm SXTB_ZPmZ : sve_int_un_pred_arit_0_h<0b000, "sxtb">;
defm UXTB_ZPmZ : sve_int_un_pred_arit_0_h<0b001, "uxtb">;
defm SXTH_ZPmZ : sve_int_un_pred_arit_0_w<0b010, "sxth">;
defm UXTH_ZPmZ : sve_int_un_pred_arit_0_w<0b011, "uxth">;
defm SXTW_ZPmZ : sve_int_un_pred_arit_0_d<0b100, "sxtw">;
defm UXTW_ZPmZ : sve_int_un_pred_arit_0_d<0b101, "uxtw">;
defm ABS_ZPmZ : sve_int_un_pred_arit_0< 0b110, "abs", int_aarch64_sve_abs>;
defm NEG_ZPmZ : sve_int_un_pred_arit_0< 0b111, "neg", int_aarch64_sve_neg>;
defm CLS_ZPmZ : sve_int_un_pred_arit_1< 0b000, "cls", null_frag>;
defm CLZ_ZPmZ : sve_int_un_pred_arit_1< 0b001, "clz", null_frag>;
defm CNT_ZPmZ : sve_int_un_pred_arit_1< 0b010, "cnt", int_aarch64_sve_cnt>;
defm CNOT_ZPmZ : sve_int_un_pred_arit_1< 0b011, "cnot", null_frag>;
defm NOT_ZPmZ : sve_int_un_pred_arit_1< 0b110, "not", null_frag>;
defm FABS_ZPmZ : sve_int_un_pred_arit_1_fp<0b100, "fabs">;
defm FNEG_ZPmZ : sve_int_un_pred_arit_1_fp<0b101, "fneg">;
defm SMAX_ZPmZ : sve_int_bin_pred_arit_1<0b000, "smax">;
defm UMAX_ZPmZ : sve_int_bin_pred_arit_1<0b001, "umax">;
defm SMIN_ZPmZ : sve_int_bin_pred_arit_1<0b010, "smin">;
defm UMIN_ZPmZ : sve_int_bin_pred_arit_1<0b011, "umin">;
defm SABD_ZPmZ : sve_int_bin_pred_arit_1<0b100, "sabd">;
defm UABD_ZPmZ : sve_int_bin_pred_arit_1<0b101, "uabd">;
defm FRECPE_ZZ : sve_fp_2op_u_zd<0b110, "frecpe">;
defm FRSQRTE_ZZ : sve_fp_2op_u_zd<0b111, "frsqrte">;
defm FADD_ZPmI : sve_fp_2op_i_p_zds<0b000, "fadd", sve_fpimm_half_one>;
defm FSUB_ZPmI : sve_fp_2op_i_p_zds<0b001, "fsub", sve_fpimm_half_one>;
defm FMUL_ZPmI : sve_fp_2op_i_p_zds<0b010, "fmul", sve_fpimm_half_two>;
defm FSUBR_ZPmI : sve_fp_2op_i_p_zds<0b011, "fsubr", sve_fpimm_half_one>;
defm FMAXNM_ZPmI : sve_fp_2op_i_p_zds<0b100, "fmaxnm", sve_fpimm_zero_one>;
defm FMINNM_ZPmI : sve_fp_2op_i_p_zds<0b101, "fminnm", sve_fpimm_zero_one>;
defm FMAX_ZPmI : sve_fp_2op_i_p_zds<0b110, "fmax", sve_fpimm_zero_one>;
defm FMIN_ZPmI : sve_fp_2op_i_p_zds<0b111, "fmin", sve_fpimm_zero_one>;
defm FADD_ZPmZ : sve_fp_2op_p_zds<0b0000, "fadd">;
defm FSUB_ZPmZ : sve_fp_2op_p_zds<0b0001, "fsub">;
defm FMUL_ZPmZ : sve_fp_2op_p_zds<0b0010, "fmul">;
defm FSUBR_ZPmZ : sve_fp_2op_p_zds<0b0011, "fsubr">;
defm FMAXNM_ZPmZ : sve_fp_2op_p_zds<0b0100, "fmaxnm">;
defm FMINNM_ZPmZ : sve_fp_2op_p_zds<0b0101, "fminnm">;
defm FMAX_ZPmZ : sve_fp_2op_p_zds<0b0110, "fmax">;
defm FMIN_ZPmZ : sve_fp_2op_p_zds<0b0111, "fmin">;
defm FABD_ZPmZ : sve_fp_2op_p_zds<0b1000, "fabd">;
defm FSCALE_ZPmZ : sve_fp_2op_p_zds<0b1001, "fscale">;
defm FMULX_ZPmZ : sve_fp_2op_p_zds<0b1010, "fmulx">;
defm FDIVR_ZPmZ : sve_fp_2op_p_zds<0b1100, "fdivr">;
defm FDIV_ZPmZ : sve_fp_2op_p_zds<0b1101, "fdiv">;
defm FADD_ZZZ : sve_fp_3op_u_zd<0b000, "fadd", fadd>;
defm FSUB_ZZZ : sve_fp_3op_u_zd<0b001, "fsub", null_frag>;
defm FMUL_ZZZ : sve_fp_3op_u_zd<0b010, "fmul", null_frag>;
defm FTSMUL_ZZZ : sve_fp_3op_u_zd<0b011, "ftsmul", null_frag>;
defm FRECPS_ZZZ : sve_fp_3op_u_zd<0b110, "frecps", null_frag>;
defm FRSQRTS_ZZZ : sve_fp_3op_u_zd<0b111, "frsqrts", null_frag>;
defm FTSSEL_ZZZ : sve_int_bin_cons_misc_0_b<"ftssel">;
defm FCADD_ZPmZ : sve_fp_fcadd<"fcadd">;
defm FCMLA_ZPmZZ : sve_fp_fcmla<"fcmla">;
defm FMLA_ZPmZZ : sve_fp_3op_p_zds_a<0b00, "fmla">;
defm FMLS_ZPmZZ : sve_fp_3op_p_zds_a<0b01, "fmls">;
defm FNMLA_ZPmZZ : sve_fp_3op_p_zds_a<0b10, "fnmla">;
defm FNMLS_ZPmZZ : sve_fp_3op_p_zds_a<0b11, "fnmls">;
defm FMAD_ZPmZZ : sve_fp_3op_p_zds_b<0b00, "fmad">;
defm FMSB_ZPmZZ : sve_fp_3op_p_zds_b<0b01, "fmsb">;
defm FNMAD_ZPmZZ : sve_fp_3op_p_zds_b<0b10, "fnmad">;
defm FNMSB_ZPmZZ : sve_fp_3op_p_zds_b<0b11, "fnmsb">;
defm FTMAD_ZZI : sve_fp_ftmad<"ftmad">;
defm FMLA_ZZZI : sve_fp_fma_by_indexed_elem<0b0, "fmla">;
defm FMLS_ZZZI : sve_fp_fma_by_indexed_elem<0b1, "fmls">;
defm FCMLA_ZZZI : sve_fp_fcmla_by_indexed_elem<"fcmla">;
defm FMUL_ZZZI : sve_fp_fmul_by_indexed_elem<"fmul">;
// SVE floating point reductions.
defm FADDA_VPZ : sve_fp_2op_p_vd<0b000, "fadda">;
defm FADDV_VPZ : sve_fp_fast_red<0b000, "faddv">;
defm FMAXNMV_VPZ : sve_fp_fast_red<0b100, "fmaxnmv">;
defm FMINNMV_VPZ : sve_fp_fast_red<0b101, "fminnmv">;
defm FMAXV_VPZ : sve_fp_fast_red<0b110, "fmaxv">;
defm FMINV_VPZ : sve_fp_fast_red<0b111, "fminv">;
// Splat immediate (unpredicated)
defm DUP_ZI : sve_int_dup_imm<"dup">;
defm FDUP_ZI : sve_int_dup_fpimm<"fdup">;
defm DUPM_ZI : sve_int_dup_mask_imm<"dupm">;
// Splat immediate (predicated)
defm CPY_ZPmI : sve_int_dup_imm_pred_merge<"cpy">;
defm CPY_ZPzI : sve_int_dup_imm_pred_zero<"cpy">;
defm FCPY_ZPmI : sve_int_dup_fpimm_pred<"fcpy">;
// Splat scalar register (unpredicated, GPR or vector + element index)
defm DUP_ZR : sve_int_perm_dup_r<"dup", AArch64dup>;
defm DUP_ZZI : sve_int_perm_dup_i<"dup">;
// Splat scalar register (predicated)
defm CPY_ZPmR : sve_int_perm_cpy_r<"cpy">;
defm CPY_ZPmV : sve_int_perm_cpy_v<"cpy">;
// Select elements from either vector (predicated)
defm SEL_ZPZZ : sve_int_sel_vvv<"sel">;
defm SPLICE_ZPZ : sve_int_perm_splice<"splice">;
defm COMPACT_ZPZ : sve_int_perm_compact<"compact">;
defm INSR_ZR : sve_int_perm_insrs<"insr">;
defm INSR_ZV : sve_int_perm_insrv<"insr">;
def EXT_ZZI : sve_int_perm_extract_i<"ext">;
defm RBIT_ZPmZ : sve_int_perm_rev_rbit<"rbit">;
defm REVB_ZPmZ : sve_int_perm_rev_revb<"revb">;
defm REVH_ZPmZ : sve_int_perm_rev_revh<"revh">;
defm REVW_ZPmZ : sve_int_perm_rev_revw<"revw">;
defm REV_PP : sve_int_perm_reverse_p<"rev">;
defm REV_ZZ : sve_int_perm_reverse_z<"rev">;
defm SUNPKLO_ZZ : sve_int_perm_unpk<0b00, "sunpklo", AArch64sunpklo>;
defm SUNPKHI_ZZ : sve_int_perm_unpk<0b01, "sunpkhi", AArch64sunpkhi>;
defm UUNPKLO_ZZ : sve_int_perm_unpk<0b10, "uunpklo", AArch64uunpklo>;
defm UUNPKHI_ZZ : sve_int_perm_unpk<0b11, "uunpkhi", AArch64uunpkhi>;
defm PUNPKLO_PP : sve_int_perm_punpk<0b0, "punpklo", int_aarch64_sve_punpklo>;
defm PUNPKHI_PP : sve_int_perm_punpk<0b1, "punpkhi", int_aarch64_sve_punpkhi>;
defm MOVPRFX_ZPzZ : sve_int_movprfx_pred_zero<0b000, "movprfx">;
defm MOVPRFX_ZPmZ : sve_int_movprfx_pred_merge<0b001, "movprfx">;
def MOVPRFX_ZZ : sve_int_bin_cons_misc_0_c<0b00000001, "movprfx", ZPRAny>;
def FEXPA_ZZ_H : sve_int_bin_cons_misc_0_c<0b01000000, "fexpa", ZPR16>;
def FEXPA_ZZ_S : sve_int_bin_cons_misc_0_c<0b10000000, "fexpa", ZPR32>;
def FEXPA_ZZ_D : sve_int_bin_cons_misc_0_c<0b11000000, "fexpa", ZPR64>;
def BRKPA_PPzPP : sve_int_brkp<0b00, "brkpa">;
def BRKPAS_PPzPP : sve_int_brkp<0b10, "brkpas">;
def BRKPB_PPzPP : sve_int_brkp<0b01, "brkpb">;
def BRKPBS_PPzPP : sve_int_brkp<0b11, "brkpbs">;
def BRKN_PPzP : sve_int_brkn<0b0, "brkn">;
def BRKNS_PPzP : sve_int_brkn<0b1, "brkns">;
defm BRKA_PPzP : sve_int_break_z<0b000, "brka">;
defm BRKA_PPmP : sve_int_break_m<0b001, "brka">;
defm BRKAS_PPzP : sve_int_break_z<0b010, "brkas">;
defm BRKB_PPzP : sve_int_break_z<0b100, "brkb">;
defm BRKB_PPmP : sve_int_break_m<0b101, "brkb">;
defm BRKBS_PPzP : sve_int_break_z<0b110, "brkbs">;
def PTEST_PP : sve_int_ptest<0b010000, "ptest">;
def PFALSE : sve_int_pfalse<0b000000, "pfalse">;
defm PFIRST : sve_int_pfirst<0b00000, "pfirst">;
defm PNEXT : sve_int_pnext<0b00110, "pnext">;
def AND_PPzPP : sve_int_pred_log<0b0000, "and">;
def BIC_PPzPP : sve_int_pred_log<0b0001, "bic">;
def EOR_PPzPP : sve_int_pred_log<0b0010, "eor">;
def SEL_PPPP : sve_int_pred_log<0b0011, "sel">;
def ANDS_PPzPP : sve_int_pred_log<0b0100, "ands">;
def BICS_PPzPP : sve_int_pred_log<0b0101, "bics">;
def EORS_PPzPP : sve_int_pred_log<0b0110, "eors">;
def ORR_PPzPP : sve_int_pred_log<0b1000, "orr">;
def ORN_PPzPP : sve_int_pred_log<0b1001, "orn">;
def NOR_PPzPP : sve_int_pred_log<0b1010, "nor">;
def NAND_PPzPP : sve_int_pred_log<0b1011, "nand">;
def ORRS_PPzPP : sve_int_pred_log<0b1100, "orrs">;
def ORNS_PPzPP : sve_int_pred_log<0b1101, "orns">;
def NORS_PPzPP : sve_int_pred_log<0b1110, "nors">;
def NANDS_PPzPP : sve_int_pred_log<0b1111, "nands">;
defm CLASTA_RPZ : sve_int_perm_clast_rz<0, "clasta">;
defm CLASTB_RPZ : sve_int_perm_clast_rz<1, "clastb">;
defm CLASTA_VPZ : sve_int_perm_clast_vz<0, "clasta">;
defm CLASTB_VPZ : sve_int_perm_clast_vz<1, "clastb">;
defm CLASTA_ZPZ : sve_int_perm_clast_zz<0, "clasta">;
defm CLASTB_ZPZ : sve_int_perm_clast_zz<1, "clastb">;
defm LASTA_RPZ : sve_int_perm_last_r<0, "lasta">;
defm LASTB_RPZ : sve_int_perm_last_r<1, "lastb">;
defm LASTA_VPZ : sve_int_perm_last_v<0, "lasta">;
defm LASTB_VPZ : sve_int_perm_last_v<1, "lastb">;
// continuous load with reg+immediate
defm LD1B_IMM : sve_mem_cld_si<0b0000, "ld1b", Z_b, ZPR8>;
defm LD1B_H_IMM : sve_mem_cld_si<0b0001, "ld1b", Z_h, ZPR16>;
defm LD1B_S_IMM : sve_mem_cld_si<0b0010, "ld1b", Z_s, ZPR32>;
defm LD1B_D_IMM : sve_mem_cld_si<0b0011, "ld1b", Z_d, ZPR64>;
defm LD1SW_D_IMM : sve_mem_cld_si<0b0100, "ld1sw", Z_d, ZPR64>;
defm LD1H_IMM : sve_mem_cld_si<0b0101, "ld1h", Z_h, ZPR16>;
defm LD1H_S_IMM : sve_mem_cld_si<0b0110, "ld1h", Z_s, ZPR32>;
defm LD1H_D_IMM : sve_mem_cld_si<0b0111, "ld1h", Z_d, ZPR64>;
defm LD1SH_D_IMM : sve_mem_cld_si<0b1000, "ld1sh", Z_d, ZPR64>;
defm LD1SH_S_IMM : sve_mem_cld_si<0b1001, "ld1sh", Z_s, ZPR32>;
defm LD1W_IMM : sve_mem_cld_si<0b1010, "ld1w", Z_s, ZPR32>;
defm LD1W_D_IMM : sve_mem_cld_si<0b1011, "ld1w", Z_d, ZPR64>;
defm LD1SB_D_IMM : sve_mem_cld_si<0b1100, "ld1sb", Z_d, ZPR64>;
defm LD1SB_S_IMM : sve_mem_cld_si<0b1101, "ld1sb", Z_s, ZPR32>;
defm LD1SB_H_IMM : sve_mem_cld_si<0b1110, "ld1sb", Z_h, ZPR16>;
defm LD1D_IMM : sve_mem_cld_si<0b1111, "ld1d", Z_d, ZPR64>;
// LD1R loads (splat scalar to vector)
defm LD1RB_IMM : sve_mem_ld_dup<0b00, 0b00, "ld1rb", Z_b, ZPR8, uimm6s1>;
defm LD1RB_H_IMM : sve_mem_ld_dup<0b00, 0b01, "ld1rb", Z_h, ZPR16, uimm6s1>;
defm LD1RB_S_IMM : sve_mem_ld_dup<0b00, 0b10, "ld1rb", Z_s, ZPR32, uimm6s1>;
defm LD1RB_D_IMM : sve_mem_ld_dup<0b00, 0b11, "ld1rb", Z_d, ZPR64, uimm6s1>;
defm LD1RSW_IMM : sve_mem_ld_dup<0b01, 0b00, "ld1rsw", Z_d, ZPR64, uimm6s4>;
defm LD1RH_IMM : sve_mem_ld_dup<0b01, 0b01, "ld1rh", Z_h, ZPR16, uimm6s2>;
defm LD1RH_S_IMM : sve_mem_ld_dup<0b01, 0b10, "ld1rh", Z_s, ZPR32, uimm6s2>;
defm LD1RH_D_IMM : sve_mem_ld_dup<0b01, 0b11, "ld1rh", Z_d, ZPR64, uimm6s2>;
defm LD1RSH_D_IMM : sve_mem_ld_dup<0b10, 0b00, "ld1rsh", Z_d, ZPR64, uimm6s2>;
defm LD1RSH_S_IMM : sve_mem_ld_dup<0b10, 0b01, "ld1rsh", Z_s, ZPR32, uimm6s2>;
defm LD1RW_IMM : sve_mem_ld_dup<0b10, 0b10, "ld1rw", Z_s, ZPR32, uimm6s4>;
defm LD1RW_D_IMM : sve_mem_ld_dup<0b10, 0b11, "ld1rw", Z_d, ZPR64, uimm6s4>;
defm LD1RSB_D_IMM : sve_mem_ld_dup<0b11, 0b00, "ld1rsb", Z_d, ZPR64, uimm6s1>;
defm LD1RSB_S_IMM : sve_mem_ld_dup<0b11, 0b01, "ld1rsb", Z_s, ZPR32, uimm6s1>;
defm LD1RSB_H_IMM : sve_mem_ld_dup<0b11, 0b10, "ld1rsb", Z_h, ZPR16, uimm6s1>;
defm LD1RD_IMM : sve_mem_ld_dup<0b11, 0b11, "ld1rd", Z_d, ZPR64, uimm6s8>;
// LD1RQ loads (load quadword-vector and splat to scalable vector)
defm LD1RQ_B_IMM : sve_mem_ldqr_si<0b00, "ld1rqb", Z_b, ZPR8>;
defm LD1RQ_H_IMM : sve_mem_ldqr_si<0b01, "ld1rqh", Z_h, ZPR16>;
defm LD1RQ_W_IMM : sve_mem_ldqr_si<0b10, "ld1rqw", Z_s, ZPR32>;
defm LD1RQ_D_IMM : sve_mem_ldqr_si<0b11, "ld1rqd", Z_d, ZPR64>;
defm LD1RQ_B : sve_mem_ldqr_ss<0b00, "ld1rqb", Z_b, ZPR8, GPR64NoXZRshifted8>;
defm LD1RQ_H : sve_mem_ldqr_ss<0b01, "ld1rqh", Z_h, ZPR16, GPR64NoXZRshifted16>;
defm LD1RQ_W : sve_mem_ldqr_ss<0b10, "ld1rqw", Z_s, ZPR32, GPR64NoXZRshifted32>;
defm LD1RQ_D : sve_mem_ldqr_ss<0b11, "ld1rqd", Z_d, ZPR64, GPR64NoXZRshifted64>;
// continuous load with reg+reg addressing.
defm LD1B : sve_mem_cld_ss<0b0000, "ld1b", Z_b, ZPR8, GPR64NoXZRshifted8>;
defm LD1B_H : sve_mem_cld_ss<0b0001, "ld1b", Z_h, ZPR16, GPR64NoXZRshifted8>;
defm LD1B_S : sve_mem_cld_ss<0b0010, "ld1b", Z_s, ZPR32, GPR64NoXZRshifted8>;
defm LD1B_D : sve_mem_cld_ss<0b0011, "ld1b", Z_d, ZPR64, GPR64NoXZRshifted8>;
defm LD1SW_D : sve_mem_cld_ss<0b0100, "ld1sw", Z_d, ZPR64, GPR64NoXZRshifted32>;
defm LD1H : sve_mem_cld_ss<0b0101, "ld1h", Z_h, ZPR16, GPR64NoXZRshifted16>;
defm LD1H_S : sve_mem_cld_ss<0b0110, "ld1h", Z_s, ZPR32, GPR64NoXZRshifted16>;
defm LD1H_D : sve_mem_cld_ss<0b0111, "ld1h", Z_d, ZPR64, GPR64NoXZRshifted16>;
defm LD1SH_D : sve_mem_cld_ss<0b1000, "ld1sh", Z_d, ZPR64, GPR64NoXZRshifted16>;
defm LD1SH_S : sve_mem_cld_ss<0b1001, "ld1sh", Z_s, ZPR32, GPR64NoXZRshifted16>;
defm LD1W : sve_mem_cld_ss<0b1010, "ld1w", Z_s, ZPR32, GPR64NoXZRshifted32>;
defm LD1W_D : sve_mem_cld_ss<0b1011, "ld1w", Z_d, ZPR64, GPR64NoXZRshifted32>;
defm LD1SB_D : sve_mem_cld_ss<0b1100, "ld1sb", Z_d, ZPR64, GPR64NoXZRshifted8>;
defm LD1SB_S : sve_mem_cld_ss<0b1101, "ld1sb", Z_s, ZPR32, GPR64NoXZRshifted8>;
defm LD1SB_H : sve_mem_cld_ss<0b1110, "ld1sb", Z_h, ZPR16, GPR64NoXZRshifted8>;
defm LD1D : sve_mem_cld_ss<0b1111, "ld1d", Z_d, ZPR64, GPR64NoXZRshifted64>;
// non-faulting continuous load with reg+immediate
defm LDNF1B_IMM : sve_mem_cldnf_si<0b0000, "ldnf1b", Z_b, ZPR8>;
defm LDNF1B_H_IMM : sve_mem_cldnf_si<0b0001, "ldnf1b", Z_h, ZPR16>;
defm LDNF1B_S_IMM : sve_mem_cldnf_si<0b0010, "ldnf1b", Z_s, ZPR32>;
defm LDNF1B_D_IMM : sve_mem_cldnf_si<0b0011, "ldnf1b", Z_d, ZPR64>;
defm LDNF1SW_D_IMM : sve_mem_cldnf_si<0b0100, "ldnf1sw", Z_d, ZPR64>;
defm LDNF1H_IMM : sve_mem_cldnf_si<0b0101, "ldnf1h", Z_h, ZPR16>;
defm LDNF1H_S_IMM : sve_mem_cldnf_si<0b0110, "ldnf1h", Z_s, ZPR32>;
defm LDNF1H_D_IMM : sve_mem_cldnf_si<0b0111, "ldnf1h", Z_d, ZPR64>;
defm LDNF1SH_D_IMM : sve_mem_cldnf_si<0b1000, "ldnf1sh", Z_d, ZPR64>;
defm LDNF1SH_S_IMM : sve_mem_cldnf_si<0b1001, "ldnf1sh", Z_s, ZPR32>;
defm LDNF1W_IMM : sve_mem_cldnf_si<0b1010, "ldnf1w", Z_s, ZPR32>;
defm LDNF1W_D_IMM : sve_mem_cldnf_si<0b1011, "ldnf1w", Z_d, ZPR64>;
defm LDNF1SB_D_IMM : sve_mem_cldnf_si<0b1100, "ldnf1sb", Z_d, ZPR64>;
defm LDNF1SB_S_IMM : sve_mem_cldnf_si<0b1101, "ldnf1sb", Z_s, ZPR32>;
defm LDNF1SB_H_IMM : sve_mem_cldnf_si<0b1110, "ldnf1sb", Z_h, ZPR16>;
defm LDNF1D_IMM : sve_mem_cldnf_si<0b1111, "ldnf1d", Z_d, ZPR64>;
// First-faulting loads with reg+reg addressing.
defm LDFF1B : sve_mem_cldff_ss<0b0000, "ldff1b", Z_b, ZPR8, GPR64shifted8>;
defm LDFF1B_H : sve_mem_cldff_ss<0b0001, "ldff1b", Z_h, ZPR16, GPR64shifted8>;
defm LDFF1B_S : sve_mem_cldff_ss<0b0010, "ldff1b", Z_s, ZPR32, GPR64shifted8>;
defm LDFF1B_D : sve_mem_cldff_ss<0b0011, "ldff1b", Z_d, ZPR64, GPR64shifted8>;
defm LDFF1SW_D : sve_mem_cldff_ss<0b0100, "ldff1sw", Z_d, ZPR64, GPR64shifted32>;
defm LDFF1H : sve_mem_cldff_ss<0b0101, "ldff1h", Z_h, ZPR16, GPR64shifted16>;
defm LDFF1H_S : sve_mem_cldff_ss<0b0110, "ldff1h", Z_s, ZPR32, GPR64shifted16>;
defm LDFF1H_D : sve_mem_cldff_ss<0b0111, "ldff1h", Z_d, ZPR64, GPR64shifted16>;
defm LDFF1SH_D : sve_mem_cldff_ss<0b1000, "ldff1sh", Z_d, ZPR64, GPR64shifted16>;
defm LDFF1SH_S : sve_mem_cldff_ss<0b1001, "ldff1sh", Z_s, ZPR32, GPR64shifted16>;
defm LDFF1W : sve_mem_cldff_ss<0b1010, "ldff1w", Z_s, ZPR32, GPR64shifted32>;
defm LDFF1W_D : sve_mem_cldff_ss<0b1011, "ldff1w", Z_d, ZPR64, GPR64shifted32>;
defm LDFF1SB_D : sve_mem_cldff_ss<0b1100, "ldff1sb", Z_d, ZPR64, GPR64shifted8>;
defm LDFF1SB_S : sve_mem_cldff_ss<0b1101, "ldff1sb", Z_s, ZPR32, GPR64shifted8>;
defm LDFF1SB_H : sve_mem_cldff_ss<0b1110, "ldff1sb", Z_h, ZPR16, GPR64shifted8>;
defm LDFF1D : sve_mem_cldff_ss<0b1111, "ldff1d", Z_d, ZPR64, GPR64shifted64>;
// LD(2|3|4) structured loads with reg+immediate
defm LD2B_IMM : sve_mem_eld_si<0b00, 0b01, ZZ_b, "ld2b", simm4s2>;
defm LD3B_IMM : sve_mem_eld_si<0b00, 0b10, ZZZ_b, "ld3b", simm4s3>;
defm LD4B_IMM : sve_mem_eld_si<0b00, 0b11, ZZZZ_b, "ld4b", simm4s4>;
defm LD2H_IMM : sve_mem_eld_si<0b01, 0b01, ZZ_h, "ld2h", simm4s2>;
defm LD3H_IMM : sve_mem_eld_si<0b01, 0b10, ZZZ_h, "ld3h", simm4s3>;
defm LD4H_IMM : sve_mem_eld_si<0b01, 0b11, ZZZZ_h, "ld4h", simm4s4>;
defm LD2W_IMM : sve_mem_eld_si<0b10, 0b01, ZZ_s, "ld2w", simm4s2>;
defm LD3W_IMM : sve_mem_eld_si<0b10, 0b10, ZZZ_s, "ld3w", simm4s3>;
defm LD4W_IMM : sve_mem_eld_si<0b10, 0b11, ZZZZ_s, "ld4w", simm4s4>;
defm LD2D_IMM : sve_mem_eld_si<0b11, 0b01, ZZ_d, "ld2d", simm4s2>;
defm LD3D_IMM : sve_mem_eld_si<0b11, 0b10, ZZZ_d, "ld3d", simm4s3>;
defm LD4D_IMM : sve_mem_eld_si<0b11, 0b11, ZZZZ_d, "ld4d", simm4s4>;
// LD(2|3|4) structured loads (register + register)
def LD2B : sve_mem_eld_ss<0b00, 0b01, ZZ_b, "ld2b", GPR64NoXZRshifted8>;
def LD3B : sve_mem_eld_ss<0b00, 0b10, ZZZ_b, "ld3b", GPR64NoXZRshifted8>;
def LD4B : sve_mem_eld_ss<0b00, 0b11, ZZZZ_b, "ld4b", GPR64NoXZRshifted8>;
def LD2H : sve_mem_eld_ss<0b01, 0b01, ZZ_h, "ld2h", GPR64NoXZRshifted16>;
def LD3H : sve_mem_eld_ss<0b01, 0b10, ZZZ_h, "ld3h", GPR64NoXZRshifted16>;
def LD4H : sve_mem_eld_ss<0b01, 0b11, ZZZZ_h, "ld4h", GPR64NoXZRshifted16>;
def LD2W : sve_mem_eld_ss<0b10, 0b01, ZZ_s, "ld2w", GPR64NoXZRshifted32>;
def LD3W : sve_mem_eld_ss<0b10, 0b10, ZZZ_s, "ld3w", GPR64NoXZRshifted32>;
def LD4W : sve_mem_eld_ss<0b10, 0b11, ZZZZ_s, "ld4w", GPR64NoXZRshifted32>;
def LD2D : sve_mem_eld_ss<0b11, 0b01, ZZ_d, "ld2d", GPR64NoXZRshifted64>;
def LD3D : sve_mem_eld_ss<0b11, 0b10, ZZZ_d, "ld3d", GPR64NoXZRshifted64>;
def LD4D : sve_mem_eld_ss<0b11, 0b11, ZZZZ_d, "ld4d", GPR64NoXZRshifted64>;
// Gathers using unscaled 32-bit offsets, e.g.
// ld1h z0.s, p0/z, [x0, z0.s, uxtw]
defm GLD1SB_S : sve_mem_32b_gld_vs_32_unscaled<0b0000, "ld1sb", ZPR32ExtSXTW8Only, ZPR32ExtUXTW8Only>;
defm GLDFF1SB_S : sve_mem_32b_gld_vs_32_unscaled<0b0001, "ldff1sb", ZPR32ExtSXTW8Only, ZPR32ExtUXTW8Only>;
defm GLD1B_S : sve_mem_32b_gld_vs_32_unscaled<0b0010, "ld1b", ZPR32ExtSXTW8Only, ZPR32ExtUXTW8Only>;
defm GLDFF1B_S : sve_mem_32b_gld_vs_32_unscaled<0b0011, "ldff1b", ZPR32ExtSXTW8Only, ZPR32ExtUXTW8Only>;
defm GLD1SH_S : sve_mem_32b_gld_vs_32_unscaled<0b0100, "ld1sh", ZPR32ExtSXTW8, ZPR32ExtUXTW8>;
defm GLDFF1SH_S : sve_mem_32b_gld_vs_32_unscaled<0b0101, "ldff1sh", ZPR32ExtSXTW8, ZPR32ExtUXTW8>;
defm GLD1H_S : sve_mem_32b_gld_vs_32_unscaled<0b0110, "ld1h", ZPR32ExtSXTW8, ZPR32ExtUXTW8>;
defm GLDFF1H_S : sve_mem_32b_gld_vs_32_unscaled<0b0111, "ldff1h", ZPR32ExtSXTW8, ZPR32ExtUXTW8>;
defm GLD1W : sve_mem_32b_gld_vs_32_unscaled<0b1010, "ld1w", ZPR32ExtSXTW8, ZPR32ExtUXTW8>;
defm GLDFF1W : sve_mem_32b_gld_vs_32_unscaled<0b1011, "ldff1w", ZPR32ExtSXTW8, ZPR32ExtUXTW8>;
// Gathers using scaled 32-bit offsets, e.g.
// ld1h z0.s, p0/z, [x0, z0.s, uxtw #1]
defm GLD1SH_S : sve_mem_32b_gld_sv_32_scaled<0b0100, "ld1sh", ZPR32ExtSXTW16, ZPR32ExtUXTW16>;
defm GLDFF1SH_S : sve_mem_32b_gld_sv_32_scaled<0b0101, "ldff1sh", ZPR32ExtSXTW16, ZPR32ExtUXTW16>;
defm GLD1H_S : sve_mem_32b_gld_sv_32_scaled<0b0110, "ld1h", ZPR32ExtSXTW16, ZPR32ExtUXTW16>;
defm GLDFF1H_S : sve_mem_32b_gld_sv_32_scaled<0b0111, "ldff1h", ZPR32ExtSXTW16, ZPR32ExtUXTW16>;
defm GLD1W : sve_mem_32b_gld_sv_32_scaled<0b1010, "ld1w", ZPR32ExtSXTW32, ZPR32ExtUXTW32>;
defm GLDFF1W : sve_mem_32b_gld_sv_32_scaled<0b1011, "ldff1w", ZPR32ExtSXTW32, ZPR32ExtUXTW32>;
// Gathers using scaled 32-bit pointers with offset, e.g.
// ld1h z0.s, p0/z, [z0.s, #16]
defm GLD1SB_S : sve_mem_32b_gld_vi_32_ptrs<0b0000, "ld1sb", imm0_31>;
defm GLDFF1SB_S : sve_mem_32b_gld_vi_32_ptrs<0b0001, "ldff1sb", imm0_31>;
defm GLD1B_S : sve_mem_32b_gld_vi_32_ptrs<0b0010, "ld1b", imm0_31>;
defm GLDFF1B_S : sve_mem_32b_gld_vi_32_ptrs<0b0011, "ldff1b", imm0_31>;
defm GLD1SH_S : sve_mem_32b_gld_vi_32_ptrs<0b0100, "ld1sh", uimm5s2>;
defm GLDFF1SH_S : sve_mem_32b_gld_vi_32_ptrs<0b0101, "ldff1sh", uimm5s2>;
defm GLD1H_S : sve_mem_32b_gld_vi_32_ptrs<0b0110, "ld1h", uimm5s2>;
defm GLDFF1H_S : sve_mem_32b_gld_vi_32_ptrs<0b0111, "ldff1h", uimm5s2>;
defm GLD1W : sve_mem_32b_gld_vi_32_ptrs<0b1010, "ld1w", uimm5s4>;
defm GLDFF1W : sve_mem_32b_gld_vi_32_ptrs<0b1011, "ldff1w", uimm5s4>;
// Gathers using scaled 64-bit pointers with offset, e.g.
// ld1h z0.d, p0/z, [z0.d, #16]
defm GLD1SB_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vi_64_ptrs<0b0000, "ld1sb", imm0_31>;
defm GLDFF1SB_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vi_64_ptrs<0b0001, "ldff1sb", imm0_31>;
defm GLD1B_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vi_64_ptrs<0b0010, "ld1b", imm0_31>;
defm GLDFF1B_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vi_64_ptrs<0b0011, "ldff1b", imm0_31>;
defm GLD1SH_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vi_64_ptrs<0b0100, "ld1sh", uimm5s2>;
defm GLDFF1SH_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vi_64_ptrs<0b0101, "ldff1sh", uimm5s2>;
defm GLD1H_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vi_64_ptrs<0b0110, "ld1h", uimm5s2>;
defm GLDFF1H_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vi_64_ptrs<0b0111, "ldff1h", uimm5s2>;
defm GLD1SW_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vi_64_ptrs<0b1000, "ld1sw", uimm5s4>;
defm GLDFF1SW_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vi_64_ptrs<0b1001, "ldff1sw", uimm5s4>;
defm GLD1W_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vi_64_ptrs<0b1010, "ld1w", uimm5s4>;
defm GLDFF1W_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vi_64_ptrs<0b1011, "ldff1w", uimm5s4>;
defm GLD1D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vi_64_ptrs<0b1110, "ld1d", uimm5s8>;
defm GLDFF1D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vi_64_ptrs<0b1111, "ldff1d", uimm5s8>;
// Gathers using unscaled 64-bit offsets, e.g.
// ld1h z0.d, p0/z, [x0, z0.d]
defm GLD1SB_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vs2_64_unscaled<0b0000, "ld1sb">;
defm GLDFF1SB_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vs2_64_unscaled<0b0001, "ldff1sb">;
defm GLD1B_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vs2_64_unscaled<0b0010, "ld1b">;
defm GLDFF1B_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vs2_64_unscaled<0b0011, "ldff1b">;
defm GLD1SH_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vs2_64_unscaled<0b0100, "ld1sh">;
defm GLDFF1SH_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vs2_64_unscaled<0b0101, "ldff1sh">;
defm GLD1H_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vs2_64_unscaled<0b0110, "ld1h">;
defm GLDFF1H_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vs2_64_unscaled<0b0111, "ldff1h">;
defm GLD1SW_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vs2_64_unscaled<0b1000, "ld1sw">;
defm GLDFF1SW_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vs2_64_unscaled<0b1001, "ldff1sw">;
defm GLD1W_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vs2_64_unscaled<0b1010, "ld1w">;
defm GLDFF1W_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vs2_64_unscaled<0b1011, "ldff1w">;
defm GLD1D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vs2_64_unscaled<0b1110, "ld1d">;
defm GLDFF1D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vs2_64_unscaled<0b1111, "ldff1d">;
// Gathers using scaled 64-bit offsets, e.g.
// ld1h z0.d, p0/z, [x0, z0.d, lsl #1]
defm GLD1SH_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_sv2_64_scaled<0b0100, "ld1sh", ZPR64ExtLSL16>;
defm GLDFF1SH_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_sv2_64_scaled<0b0101, "ldff1sh", ZPR64ExtLSL16>;
defm GLD1H_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_sv2_64_scaled<0b0110, "ld1h", ZPR64ExtLSL16>;
defm GLDFF1H_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_sv2_64_scaled<0b0111, "ldff1h", ZPR64ExtLSL16>;
defm GLD1SW_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_sv2_64_scaled<0b1000, "ld1sw", ZPR64ExtLSL32>;
defm GLDFF1SW_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_sv2_64_scaled<0b1001, "ldff1sw", ZPR64ExtLSL32>;
defm GLD1W_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_sv2_64_scaled<0b1010, "ld1w", ZPR64ExtLSL32>;
defm GLDFF1W_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_sv2_64_scaled<0b1011, "ldff1w", ZPR64ExtLSL32>;
defm GLD1D : sve_mem_64b_gld_sv2_64_scaled<0b1110, "ld1d", ZPR64ExtLSL64>;
defm GLDFF1D : sve_mem_64b_gld_sv2_64_scaled<0b1111, "ldff1d", ZPR64ExtLSL64>;
// Gathers using unscaled 32-bit offsets unpacked in 64-bits elements, e.g.
// ld1h z0.d, p0/z, [x0, z0.d, uxtw]
defm GLD1SB_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vs_32_unscaled<0b0000, "ld1sb", ZPR64ExtSXTW8Only, ZPR64ExtUXTW8Only>;
defm GLDFF1SB_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vs_32_unscaled<0b0001, "ldff1sb", ZPR64ExtSXTW8Only, ZPR64ExtUXTW8Only>;
defm GLD1B_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vs_32_unscaled<0b0010, "ld1b", ZPR64ExtSXTW8Only, ZPR64ExtUXTW8Only>;
defm GLDFF1B_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vs_32_unscaled<0b0011, "ldff1b", ZPR64ExtSXTW8Only, ZPR64ExtUXTW8Only>;
defm GLD1SH_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vs_32_unscaled<0b0100, "ld1sh", ZPR64ExtSXTW8, ZPR64ExtUXTW8>;
defm GLDFF1SH_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vs_32_unscaled<0b0101, "ldff1sh", ZPR64ExtSXTW8, ZPR64ExtUXTW8>;
defm GLD1H_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vs_32_unscaled<0b0110, "ld1h", ZPR64ExtSXTW8, ZPR64ExtUXTW8>;
defm GLDFF1H_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vs_32_unscaled<0b0111, "ldff1h", ZPR64ExtSXTW8, ZPR64ExtUXTW8>;
defm GLD1SW_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vs_32_unscaled<0b1000, "ld1sw", ZPR64ExtSXTW8, ZPR64ExtUXTW8>;
defm GLDFF1SW_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vs_32_unscaled<0b1001, "ldff1sw", ZPR64ExtSXTW8, ZPR64ExtUXTW8>;
defm GLD1W_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vs_32_unscaled<0b1010, "ld1w", ZPR64ExtSXTW8, ZPR64ExtUXTW8>;
defm GLDFF1W_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vs_32_unscaled<0b1011, "ldff1w", ZPR64ExtSXTW8, ZPR64ExtUXTW8>;
defm GLD1D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vs_32_unscaled<0b1110, "ld1d", ZPR64ExtSXTW8, ZPR64ExtUXTW8>;
defm GLDFF1D : sve_mem_64b_gld_vs_32_unscaled<0b1111, "ldff1d", ZPR64ExtSXTW8, ZPR64ExtUXTW8>;
// Gathers using scaled 32-bit offsets unpacked in 64-bits elements, e.g.
// ld1h z0.d, p0/z, [x0, z0.d, uxtw #1]
defm GLD1SH_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_sv_32_scaled<0b0100, "ld1sh", ZPR64ExtSXTW16, ZPR64ExtUXTW16>;
defm GLDFF1SH_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_sv_32_scaled<0b0101, "ldff1sh",ZPR64ExtSXTW16, ZPR64ExtUXTW16>;
defm GLD1H_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_sv_32_scaled<0b0110, "ld1h", ZPR64ExtSXTW16, ZPR64ExtUXTW16>;
defm GLDFF1H_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_sv_32_scaled<0b0111, "ldff1h", ZPR64ExtSXTW16, ZPR64ExtUXTW16>;
defm GLD1SW_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_sv_32_scaled<0b1000, "ld1sw", ZPR64ExtSXTW32, ZPR64ExtUXTW32>;
defm GLDFF1SW_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_sv_32_scaled<0b1001, "ldff1sw",ZPR64ExtSXTW32, ZPR64ExtUXTW32>;
defm GLD1W_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_sv_32_scaled<0b1010, "ld1w", ZPR64ExtSXTW32, ZPR64ExtUXTW32>;
defm GLDFF1W_D : sve_mem_64b_gld_sv_32_scaled<0b1011, "ldff1w", ZPR64ExtSXTW32, ZPR64ExtUXTW32>;
defm GLD1D : sve_mem_64b_gld_sv_32_scaled<0b1110, "ld1d", ZPR64ExtSXTW64, ZPR64ExtUXTW64>;
defm GLDFF1D : sve_mem_64b_gld_sv_32_scaled<0b1111, "ldff1d", ZPR64ExtSXTW64, ZPR64ExtUXTW64>;
// Non-temporal contiguous loads (register + immediate)
defm LDNT1B_ZRI : sve_mem_cldnt_si<0b00, "ldnt1b", Z_b, ZPR8>;
defm LDNT1H_ZRI : sve_mem_cldnt_si<0b01, "ldnt1h", Z_h, ZPR16>;
defm LDNT1W_ZRI : sve_mem_cldnt_si<0b10, "ldnt1w", Z_s, ZPR32>;
defm LDNT1D_ZRI : sve_mem_cldnt_si<0b11, "ldnt1d", Z_d, ZPR64>;
// Non-temporal contiguous loads (register + register)
defm LDNT1B_ZRR : sve_mem_cldnt_ss<0b00, "ldnt1b", Z_b, ZPR8, GPR64NoXZRshifted8>;
defm LDNT1H_ZRR : sve_mem_cldnt_ss<0b01, "ldnt1h", Z_h, ZPR16, GPR64NoXZRshifted16>;
defm LDNT1W_ZRR : sve_mem_cldnt_ss<0b10, "ldnt1w", Z_s, ZPR32, GPR64NoXZRshifted32>;
defm LDNT1D_ZRR : sve_mem_cldnt_ss<0b11, "ldnt1d", Z_d, ZPR64, GPR64NoXZRshifted64>;
// contiguous store with immediates
defm ST1B_IMM : sve_mem_cst_si<0b00, 0b00, "st1b", Z_b, ZPR8>;
defm ST1B_H_IMM : sve_mem_cst_si<0b00, 0b01, "st1b", Z_h, ZPR16>;
defm ST1B_S_IMM : sve_mem_cst_si<0b00, 0b10, "st1b", Z_s, ZPR32>;
defm ST1B_D_IMM : sve_mem_cst_si<0b00, 0b11, "st1b", Z_d, ZPR64>;
defm ST1H_IMM : sve_mem_cst_si<0b01, 0b01, "st1h", Z_h, ZPR16>;
defm ST1H_S_IMM : sve_mem_cst_si<0b01, 0b10, "st1h", Z_s, ZPR32>;
defm ST1H_D_IMM : sve_mem_cst_si<0b01, 0b11, "st1h", Z_d, ZPR64>;
defm ST1W_IMM : sve_mem_cst_si<0b10, 0b10, "st1w", Z_s, ZPR32>;
defm ST1W_D_IMM : sve_mem_cst_si<0b10, 0b11, "st1w", Z_d, ZPR64>;
defm ST1D_IMM : sve_mem_cst_si<0b11, 0b11, "st1d", Z_d, ZPR64>;
// contiguous store with reg+reg addressing.
defm ST1B : sve_mem_cst_ss<0b0000, "st1b", Z_b, ZPR8, GPR64NoXZRshifted8>;
defm ST1B_H : sve_mem_cst_ss<0b0001, "st1b", Z_h, ZPR16, GPR64NoXZRshifted8>;
defm ST1B_S : sve_mem_cst_ss<0b0010, "st1b", Z_s, ZPR32, GPR64NoXZRshifted8>;
defm ST1B_D : sve_mem_cst_ss<0b0011, "st1b", Z_d, ZPR64, GPR64NoXZRshifted8>;
defm ST1H : sve_mem_cst_ss<0b0101, "st1h", Z_h, ZPR16, GPR64NoXZRshifted16>;
defm ST1H_S : sve_mem_cst_ss<0b0110, "st1h", Z_s, ZPR32, GPR64NoXZRshifted16>;
defm ST1H_D : sve_mem_cst_ss<0b0111, "st1h", Z_d, ZPR64, GPR64NoXZRshifted16>;
defm ST1W : sve_mem_cst_ss<0b1010, "st1w", Z_s, ZPR32, GPR64NoXZRshifted32>;
defm ST1W_D : sve_mem_cst_ss<0b1011, "st1w", Z_d, ZPR64, GPR64NoXZRshifted32>;
defm ST1D : sve_mem_cst_ss<0b1111, "st1d", Z_d, ZPR64, GPR64NoXZRshifted64>;
// Scatters using unscaled 32-bit offsets, e.g.
// st1h z0.s, p0, [x0, z0.s, uxtw]
// and unpacked:
// st1h z0.d, p0, [x0, z0.d, uxtw]
defm SST1B_D : sve_mem_sst_sv_32_unscaled<0b000, "st1b", Z_d, ZPR64, ZPR64ExtSXTW8Only, ZPR64ExtUXTW8Only>;
defm SST1B_S : sve_mem_sst_sv_32_unscaled<0b001, "st1b", Z_s, ZPR32, ZPR32ExtSXTW8Only, ZPR32ExtUXTW8Only>;
defm SST1H_D : sve_mem_sst_sv_32_unscaled<0b010, "st1h", Z_d, ZPR64, ZPR64ExtSXTW8, ZPR64ExtUXTW8>;
defm SST1H_S : sve_mem_sst_sv_32_unscaled<0b011, "st1h", Z_s, ZPR32, ZPR32ExtSXTW8, ZPR32ExtUXTW8>;
defm SST1W_D : sve_mem_sst_sv_32_unscaled<0b100, "st1w", Z_d, ZPR64, ZPR64ExtSXTW8, ZPR64ExtUXTW8>;
defm SST1W : sve_mem_sst_sv_32_unscaled<0b101, "st1w", Z_s, ZPR32, ZPR32ExtSXTW8, ZPR32ExtUXTW8>;
defm SST1D : sve_mem_sst_sv_32_unscaled<0b110, "st1d", Z_d, ZPR64, ZPR64ExtSXTW8, ZPR64ExtUXTW8>;
// Scatters using scaled 32-bit offsets, e.g.
// st1h z0.s, p0, [x0, z0.s, uxtw #1]
// and unpacked:
// st1h z0.d, p0, [x0, z0.d, uxtw #1]
defm SST1H_D : sve_mem_sst_sv_32_scaled<0b010, "st1h", Z_d, ZPR64, ZPR64ExtSXTW16, ZPR64ExtUXTW16>;
defm SST1H_S : sve_mem_sst_sv_32_scaled<0b011, "st1h", Z_s, ZPR32, ZPR32ExtSXTW16, ZPR32ExtUXTW16>;
defm SST1W_D : sve_mem_sst_sv_32_scaled<0b100, "st1w", Z_d, ZPR64, ZPR64ExtSXTW32, ZPR64ExtUXTW32>;
defm SST1W : sve_mem_sst_sv_32_scaled<0b101, "st1w", Z_s, ZPR32, ZPR32ExtSXTW32, ZPR32ExtUXTW32>;
defm SST1D : sve_mem_sst_sv_32_scaled<0b110, "st1d", Z_d, ZPR64, ZPR64ExtSXTW64, ZPR64ExtUXTW64>;
// Scatters using 32/64-bit pointers with offset, e.g.
// st1h z0.s, p0, [z0.s, #16]
// st1h z0.d, p0, [z0.d, #16]
defm SST1B_D : sve_mem_sst_vi_ptrs<0b000, "st1b", Z_d, ZPR64, imm0_31>;
defm SST1B_S : sve_mem_sst_vi_ptrs<0b001, "st1b", Z_s, ZPR32, imm0_31>;
defm SST1H_D : sve_mem_sst_vi_ptrs<0b010, "st1h", Z_d, ZPR64, uimm5s2>;
defm SST1H_S : sve_mem_sst_vi_ptrs<0b011, "st1h", Z_s, ZPR32, uimm5s2>;
defm SST1W_D : sve_mem_sst_vi_ptrs<0b100, "st1w", Z_d, ZPR64, uimm5s4>;
defm SST1W : sve_mem_sst_vi_ptrs<0b101, "st1w", Z_s, ZPR32, uimm5s4>;
defm SST1D : sve_mem_sst_vi_ptrs<0b110, "st1d", Z_d, ZPR64, uimm5s8>;
// Scatters using unscaled 64-bit offsets, e.g.
// st1h z0.d, p0, [x0, z0.d]
defm SST1B_D : sve_mem_sst_sv_64_unscaled<0b00, "st1b">;
defm SST1H_D : sve_mem_sst_sv_64_unscaled<0b01, "st1h">;
defm SST1W_D : sve_mem_sst_sv_64_unscaled<0b10, "st1w">;
defm SST1D : sve_mem_sst_sv_64_unscaled<0b11, "st1d">;
// Scatters using scaled 64-bit offsets, e.g.
// st1h z0.d, p0, [x0, z0.d, lsl #1]
defm SST1H_D_SCALED : sve_mem_sst_sv_64_scaled<0b01, "st1h", ZPR64ExtLSL16>;
defm SST1W_D_SCALED : sve_mem_sst_sv_64_scaled<0b10, "st1w", ZPR64ExtLSL32>;
defm SST1D_SCALED : sve_mem_sst_sv_64_scaled<0b11, "st1d", ZPR64ExtLSL64>;
// ST(2|3|4) structured stores (register + immediate)
defm ST2B_IMM : sve_mem_est_si<0b00, 0b01, ZZ_b, "st2b", simm4s2>;
defm ST3B_IMM : sve_mem_est_si<0b00, 0b10, ZZZ_b, "st3b", simm4s3>;
defm ST4B_IMM : sve_mem_est_si<0b00, 0b11, ZZZZ_b, "st4b", simm4s4>;
defm ST2H_IMM : sve_mem_est_si<0b01, 0b01, ZZ_h, "st2h", simm4s2>;
defm ST3H_IMM : sve_mem_est_si<0b01, 0b10, ZZZ_h, "st3h", simm4s3>;
defm ST4H_IMM : sve_mem_est_si<0b01, 0b11, ZZZZ_h, "st4h", simm4s4>;
defm ST2W_IMM : sve_mem_est_si<0b10, 0b01, ZZ_s, "st2w", simm4s2>;
defm ST3W_IMM : sve_mem_est_si<0b10, 0b10, ZZZ_s, "st3w", simm4s3>;
defm ST4W_IMM : sve_mem_est_si<0b10, 0b11, ZZZZ_s, "st4w", simm4s4>;
defm ST2D_IMM : sve_mem_est_si<0b11, 0b01, ZZ_d, "st2d", simm4s2>;
defm ST3D_IMM : sve_mem_est_si<0b11, 0b10, ZZZ_d, "st3d", simm4s3>;
defm ST4D_IMM : sve_mem_est_si<0b11, 0b11, ZZZZ_d, "st4d", simm4s4>;
// ST(2|3|4) structured stores (register + register)
def ST2B : sve_mem_est_ss<0b00, 0b01, ZZ_b, "st2b", GPR64NoXZRshifted8>;
def ST3B : sve_mem_est_ss<0b00, 0b10, ZZZ_b, "st3b", GPR64NoXZRshifted8>;
def ST4B : sve_mem_est_ss<0b00, 0b11, ZZZZ_b, "st4b", GPR64NoXZRshifted8>;
def ST2H : sve_mem_est_ss<0b01, 0b01, ZZ_h, "st2h", GPR64NoXZRshifted16>;
def ST3H : sve_mem_est_ss<0b01, 0b10, ZZZ_h, "st3h", GPR64NoXZRshifted16>;
def ST4H : sve_mem_est_ss<0b01, 0b11, ZZZZ_h, "st4h", GPR64NoXZRshifted16>;
def ST2W : sve_mem_est_ss<0b10, 0b01, ZZ_s, "st2w", GPR64NoXZRshifted32>;
def ST3W : sve_mem_est_ss<0b10, 0b10, ZZZ_s, "st3w", GPR64NoXZRshifted32>;
def ST4W : sve_mem_est_ss<0b10, 0b11, ZZZZ_s, "st4w", GPR64NoXZRshifted32>;
def ST2D : sve_mem_est_ss<0b11, 0b01, ZZ_d, "st2d", GPR64NoXZRshifted64>;
def ST3D : sve_mem_est_ss<0b11, 0b10, ZZZ_d, "st3d", GPR64NoXZRshifted64>;
def ST4D : sve_mem_est_ss<0b11, 0b11, ZZZZ_d, "st4d", GPR64NoXZRshifted64>;
// Non-temporal contiguous stores (register + immediate)
defm STNT1B_ZRI : sve_mem_cstnt_si<0b00, "stnt1b", Z_b, ZPR8>;
defm STNT1H_ZRI : sve_mem_cstnt_si<0b01, "stnt1h", Z_h, ZPR16>;
defm STNT1W_ZRI : sve_mem_cstnt_si<0b10, "stnt1w", Z_s, ZPR32>;
defm STNT1D_ZRI : sve_mem_cstnt_si<0b11, "stnt1d", Z_d, ZPR64>;
// Non-temporal contiguous stores (register + register)
defm STNT1B_ZRR : sve_mem_cstnt_ss<0b00, "stnt1b", Z_b, ZPR8, GPR64NoXZRshifted8>;
defm STNT1H_ZRR : sve_mem_cstnt_ss<0b01, "stnt1h", Z_h, ZPR16, GPR64NoXZRshifted16>;
defm STNT1W_ZRR : sve_mem_cstnt_ss<0b10, "stnt1w", Z_s, ZPR32, GPR64NoXZRshifted32>;
defm STNT1D_ZRR : sve_mem_cstnt_ss<0b11, "stnt1d", Z_d, ZPR64, GPR64NoXZRshifted64>;
// Fill/Spill
defm LDR_ZXI : sve_mem_z_fill<"ldr">;
defm LDR_PXI : sve_mem_p_fill<"ldr">;
defm STR_ZXI : sve_mem_z_spill<"str">;
defm STR_PXI : sve_mem_p_spill<"str">;
// Contiguous prefetch (register + immediate)
defm PRFB_PRI : sve_mem_prfm_si<0b00, "prfb">;
defm PRFH_PRI : sve_mem_prfm_si<0b01, "prfh">;
defm PRFW_PRI : sve_mem_prfm_si<0b10, "prfw">;
defm PRFD_PRI : sve_mem_prfm_si<0b11, "prfd">;
// Contiguous prefetch (register + register)
def PRFB_PRR : sve_mem_prfm_ss<0b001, "prfb", GPR64NoXZRshifted8>;
def PRFH_PRR : sve_mem_prfm_ss<0b011, "prfh", GPR64NoXZRshifted16>;
def PRFS_PRR : sve_mem_prfm_ss<0b101, "prfw", GPR64NoXZRshifted32>;
def PRFD_PRR : sve_mem_prfm_ss<0b111, "prfd", GPR64NoXZRshifted64>;
// Gather prefetch using scaled 32-bit offsets, e.g.
// prfh pldl1keep, p0, [x0, z0.s, uxtw #1]
defm PRFB_S : sve_mem_32b_prfm_sv_scaled<0b00, "prfb", ZPR32ExtSXTW8Only, ZPR32ExtUXTW8Only>;
defm PRFH_S : sve_mem_32b_prfm_sv_scaled<0b01, "prfh", ZPR32ExtSXTW16, ZPR32ExtUXTW16>;
defm PRFW_S : sve_mem_32b_prfm_sv_scaled<0b10, "prfw", ZPR32ExtSXTW32, ZPR32ExtUXTW32>;
defm PRFD_S : sve_mem_32b_prfm_sv_scaled<0b11, "prfd", ZPR32ExtSXTW64, ZPR32ExtUXTW64>;
// Gather prefetch using unpacked, scaled 32-bit offsets, e.g.
// prfh pldl1keep, p0, [x0, z0.d, uxtw #1]
defm PRFB_D : sve_mem_64b_prfm_sv_ext_scaled<0b00, "prfb", ZPR64ExtSXTW8Only, ZPR64ExtUXTW8Only>;
defm PRFH_D : sve_mem_64b_prfm_sv_ext_scaled<0b01, "prfh", ZPR64ExtSXTW16, ZPR64ExtUXTW16>;
defm PRFW_D : sve_mem_64b_prfm_sv_ext_scaled<0b10, "prfw", ZPR64ExtSXTW32, ZPR64ExtUXTW32>;
defm PRFD_D : sve_mem_64b_prfm_sv_ext_scaled<0b11, "prfd", ZPR64ExtSXTW64, ZPR64ExtUXTW64>;
// Gather prefetch using scaled 64-bit offsets, e.g.
// prfh pldl1keep, p0, [x0, z0.d, lsl #1]
defm PRFB_D_SCALED : sve_mem_64b_prfm_sv_lsl_scaled<0b00, "prfb", ZPR64ExtLSL8>;
defm PRFH_D_SCALED : sve_mem_64b_prfm_sv_lsl_scaled<0b01, "prfh", ZPR64ExtLSL16>;
defm PRFW_D_SCALED : sve_mem_64b_prfm_sv_lsl_scaled<0b10, "prfw", ZPR64ExtLSL32>;
defm PRFD_D_SCALED : sve_mem_64b_prfm_sv_lsl_scaled<0b11, "prfd", ZPR64ExtLSL64>;
// Gather prefetch using 32/64-bit pointers with offset, e.g.
// prfh pldl1keep, p0, [z0.s, #16]
// prfh pldl1keep, p0, [z0.d, #16]
defm PRFB_S_PZI : sve_mem_32b_prfm_vi<0b00, "prfb", imm0_31>;
defm PRFH_S_PZI : sve_mem_32b_prfm_vi<0b01, "prfh", uimm5s2>;
defm PRFW_S_PZI : sve_mem_32b_prfm_vi<0b10, "prfw", uimm5s4>;
defm PRFD_S_PZI : sve_mem_32b_prfm_vi<0b11, "prfd", uimm5s8>;
defm PRFB_D_PZI : sve_mem_64b_prfm_vi<0b00, "prfb", imm0_31>;
defm PRFH_D_PZI : sve_mem_64b_prfm_vi<0b01, "prfh", uimm5s2>;
defm PRFW_D_PZI : sve_mem_64b_prfm_vi<0b10, "prfw", uimm5s4>;
defm PRFD_D_PZI : sve_mem_64b_prfm_vi<0b11, "prfd", uimm5s8>;
defm ADR_SXTW_ZZZ_D : sve_int_bin_cons_misc_0_a_sxtw<0b00, "adr">;
defm ADR_UXTW_ZZZ_D : sve_int_bin_cons_misc_0_a_uxtw<0b01, "adr">;
defm ADR_LSL_ZZZ_S : sve_int_bin_cons_misc_0_a_32_lsl<0b10, "adr">;
defm ADR_LSL_ZZZ_D : sve_int_bin_cons_misc_0_a_64_lsl<0b11, "adr">;
defm TBL_ZZZ : sve_int_perm_tbl<"tbl">;
defm ZIP1_ZZZ : sve_int_perm_bin_perm_zz<0b000, "zip1">;
defm ZIP2_ZZZ : sve_int_perm_bin_perm_zz<0b001, "zip2">;
defm UZP1_ZZZ : sve_int_perm_bin_perm_zz<0b010, "uzp1">;
defm UZP2_ZZZ : sve_int_perm_bin_perm_zz<0b011, "uzp2">;
defm TRN1_ZZZ : sve_int_perm_bin_perm_zz<0b100, "trn1">;
defm TRN2_ZZZ : sve_int_perm_bin_perm_zz<0b101, "trn2">;
defm ZIP1_PPP : sve_int_perm_bin_perm_pp<0b000, "zip1">;
defm ZIP2_PPP : sve_int_perm_bin_perm_pp<0b001, "zip2">;
defm UZP1_PPP : sve_int_perm_bin_perm_pp<0b010, "uzp1">;
defm UZP2_PPP : sve_int_perm_bin_perm_pp<0b011, "uzp2">;
defm TRN1_PPP : sve_int_perm_bin_perm_pp<0b100, "trn1">;
defm TRN2_PPP : sve_int_perm_bin_perm_pp<0b101, "trn2">;
defm CMPHS_PPzZZ : sve_int_cmp_0<0b000, "cmphs">;
defm CMPHI_PPzZZ : sve_int_cmp_0<0b001, "cmphi">;
defm CMPGE_PPzZZ : sve_int_cmp_0<0b100, "cmpge">;
defm CMPGT_PPzZZ : sve_int_cmp_0<0b101, "cmpgt">;
defm CMPEQ_PPzZZ : sve_int_cmp_0<0b110, "cmpeq">;
defm CMPNE_PPzZZ : sve_int_cmp_0<0b111, "cmpne">;
defm CMPEQ_WIDE_PPzZZ : sve_int_cmp_0_wide<0b010, "cmpeq">;
defm CMPNE_WIDE_PPzZZ : sve_int_cmp_0_wide<0b011, "cmpne">;
defm CMPGE_WIDE_PPzZZ : sve_int_cmp_1_wide<0b000, "cmpge">;
defm CMPGT_WIDE_PPzZZ : sve_int_cmp_1_wide<0b001, "cmpgt">;
defm CMPLT_WIDE_PPzZZ : sve_int_cmp_1_wide<0b010, "cmplt">;
defm CMPLE_WIDE_PPzZZ : sve_int_cmp_1_wide<0b011, "cmple">;
defm CMPHS_WIDE_PPzZZ : sve_int_cmp_1_wide<0b100, "cmphs">;
defm CMPHI_WIDE_PPzZZ : sve_int_cmp_1_wide<0b101, "cmphi">;
defm CMPLO_WIDE_PPzZZ : sve_int_cmp_1_wide<0b110, "cmplo">;
defm CMPLS_WIDE_PPzZZ : sve_int_cmp_1_wide<0b111, "cmpls">;
defm CMPGE_PPzZI : sve_int_scmp_vi<0b000, "cmpge">;
defm CMPGT_PPzZI : sve_int_scmp_vi<0b001, "cmpgt">;
defm CMPLT_PPzZI : sve_int_scmp_vi<0b010, "cmplt">;
defm CMPLE_PPzZI : sve_int_scmp_vi<0b011, "cmple">;
defm CMPEQ_PPzZI : sve_int_scmp_vi<0b100, "cmpeq">;
defm CMPNE_PPzZI : sve_int_scmp_vi<0b101, "cmpne">;
defm CMPHS_PPzZI : sve_int_ucmp_vi<0b00, "cmphs">;
defm CMPHI_PPzZI : sve_int_ucmp_vi<0b01, "cmphi">;
defm CMPLO_PPzZI : sve_int_ucmp_vi<0b10, "cmplo">;
defm CMPLS_PPzZI : sve_int_ucmp_vi<0b11, "cmpls">;
defm FCMGE_PPzZZ : sve_fp_3op_p_pd<0b000, "fcmge">;
defm FCMGT_PPzZZ : sve_fp_3op_p_pd<0b001, "fcmgt">;
defm FCMEQ_PPzZZ : sve_fp_3op_p_pd<0b010, "fcmeq">;
defm FCMNE_PPzZZ : sve_fp_3op_p_pd<0b011, "fcmne">;
defm FCMUO_PPzZZ : sve_fp_3op_p_pd<0b100, "fcmuo">;
defm FACGE_PPzZZ : sve_fp_3op_p_pd<0b101, "facge">;
defm FACGT_PPzZZ : sve_fp_3op_p_pd<0b111, "facgt">;
defm FCMGE_PPzZ0 : sve_fp_2op_p_pd<0b000, "fcmge">;
defm FCMGT_PPzZ0 : sve_fp_2op_p_pd<0b001, "fcmgt">;
defm FCMLT_PPzZ0 : sve_fp_2op_p_pd<0b010, "fcmlt">;
defm FCMLE_PPzZ0 : sve_fp_2op_p_pd<0b011, "fcmle">;
defm FCMEQ_PPzZ0 : sve_fp_2op_p_pd<0b100, "fcmeq">;
defm FCMNE_PPzZ0 : sve_fp_2op_p_pd<0b110, "fcmne">;
defm WHILELT_PWW : sve_int_while4_rr<0b010, "whilelt">;
defm WHILELE_PWW : sve_int_while4_rr<0b011, "whilele">;
defm WHILELO_PWW : sve_int_while4_rr<0b110, "whilelo">;
defm WHILELS_PWW : sve_int_while4_rr<0b111, "whilels">;
defm WHILELT_PXX : sve_int_while8_rr<0b010, "whilelt">;
defm WHILELE_PXX : sve_int_while8_rr<0b011, "whilele">;
defm WHILELO_PXX : sve_int_while8_rr<0b110, "whilelo">;
defm WHILELS_PXX : sve_int_while8_rr<0b111, "whilels">;
def CTERMEQ_WW : sve_int_cterm<0b0, 0b0, "ctermeq", GPR32>;
def CTERMNE_WW : sve_int_cterm<0b0, 0b1, "ctermne", GPR32>;
def CTERMEQ_XX : sve_int_cterm<0b1, 0b0, "ctermeq", GPR64>;
def CTERMNE_XX : sve_int_cterm<0b1, 0b1, "ctermne", GPR64>;
def RDVLI_XI : sve_int_read_vl_a<0b0, 0b11111, "rdvl">;
def ADDVL_XXI : sve_int_arith_vl<0b0, "addvl">;
def ADDPL_XXI : sve_int_arith_vl<0b1, "addpl">;
defm CNTB_XPiI : sve_int_count<0b000, "cntb">;
defm CNTH_XPiI : sve_int_count<0b010, "cnth">;
defm CNTW_XPiI : sve_int_count<0b100, "cntw">;
defm CNTD_XPiI : sve_int_count<0b110, "cntd">;
defm CNTP_XPP : sve_int_pcount_pred<0b0000, "cntp">;
defm INCB_XPiI : sve_int_pred_pattern_a<0b000, "incb">;
defm DECB_XPiI : sve_int_pred_pattern_a<0b001, "decb">;
defm INCH_XPiI : sve_int_pred_pattern_a<0b010, "inch">;
defm DECH_XPiI : sve_int_pred_pattern_a<0b011, "dech">;
defm INCW_XPiI : sve_int_pred_pattern_a<0b100, "incw">;
defm DECW_XPiI : sve_int_pred_pattern_a<0b101, "decw">;
defm INCD_XPiI : sve_int_pred_pattern_a<0b110, "incd">;
defm DECD_XPiI : sve_int_pred_pattern_a<0b111, "decd">;
defm SQINCB_XPiWdI : sve_int_pred_pattern_b_s32<0b00000, "sqincb">;
defm UQINCB_WPiI : sve_int_pred_pattern_b_u32<0b00001, "uqincb">;
defm SQDECB_XPiWdI : sve_int_pred_pattern_b_s32<0b00010, "sqdecb">;
defm UQDECB_WPiI : sve_int_pred_pattern_b_u32<0b00011, "uqdecb">;
defm SQINCB_XPiI : sve_int_pred_pattern_b_x64<0b00100, "sqincb">;
defm UQINCB_XPiI : sve_int_pred_pattern_b_x64<0b00101, "uqincb">;
defm SQDECB_XPiI : sve_int_pred_pattern_b_x64<0b00110, "sqdecb">;
defm UQDECB_XPiI : sve_int_pred_pattern_b_x64<0b00111, "uqdecb">;
defm SQINCH_XPiWdI : sve_int_pred_pattern_b_s32<0b01000, "sqinch">;
defm UQINCH_WPiI : sve_int_pred_pattern_b_u32<0b01001, "uqinch">;
defm SQDECH_XPiWdI : sve_int_pred_pattern_b_s32<0b01010, "sqdech">;
defm UQDECH_WPiI : sve_int_pred_pattern_b_u32<0b01011, "uqdech">;
defm SQINCH_XPiI : sve_int_pred_pattern_b_x64<0b01100, "sqinch">;
defm UQINCH_XPiI : sve_int_pred_pattern_b_x64<0b01101, "uqinch">;
defm SQDECH_XPiI : sve_int_pred_pattern_b_x64<0b01110, "sqdech">;
defm UQDECH_XPiI : sve_int_pred_pattern_b_x64<0b01111, "uqdech">;
defm SQINCW_XPiWdI : sve_int_pred_pattern_b_s32<0b10000, "sqincw">;
defm UQINCW_WPiI : sve_int_pred_pattern_b_u32<0b10001, "uqincw">;
defm SQDECW_XPiWdI : sve_int_pred_pattern_b_s32<0b10010, "sqdecw">;
defm UQDECW_WPiI : sve_int_pred_pattern_b_u32<0b10011, "uqdecw">;
defm SQINCW_XPiI : sve_int_pred_pattern_b_x64<0b10100, "sqincw">;
defm UQINCW_XPiI : sve_int_pred_pattern_b_x64<0b10101, "uqincw">;
defm SQDECW_XPiI : sve_int_pred_pattern_b_x64<0b10110, "sqdecw">;
defm UQDECW_XPiI : sve_int_pred_pattern_b_x64<0b10111, "uqdecw">;
defm SQINCD_XPiWdI : sve_int_pred_pattern_b_s32<0b11000, "sqincd">;
defm UQINCD_WPiI : sve_int_pred_pattern_b_u32<0b11001, "uqincd">;
defm SQDECD_XPiWdI : sve_int_pred_pattern_b_s32<0b11010, "sqdecd">;
defm UQDECD_WPiI : sve_int_pred_pattern_b_u32<0b11011, "uqdecd">;
defm SQINCD_XPiI : sve_int_pred_pattern_b_x64<0b11100, "sqincd">;
defm UQINCD_XPiI : sve_int_pred_pattern_b_x64<0b11101, "uqincd">;
defm SQDECD_XPiI : sve_int_pred_pattern_b_x64<0b11110, "sqdecd">;
defm UQDECD_XPiI : sve_int_pred_pattern_b_x64<0b11111, "uqdecd">;
defm SQINCH_ZPiI : sve_int_countvlv<0b01000, "sqinch", ZPR16>;
defm UQINCH_ZPiI : sve_int_countvlv<0b01001, "uqinch", ZPR16>;
defm SQDECH_ZPiI : sve_int_countvlv<0b01010, "sqdech", ZPR16>;
defm UQDECH_ZPiI : sve_int_countvlv<0b01011, "uqdech", ZPR16>;
defm INCH_ZPiI : sve_int_countvlv<0b01100, "inch", ZPR16>;
defm DECH_ZPiI : sve_int_countvlv<0b01101, "dech", ZPR16>;
defm SQINCW_ZPiI : sve_int_countvlv<0b10000, "sqincw", ZPR32>;
defm UQINCW_ZPiI : sve_int_countvlv<0b10001, "uqincw", ZPR32>;
defm SQDECW_ZPiI : sve_int_countvlv<0b10010, "sqdecw", ZPR32>;
defm UQDECW_ZPiI : sve_int_countvlv<0b10011, "uqdecw", ZPR32>;
defm INCW_ZPiI : sve_int_countvlv<0b10100, "incw", ZPR32>;
defm DECW_ZPiI : sve_int_countvlv<0b10101, "decw", ZPR32>;
defm SQINCD_ZPiI : sve_int_countvlv<0b11000, "sqincd", ZPR64>;
defm UQINCD_ZPiI : sve_int_countvlv<0b11001, "uqincd", ZPR64>;
defm SQDECD_ZPiI : sve_int_countvlv<0b11010, "sqdecd", ZPR64>;
defm UQDECD_ZPiI : sve_int_countvlv<0b11011, "uqdecd", ZPR64>;
defm INCD_ZPiI : sve_int_countvlv<0b11100, "incd", ZPR64>;
defm DECD_ZPiI : sve_int_countvlv<0b11101, "decd", ZPR64>;
defm SQINCP_XPWd : sve_int_count_r_s32<0b00000, "sqincp">;
defm SQINCP_XP : sve_int_count_r_x64<0b00010, "sqincp">;
defm UQINCP_WP : sve_int_count_r_u32<0b00100, "uqincp">;
defm UQINCP_XP : sve_int_count_r_x64<0b00110, "uqincp">;
defm SQDECP_XPWd : sve_int_count_r_s32<0b01000, "sqdecp">;
defm SQDECP_XP : sve_int_count_r_x64<0b01010, "sqdecp">;
defm UQDECP_WP : sve_int_count_r_u32<0b01100, "uqdecp">;
defm UQDECP_XP : sve_int_count_r_x64<0b01110, "uqdecp">;
defm INCP_XP : sve_int_count_r_x64<0b10000, "incp">;
defm DECP_XP : sve_int_count_r_x64<0b10100, "decp">;
defm SQINCP_ZP : sve_int_count_v<0b00000, "sqincp">;
defm UQINCP_ZP : sve_int_count_v<0b00100, "uqincp">;
defm SQDECP_ZP : sve_int_count_v<0b01000, "sqdecp">;
defm UQDECP_ZP : sve_int_count_v<0b01100, "uqdecp">;
defm INCP_ZP : sve_int_count_v<0b10000, "incp">;
defm DECP_ZP : sve_int_count_v<0b10100, "decp">;
defm INDEX_RR : sve_int_index_rr<"index">;
defm INDEX_IR : sve_int_index_ir<"index">;
defm INDEX_RI : sve_int_index_ri<"index">;
defm INDEX_II : sve_int_index_ii<"index">;
// Unpredicated shifts
defm ASR_ZZI : sve_int_bin_cons_shift_imm_right<0b00, "asr">;
defm LSR_ZZI : sve_int_bin_cons_shift_imm_right<0b01, "lsr">;
defm LSL_ZZI : sve_int_bin_cons_shift_imm_left< 0b11, "lsl">;
defm ASR_WIDE_ZZZ : sve_int_bin_cons_shift_wide<0b00, "asr">;
defm LSR_WIDE_ZZZ : sve_int_bin_cons_shift_wide<0b01, "lsr">;
defm LSL_WIDE_ZZZ : sve_int_bin_cons_shift_wide<0b11, "lsl">;
// Predicated shifts
defm ASR_ZPmI : sve_int_bin_pred_shift_imm_right<0b0000, "asr">;
defm LSR_ZPmI : sve_int_bin_pred_shift_imm_right<0b0001, "lsr">;
defm LSL_ZPmI : sve_int_bin_pred_shift_imm_left< 0b0011, "lsl">;
defm ASRD_ZPmI : sve_int_bin_pred_shift_imm_right<0b0100, "asrd">;
defm ASR_ZPmZ : sve_int_bin_pred_shift<0b000, "asr">;
defm LSR_ZPmZ : sve_int_bin_pred_shift<0b001, "lsr">;
defm LSL_ZPmZ : sve_int_bin_pred_shift<0b011, "lsl">;
defm ASRR_ZPmZ : sve_int_bin_pred_shift<0b100, "asrr">;
defm LSRR_ZPmZ : sve_int_bin_pred_shift<0b101, "lsrr">;
defm LSLR_ZPmZ : sve_int_bin_pred_shift<0b111, "lslr">;
defm ASR_WIDE_ZPmZ : sve_int_bin_pred_shift_wide<0b000, "asr">;
defm LSR_WIDE_ZPmZ : sve_int_bin_pred_shift_wide<0b001, "lsr">;
defm LSL_WIDE_ZPmZ : sve_int_bin_pred_shift_wide<0b011, "lsl">;
def FCVT_ZPmZ_StoH : sve_fp_2op_p_zd<0b1001000, "fcvt", ZPR32, ZPR16, ElementSizeS>;
def FCVT_ZPmZ_HtoS : sve_fp_2op_p_zd<0b1001001, "fcvt", ZPR16, ZPR32, ElementSizeS>;
def SCVTF_ZPmZ_HtoH : sve_fp_2op_p_zd<0b0110010, "scvtf", ZPR16, ZPR16, ElementSizeH>;
def SCVTF_ZPmZ_StoS : sve_fp_2op_p_zd<0b1010100, "scvtf", ZPR32, ZPR32, ElementSizeS>;
def UCVTF_ZPmZ_StoS : sve_fp_2op_p_zd<0b1010101, "ucvtf", ZPR32, ZPR32, ElementSizeS>;
def UCVTF_ZPmZ_HtoH : sve_fp_2op_p_zd<0b0110011, "ucvtf", ZPR16, ZPR16, ElementSizeH>;
def FCVTZS_ZPmZ_HtoH : sve_fp_2op_p_zd<0b0111010, "fcvtzs", ZPR16, ZPR16, ElementSizeH>;
def FCVTZS_ZPmZ_StoS : sve_fp_2op_p_zd<0b1011100, "fcvtzs", ZPR32, ZPR32, ElementSizeS>;
def FCVTZU_ZPmZ_HtoH : sve_fp_2op_p_zd<0b0111011, "fcvtzu", ZPR16, ZPR16, ElementSizeH>;
def FCVTZU_ZPmZ_StoS : sve_fp_2op_p_zd<0b1011101, "fcvtzu", ZPR32, ZPR32, ElementSizeS>;
def FCVT_ZPmZ_DtoH : sve_fp_2op_p_zd<0b1101000, "fcvt", ZPR64, ZPR16, ElementSizeD>;
def FCVT_ZPmZ_HtoD : sve_fp_2op_p_zd<0b1101001, "fcvt", ZPR16, ZPR64, ElementSizeD>;
def FCVT_ZPmZ_DtoS : sve_fp_2op_p_zd<0b1101010, "fcvt", ZPR64, ZPR32, ElementSizeD>;
def FCVT_ZPmZ_StoD : sve_fp_2op_p_zd<0b1101011, "fcvt", ZPR32, ZPR64, ElementSizeD>;
def SCVTF_ZPmZ_StoD : sve_fp_2op_p_zd<0b1110000, "scvtf", ZPR32, ZPR64, ElementSizeD>;
def UCVTF_ZPmZ_StoD : sve_fp_2op_p_zd<0b1110001, "ucvtf", ZPR32, ZPR64, ElementSizeD>;
def UCVTF_ZPmZ_StoH : sve_fp_2op_p_zd<0b0110101, "ucvtf", ZPR32, ZPR16, ElementSizeS>;
def SCVTF_ZPmZ_DtoS : sve_fp_2op_p_zd<0b1110100, "scvtf", ZPR64, ZPR32, ElementSizeD>;
def SCVTF_ZPmZ_StoH : sve_fp_2op_p_zd<0b0110100, "scvtf", ZPR32, ZPR16, ElementSizeS>;
def SCVTF_ZPmZ_DtoH : sve_fp_2op_p_zd<0b0110110, "scvtf", ZPR64, ZPR16, ElementSizeD>;
def UCVTF_ZPmZ_DtoS : sve_fp_2op_p_zd<0b1110101, "ucvtf", ZPR64, ZPR32, ElementSizeD>;
def UCVTF_ZPmZ_DtoH : sve_fp_2op_p_zd<0b0110111, "ucvtf", ZPR64, ZPR16, ElementSizeD>;
def SCVTF_ZPmZ_DtoD : sve_fp_2op_p_zd<0b1110110, "scvtf", ZPR64, ZPR64, ElementSizeD>;
def UCVTF_ZPmZ_DtoD : sve_fp_2op_p_zd<0b1110111, "ucvtf", ZPR64, ZPR64, ElementSizeD>;
def FCVTZS_ZPmZ_DtoS : sve_fp_2op_p_zd<0b1111000, "fcvtzs", ZPR64, ZPR32, ElementSizeD>;
def FCVTZU_ZPmZ_DtoS : sve_fp_2op_p_zd<0b1111001, "fcvtzu", ZPR64, ZPR32, ElementSizeD>;
def FCVTZS_ZPmZ_StoD : sve_fp_2op_p_zd<0b1111100, "fcvtzs", ZPR32, ZPR64, ElementSizeD>;
def FCVTZS_ZPmZ_HtoS : sve_fp_2op_p_zd<0b0111100, "fcvtzs", ZPR16, ZPR32, ElementSizeS>;
def FCVTZS_ZPmZ_HtoD : sve_fp_2op_p_zd<0b0111110, "fcvtzs", ZPR16, ZPR64, ElementSizeD>;
def FCVTZU_ZPmZ_HtoS : sve_fp_2op_p_zd<0b0111101, "fcvtzu", ZPR16, ZPR32, ElementSizeS>;
def FCVTZU_ZPmZ_HtoD : sve_fp_2op_p_zd<0b0111111, "fcvtzu", ZPR16, ZPR64, ElementSizeD>;
def FCVTZU_ZPmZ_StoD : sve_fp_2op_p_zd<0b1111101, "fcvtzu", ZPR32, ZPR64, ElementSizeD>;
def FCVTZS_ZPmZ_DtoD : sve_fp_2op_p_zd<0b1111110, "fcvtzs", ZPR64, ZPR64, ElementSizeD>;
def FCVTZU_ZPmZ_DtoD : sve_fp_2op_p_zd<0b1111111, "fcvtzu", ZPR64, ZPR64, ElementSizeD>;
defm FRINTN_ZPmZ : sve_fp_2op_p_zd_HSD<0b00000, "frintn">;
defm FRINTP_ZPmZ : sve_fp_2op_p_zd_HSD<0b00001, "frintp">;
defm FRINTM_ZPmZ : sve_fp_2op_p_zd_HSD<0b00010, "frintm">;
defm FRINTZ_ZPmZ : sve_fp_2op_p_zd_HSD<0b00011, "frintz">;
defm FRINTA_ZPmZ : sve_fp_2op_p_zd_HSD<0b00100, "frinta">;
defm FRINTX_ZPmZ : sve_fp_2op_p_zd_HSD<0b00110, "frintx">;
defm FRINTI_ZPmZ : sve_fp_2op_p_zd_HSD<0b00111, "frinti">;
defm FRECPX_ZPmZ : sve_fp_2op_p_zd_HSD<0b01100, "frecpx">;
defm FSQRT_ZPmZ : sve_fp_2op_p_zd_HSD<0b01101, "fsqrt">;
// InstAliases
def : InstAlias<"mov $Zd, $Zn",
(ORR_ZZZ ZPR64:$Zd, ZPR64:$Zn, ZPR64:$Zn), 1>;
def : InstAlias<"mov $Pd, $Pg/m, $Pn",
(SEL_PPPP PPR8:$Pd, PPRAny:$Pg, PPR8:$Pn, PPR8:$Pd), 1>;
def : InstAlias<"mov $Pd, $Pn",
(ORR_PPzPP PPR8:$Pd, PPR8:$Pn, PPR8:$Pn, PPR8:$Pn), 1>;
def : InstAlias<"mov $Pd, $Pg/z, $Pn",
(AND_PPzPP PPR8:$Pd, PPRAny:$Pg, PPR8:$Pn, PPR8:$Pn), 1>;
def : InstAlias<"movs $Pd, $Pn",
(ORRS_PPzPP PPR8:$Pd, PPR8:$Pn, PPR8:$Pn, PPR8:$Pn), 1>;
def : InstAlias<"movs $Pd, $Pg/z, $Pn",
(ANDS_PPzPP PPR8:$Pd, PPRAny:$Pg, PPR8:$Pn, PPR8:$Pn), 1>;
def : InstAlias<"not $Pd, $Pg/z, $Pn",
(EOR_PPzPP PPR8:$Pd, PPRAny:$Pg, PPR8:$Pn, PPRAny:$Pg), 1>;
def : InstAlias<"nots $Pd, $Pg/z, $Pn",
(EORS_PPzPP PPR8:$Pd, PPRAny:$Pg, PPR8:$Pn, PPRAny:$Pg), 1>;
def : InstAlias<"cmple $Zd, $Pg/z, $Zm, $Zn",
(CMPGE_PPzZZ_B PPR8:$Zd, PPR3bAny:$Pg, ZPR8:$Zn, ZPR8:$Zm), 0>;
def : InstAlias<"cmple $Zd, $Pg/z, $Zm, $Zn",
(CMPGE_PPzZZ_H PPR16:$Zd, PPR3bAny:$Pg, ZPR16:$Zn, ZPR16:$Zm), 0>;
def : InstAlias<"cmple $Zd, $Pg/z, $Zm, $Zn",
(CMPGE_PPzZZ_S PPR32:$Zd, PPR3bAny:$Pg, ZPR32:$Zn, ZPR32:$Zm), 0>;
def : InstAlias<"cmple $Zd, $Pg/z, $Zm, $Zn",
(CMPGE_PPzZZ_D PPR64:$Zd, PPR3bAny:$Pg, ZPR64:$Zn, ZPR64:$Zm), 0>;
def : InstAlias<"cmplo $Zd, $Pg/z, $Zm, $Zn",
(CMPHI_PPzZZ_B PPR8:$Zd, PPR3bAny:$Pg, ZPR8:$Zn, ZPR8:$Zm), 0>;
def : InstAlias<"cmplo $Zd, $Pg/z, $Zm, $Zn",
(CMPHI_PPzZZ_H PPR16:$Zd, PPR3bAny:$Pg, ZPR16:$Zn, ZPR16:$Zm), 0>;
def : InstAlias<"cmplo $Zd, $Pg/z, $Zm, $Zn",
(CMPHI_PPzZZ_S PPR32:$Zd, PPR3bAny:$Pg, ZPR32:$Zn, ZPR32:$Zm), 0>;
def : InstAlias<"cmplo $Zd, $Pg/z, $Zm, $Zn",
(CMPHI_PPzZZ_D PPR64:$Zd, PPR3bAny:$Pg, ZPR64:$Zn, ZPR64:$Zm), 0>;
def : InstAlias<"cmpls $Zd, $Pg/z, $Zm, $Zn",
(CMPHS_PPzZZ_B PPR8:$Zd, PPR3bAny:$Pg, ZPR8:$Zn, ZPR8:$Zm), 0>;
def : InstAlias<"cmpls $Zd, $Pg/z, $Zm, $Zn",
(CMPHS_PPzZZ_H PPR16:$Zd, PPR3bAny:$Pg, ZPR16:$Zn, ZPR16:$Zm), 0>;
def : InstAlias<"cmpls $Zd, $Pg/z, $Zm, $Zn",
(CMPHS_PPzZZ_S PPR32:$Zd, PPR3bAny:$Pg, ZPR32:$Zn, ZPR32:$Zm), 0>;
def : InstAlias<"cmpls $Zd, $Pg/z, $Zm, $Zn",
(CMPHS_PPzZZ_D PPR64:$Zd, PPR3bAny:$Pg, ZPR64:$Zn, ZPR64:$Zm), 0>;
def : InstAlias<"cmplt $Zd, $Pg/z, $Zm, $Zn",
(CMPGT_PPzZZ_B PPR8:$Zd, PPR3bAny:$Pg, ZPR8:$Zn, ZPR8:$Zm), 0>;
def : InstAlias<"cmplt $Zd, $Pg/z, $Zm, $Zn",
(CMPGT_PPzZZ_H PPR16:$Zd, PPR3bAny:$Pg, ZPR16:$Zn, ZPR16:$Zm), 0>;
def : InstAlias<"cmplt $Zd, $Pg/z, $Zm, $Zn",
(CMPGT_PPzZZ_S PPR32:$Zd, PPR3bAny:$Pg, ZPR32:$Zn, ZPR32:$Zm), 0>;
def : InstAlias<"cmplt $Zd, $Pg/z, $Zm, $Zn",
(CMPGT_PPzZZ_D PPR64:$Zd, PPR3bAny:$Pg, ZPR64:$Zn, ZPR64:$Zm), 0>;
def : InstAlias<"facle $Zd, $Pg/z, $Zm, $Zn",
(FACGE_PPzZZ_H PPR16:$Zd, PPR3bAny:$Pg, ZPR16:$Zn, ZPR16:$Zm), 0>;
def : InstAlias<"facle $Zd, $Pg/z, $Zm, $Zn",
(FACGE_PPzZZ_S PPR32:$Zd, PPR3bAny:$Pg, ZPR32:$Zn, ZPR32:$Zm), 0>;
def : InstAlias<"facle $Zd, $Pg/z, $Zm, $Zn",
(FACGE_PPzZZ_D PPR64:$Zd, PPR3bAny:$Pg, ZPR64:$Zn, ZPR64:$Zm), 0>;
def : InstAlias<"faclt $Zd, $Pg/z, $Zm, $Zn",
(FACGT_PPzZZ_H PPR16:$Zd, PPR3bAny:$Pg, ZPR16:$Zn, ZPR16:$Zm), 0>;
def : InstAlias<"faclt $Zd, $Pg/z, $Zm, $Zn",
(FACGT_PPzZZ_S PPR32:$Zd, PPR3bAny:$Pg, ZPR32:$Zn, ZPR32:$Zm), 0>;
def : InstAlias<"faclt $Zd, $Pg/z, $Zm, $Zn",
(FACGT_PPzZZ_D PPR64:$Zd, PPR3bAny:$Pg, ZPR64:$Zn, ZPR64:$Zm), 0>;
def : InstAlias<"fcmle $Zd, $Pg/z, $Zm, $Zn",
(FCMGE_PPzZZ_H PPR16:$Zd, PPR3bAny:$Pg, ZPR16:$Zn, ZPR16:$Zm), 0>;
def : InstAlias<"fcmle $Zd, $Pg/z, $Zm, $Zn",
(FCMGE_PPzZZ_S PPR32:$Zd, PPR3bAny:$Pg, ZPR32:$Zn, ZPR32:$Zm), 0>;
def : InstAlias<"fcmle $Zd, $Pg/z, $Zm, $Zn",
(FCMGE_PPzZZ_D PPR64:$Zd, PPR3bAny:$Pg, ZPR64:$Zn, ZPR64:$Zm), 0>;
def : InstAlias<"fcmlt $Zd, $Pg/z, $Zm, $Zn",
(FCMGT_PPzZZ_H PPR16:$Zd, PPR3bAny:$Pg, ZPR16:$Zn, ZPR16:$Zm), 0>;
def : InstAlias<"fcmlt $Zd, $Pg/z, $Zm, $Zn",
(FCMGT_PPzZZ_S PPR32:$Zd, PPR3bAny:$Pg, ZPR32:$Zn, ZPR32:$Zm), 0>;
def : InstAlias<"fcmlt $Zd, $Pg/z, $Zm, $Zn",
(FCMGT_PPzZZ_D PPR64:$Zd, PPR3bAny:$Pg, ZPR64:$Zn, ZPR64:$Zm), 0>;
def : Pat<(nxv16i8 (bitconvert (nxv8i16 ZPR:$src))), (nxv16i8 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv16i8 (bitconvert (nxv4i32 ZPR:$src))), (nxv16i8 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv16i8 (bitconvert (nxv2i64 ZPR:$src))), (nxv16i8 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv16i8 (bitconvert (nxv8f16 ZPR:$src))), (nxv16i8 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv16i8 (bitconvert (nxv4f32 ZPR:$src))), (nxv16i8 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv16i8 (bitconvert (nxv2f64 ZPR:$src))), (nxv16i8 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv8i16 (bitconvert (nxv16i8 ZPR:$src))), (nxv8i16 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv8i16 (bitconvert (nxv4i32 ZPR:$src))), (nxv8i16 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv8i16 (bitconvert (nxv2i64 ZPR:$src))), (nxv8i16 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv8i16 (bitconvert (nxv8f16 ZPR:$src))), (nxv8i16 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv8i16 (bitconvert (nxv4f32 ZPR:$src))), (nxv8i16 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv8i16 (bitconvert (nxv2f64 ZPR:$src))), (nxv8i16 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv4i32 (bitconvert (nxv16i8 ZPR:$src))), (nxv4i32 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv4i32 (bitconvert (nxv8i16 ZPR:$src))), (nxv4i32 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv4i32 (bitconvert (nxv2i64 ZPR:$src))), (nxv4i32 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv4i32 (bitconvert (nxv8f16 ZPR:$src))), (nxv4i32 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv4i32 (bitconvert (nxv4f32 ZPR:$src))), (nxv4i32 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv4i32 (bitconvert (nxv2f64 ZPR:$src))), (nxv4i32 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv2i64 (bitconvert (nxv16i8 ZPR:$src))), (nxv2i64 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv2i64 (bitconvert (nxv8i16 ZPR:$src))), (nxv2i64 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv2i64 (bitconvert (nxv4i32 ZPR:$src))), (nxv2i64 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv2i64 (bitconvert (nxv8f16 ZPR:$src))), (nxv2i64 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv2i64 (bitconvert (nxv4f32 ZPR:$src))), (nxv2i64 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv2i64 (bitconvert (nxv2f64 ZPR:$src))), (nxv2i64 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv8f16 (bitconvert (nxv16i8 ZPR:$src))), (nxv8f16 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv8f16 (bitconvert (nxv8i16 ZPR:$src))), (nxv8f16 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv8f16 (bitconvert (nxv4i32 ZPR:$src))), (nxv8f16 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv8f16 (bitconvert (nxv2i64 ZPR:$src))), (nxv8f16 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv8f16 (bitconvert (nxv4f32 ZPR:$src))), (nxv8f16 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv8f16 (bitconvert (nxv2f64 ZPR:$src))), (nxv8f16 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv4f32 (bitconvert (nxv16i8 ZPR:$src))), (nxv4f32 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv4f32 (bitconvert (nxv8i16 ZPR:$src))), (nxv4f32 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv4f32 (bitconvert (nxv4i32 ZPR:$src))), (nxv4f32 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv4f32 (bitconvert (nxv2i64 ZPR:$src))), (nxv4f32 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv4f32 (bitconvert (nxv8f16 ZPR:$src))), (nxv4f32 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv4f32 (bitconvert (nxv2f64 ZPR:$src))), (nxv4f32 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv2f64 (bitconvert (nxv16i8 ZPR:$src))), (nxv2f64 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv2f64 (bitconvert (nxv8i16 ZPR:$src))), (nxv2f64 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv2f64 (bitconvert (nxv4i32 ZPR:$src))), (nxv2f64 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv2f64 (bitconvert (nxv2i64 ZPR:$src))), (nxv2f64 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv2f64 (bitconvert (nxv8f16 ZPR:$src))), (nxv2f64 ZPR:$src)>;
def : Pat<(nxv2f64 (bitconvert (nxv4f32 ZPR:$src))), (nxv2f64 ZPR:$src)>;
let Predicates = [HasSVE2] in {
// SVE2 integer multiply-add (indexed)
defm MLA_ZZZI : sve2_int_mla_by_indexed_elem<0b01, 0b0, "mla">;
defm MLS_ZZZI : sve2_int_mla_by_indexed_elem<0b01, 0b1, "mls">;
// SVE2 saturating multiply-add high (indexed)
defm SQRDMLAH_ZZZI : sve2_int_mla_by_indexed_elem<0b10, 0b0, "sqrdmlah">;
defm SQRDMLSH_ZZZI : sve2_int_mla_by_indexed_elem<0b10, 0b1, "sqrdmlsh">;
// SVE2 saturating multiply-add high (vectors, unpredicated)
defm SQRDMLAH_ZZZ : sve2_int_mla<0b0, "sqrdmlah">;
defm SQRDMLSH_ZZZ : sve2_int_mla<0b1, "sqrdmlsh">;
// SVE2 integer multiply (indexed)
defm MUL_ZZZI : sve2_int_mul_by_indexed_elem<0b1110, "mul">;
// SVE2 saturating multiply high (indexed)
defm SQDMULH_ZZZI : sve2_int_mul_by_indexed_elem<0b1100, "sqdmulh">;
defm SQRDMULH_ZZZI : sve2_int_mul_by_indexed_elem<0b1101, "sqrdmulh">;
// SVE2 signed saturating doubling multiply high (unpredicated)
defm SQDMULH_ZZZ : sve2_int_mul<0b100, "sqdmulh">;
defm SQRDMULH_ZZZ : sve2_int_mul<0b101, "sqrdmulh">;
// SVE2 integer multiply vectors (unpredicated)
defm MUL_ZZZ : sve2_int_mul<0b000, "mul">;
defm SMULH_ZZZ : sve2_int_mul<0b010, "smulh">;
defm UMULH_ZZZ : sve2_int_mul<0b011, "umulh">;
def PMUL_ZZZ_B : sve2_int_mul<0b00, 0b001, "pmul", ZPR8>;
// SVE2 complex integer dot product (indexed)
defm CDOT_ZZZI : sve2_cintx_dot_by_indexed_elem<"cdot">;
// SVE2 complex integer dot product
defm CDOT_ZZZ : sve2_cintx_dot<"cdot">;
// SVE2 complex integer multiply-add (indexed)
defm CMLA_ZZZI : sve2_cmla_by_indexed_elem<0b0, "cmla">;
// SVE2 complex saturating multiply-add (indexed)
defm SQRDCMLAH_ZZZI : sve2_cmla_by_indexed_elem<0b1, "sqrdcmlah">;
// SVE2 complex integer multiply-add
defm CMLA_ZZZ : sve2_int_cmla<0b0, "cmla">;
defm SQRDCMLAH_ZZZ : sve2_int_cmla<0b1, "sqrdcmlah">;
// SVE2 integer multiply long (indexed)
defm SMULLB_ZZZI : sve2_int_mul_long_by_indexed_elem<0b000, "smullb">;
defm SMULLT_ZZZI : sve2_int_mul_long_by_indexed_elem<0b001, "smullt">;
defm UMULLB_ZZZI : sve2_int_mul_long_by_indexed_elem<0b010, "umullb">;
defm UMULLT_ZZZI : sve2_int_mul_long_by_indexed_elem<0b011, "umullt">;
// SVE2 saturating multiply (indexed)
defm SQDMULLB_ZZZI : sve2_int_mul_long_by_indexed_elem<0b100, "sqdmullb">;
defm SQDMULLT_ZZZI : sve2_int_mul_long_by_indexed_elem<0b101, "sqdmullt">;
// SVE2 integer multiply-add long (indexed)
defm SMLALB_ZZZI : sve2_int_mla_long_by_indexed_elem<0b1000, "smlalb">;
defm SMLALT_ZZZI : sve2_int_mla_long_by_indexed_elem<0b1001, "smlalt">;
defm UMLALB_ZZZI : sve2_int_mla_long_by_indexed_elem<0b1010, "umlalb">;
defm UMLALT_ZZZI : sve2_int_mla_long_by_indexed_elem<0b1011, "umlalt">;
defm SMLSLB_ZZZI : sve2_int_mla_long_by_indexed_elem<0b1100, "smlslb">;
defm SMLSLT_ZZZI : sve2_int_mla_long_by_indexed_elem<0b1101, "smlslt">;
defm UMLSLB_ZZZI : sve2_int_mla_long_by_indexed_elem<0b1110, "umlslb">;
defm UMLSLT_ZZZI : sve2_int_mla_long_by_indexed_elem<0b1111, "umlslt">;
// SVE2 integer multiply-add long (vectors, unpredicated)
defm SMLALB_ZZZ : sve2_int_mla_long<0b10000, "smlalb">;
defm SMLALT_ZZZ : sve2_int_mla_long<0b10001, "smlalt">;
defm UMLALB_ZZZ : sve2_int_mla_long<0b10010, "umlalb">;
defm UMLALT_ZZZ : sve2_int_mla_long<0b10011, "umlalt">;
defm SMLSLB_ZZZ : sve2_int_mla_long<0b10100, "smlslb">;
defm SMLSLT_ZZZ : sve2_int_mla_long<0b10101, "smlslt">;
defm UMLSLB_ZZZ : sve2_int_mla_long<0b10110, "umlslb">;
defm UMLSLT_ZZZ : sve2_int_mla_long<0b10111, "umlslt">;
// SVE2 saturating multiply-add long (indexed)
defm SQDMLALB_ZZZI : sve2_int_mla_long_by_indexed_elem<0b0100, "sqdmlalb">;
defm SQDMLALT_ZZZI : sve2_int_mla_long_by_indexed_elem<0b0101, "sqdmlalt">;
defm SQDMLSLB_ZZZI : sve2_int_mla_long_by_indexed_elem<0b0110, "sqdmlslb">;
defm SQDMLSLT_ZZZI : sve2_int_mla_long_by_indexed_elem<0b0111, "sqdmlslt">;
// SVE2 saturating multiply-add long (vectors, unpredicated)
defm SQDMLALB_ZZZ : sve2_int_mla_long<0b11000, "sqdmlalb">;
defm SQDMLALT_ZZZ : sve2_int_mla_long<0b11001, "sqdmlalt">;
defm SQDMLSLB_ZZZ : sve2_int_mla_long<0b11010, "sqdmlslb">;
defm SQDMLSLT_ZZZ : sve2_int_mla_long<0b11011, "sqdmlslt">;
// SVE2 saturating multiply-add interleaved long
defm SQDMLALBT_ZZZ : sve2_int_mla_long<0b00010, "sqdmlalbt">;
defm SQDMLSLBT_ZZZ : sve2_int_mla_long<0b00011, "sqdmlslbt">;
// SVE2 integer halving add/subtract (predicated)
defm SHADD_ZPmZ : sve2_int_arith_pred<0b100000, "shadd">;
defm UHADD_ZPmZ : sve2_int_arith_pred<0b100010, "uhadd">;
defm SHSUB_ZPmZ : sve2_int_arith_pred<0b100100, "shsub">;
defm UHSUB_ZPmZ : sve2_int_arith_pred<0b100110, "uhsub">;
defm SRHADD_ZPmZ : sve2_int_arith_pred<0b101000, "srhadd">;
defm URHADD_ZPmZ : sve2_int_arith_pred<0b101010, "urhadd">;
defm SHSUBR_ZPmZ : sve2_int_arith_pred<0b101100, "shsubr">;
defm UHSUBR_ZPmZ : sve2_int_arith_pred<0b101110, "uhsubr">;
// SVE2 integer pairwise add and accumulate long
defm SADALP_ZPmZ : sve2_int_sadd_long_accum_pairwise<0, "sadalp">;
defm UADALP_ZPmZ : sve2_int_sadd_long_accum_pairwise<1, "uadalp">;
// SVE2 integer pairwise arithmetic
defm ADDP_ZPmZ : sve2_int_arith_pred<0b100011, "addp">;
defm SMAXP_ZPmZ : sve2_int_arith_pred<0b101001, "smaxp">;
defm UMAXP_ZPmZ : sve2_int_arith_pred<0b101011, "umaxp">;
defm SMINP_ZPmZ : sve2_int_arith_pred<0b101101, "sminp">;
defm UMINP_ZPmZ : sve2_int_arith_pred<0b101111, "uminp">;
// SVE2 integer unary operations (predicated)
defm URECPE_ZPmZ : sve2_int_un_pred_arit_s<0b000, "urecpe">;
defm URSQRTE_ZPmZ : sve2_int_un_pred_arit_s<0b001, "ursqrte">;
defm SQABS_ZPmZ : sve2_int_un_pred_arit<0b100, "sqabs">;
defm SQNEG_ZPmZ : sve2_int_un_pred_arit<0b101, "sqneg">;
// SVE2 saturating add/subtract
defm SQADD_ZPmZ : sve2_int_arith_pred<0b110000, "sqadd">;
defm UQADD_ZPmZ : sve2_int_arith_pred<0b110010, "uqadd">;
defm SQSUB_ZPmZ : sve2_int_arith_pred<0b110100, "sqsub">;
defm UQSUB_ZPmZ : sve2_int_arith_pred<0b110110, "uqsub">;
defm SUQADD_ZPmZ : sve2_int_arith_pred<0b111000, "suqadd">;
defm USQADD_ZPmZ : sve2_int_arith_pred<0b111010, "usqadd">;
defm SQSUBR_ZPmZ : sve2_int_arith_pred<0b111100, "sqsubr">;
defm UQSUBR_ZPmZ : sve2_int_arith_pred<0b111110, "uqsubr">;
// SVE2 saturating/rounding bitwise shift left (predicated)
defm SRSHL_ZPmZ : sve2_int_arith_pred<0b000100, "srshl">;
defm URSHL_ZPmZ : sve2_int_arith_pred<0b000110, "urshl">;
defm SRSHLR_ZPmZ : sve2_int_arith_pred<0b001100, "srshlr">;
defm URSHLR_ZPmZ : sve2_int_arith_pred<0b001110, "urshlr">;
defm SQSHL_ZPmZ : sve2_int_arith_pred<0b010000, "sqshl">;
defm UQSHL_ZPmZ : sve2_int_arith_pred<0b010010, "uqshl">;
defm SQRSHL_ZPmZ : sve2_int_arith_pred<0b010100, "sqrshl">;
defm UQRSHL_ZPmZ : sve2_int_arith_pred<0b010110, "uqrshl">;
defm SQSHLR_ZPmZ : sve2_int_arith_pred<0b011000, "sqshlr">;
defm UQSHLR_ZPmZ : sve2_int_arith_pred<0b011010, "uqshlr">;
defm SQRSHLR_ZPmZ : sve2_int_arith_pred<0b011100, "sqrshlr">;
defm UQRSHLR_ZPmZ : sve2_int_arith_pred<0b011110, "uqrshlr">;
// SVE2 predicated shifts
defm SQSHL_ZPmI : sve_int_bin_pred_shift_imm_left< 0b0110, "sqshl">;
defm UQSHL_ZPmI : sve_int_bin_pred_shift_imm_left< 0b0111, "uqshl">;
defm SRSHR_ZPmI : sve_int_bin_pred_shift_imm_right<0b1100, "srshr">;
defm URSHR_ZPmI : sve_int_bin_pred_shift_imm_right<0b1101, "urshr">;
defm SQSHLU_ZPmI : sve_int_bin_pred_shift_imm_left< 0b1111, "sqshlu">;
// SVE2 integer add/subtract long
defm SADDLB_ZZZ : sve2_wide_int_arith_long<0b00000, "saddlb">;
defm SADDLT_ZZZ : sve2_wide_int_arith_long<0b00001, "saddlt">;
defm UADDLB_ZZZ : sve2_wide_int_arith_long<0b00010, "uaddlb">;
defm UADDLT_ZZZ : sve2_wide_int_arith_long<0b00011, "uaddlt">;
defm SSUBLB_ZZZ : sve2_wide_int_arith_long<0b00100, "ssublb">;
defm SSUBLT_ZZZ : sve2_wide_int_arith_long<0b00101, "ssublt">;
defm USUBLB_ZZZ : sve2_wide_int_arith_long<0b00110, "usublb">;
defm USUBLT_ZZZ : sve2_wide_int_arith_long<0b00111, "usublt">;
defm SABDLB_ZZZ : sve2_wide_int_arith_long<0b01100, "sabdlb">;
defm SABDLT_ZZZ : sve2_wide_int_arith_long<0b01101, "sabdlt">;
defm UABDLB_ZZZ : sve2_wide_int_arith_long<0b01110, "uabdlb">;
defm UABDLT_ZZZ : sve2_wide_int_arith_long<0b01111, "uabdlt">;
// SVE2 integer add/subtract wide
defm SADDWB_ZZZ : sve2_wide_int_arith_wide<0b000, "saddwb">;
defm SADDWT_ZZZ : sve2_wide_int_arith_wide<0b001, "saddwt">;
defm UADDWB_ZZZ : sve2_wide_int_arith_wide<0b010, "uaddwb">;
defm UADDWT_ZZZ : sve2_wide_int_arith_wide<0b011, "uaddwt">;
defm SSUBWB_ZZZ : sve2_wide_int_arith_wide<0b100, "ssubwb">;
defm SSUBWT_ZZZ : sve2_wide_int_arith_wide<0b101, "ssubwt">;
defm USUBWB_ZZZ : sve2_wide_int_arith_wide<0b110, "usubwb">;
defm USUBWT_ZZZ : sve2_wide_int_arith_wide<0b111, "usubwt">;
// SVE2 integer multiply long
defm SQDMULLB_ZZZ : sve2_wide_int_arith_long<0b11000, "sqdmullb">;
defm SQDMULLT_ZZZ : sve2_wide_int_arith_long<0b11001, "sqdmullt">;
defm SMULLB_ZZZ : sve2_wide_int_arith_long<0b11100, "smullb">;
defm SMULLT_ZZZ : sve2_wide_int_arith_long<0b11101, "smullt">;
defm UMULLB_ZZZ : sve2_wide_int_arith_long<0b11110, "umullb">;
defm UMULLT_ZZZ : sve2_wide_int_arith_long<0b11111, "umullt">;
defm PMULLB_ZZZ : sve2_pmul_long<0b0, "pmullb">;
defm PMULLT_ZZZ : sve2_pmul_long<0b1, "pmullt">;
// SVE2 bitwise shift and insert
defm SRI_ZZI : sve2_int_bin_shift_imm_right<0b0, "sri">;
defm SLI_ZZI : sve2_int_bin_shift_imm_left< 0b1, "sli">;
// SVE2 bitwise shift right and accumulate
defm SSRA_ZZI : sve2_int_bin_accum_shift_imm_right<0b00, "ssra">;
defm USRA_ZZI : sve2_int_bin_accum_shift_imm_right<0b01, "usra">;
defm SRSRA_ZZI : sve2_int_bin_accum_shift_imm_right<0b10, "srsra">;
defm URSRA_ZZI : sve2_int_bin_accum_shift_imm_right<0b11, "ursra">;
// SVE2 complex integer add
defm CADD_ZZI : sve2_int_cadd<0b0, "cadd">;
defm SQCADD_ZZI : sve2_int_cadd<0b1, "sqcadd">;
// SVE2 integer absolute difference and accumulate
defm SABA_ZZZ : sve2_int_absdiff_accum<0b0, "saba">;
defm UABA_ZZZ : sve2_int_absdiff_accum<0b1, "uaba">;
// SVE2 integer absolute difference and accumulate long
defm SABALB_ZZZ : sve2_int_absdiff_accum_long<0b00, "sabalb">;
defm SABALT_ZZZ : sve2_int_absdiff_accum_long<0b01, "sabalt">;
defm UABALB_ZZZ : sve2_int_absdiff_accum_long<0b10, "uabalb">;
defm UABALT_ZZZ : sve2_int_absdiff_accum_long<0b11, "uabalt">;
// SVE2 integer add/subtract long with carry
defm ADCLB_ZZZ : sve2_int_addsub_long_carry<0b00, "adclb">;
defm ADCLT_ZZZ : sve2_int_addsub_long_carry<0b01, "adclt">;
defm SBCLB_ZZZ : sve2_int_addsub_long_carry<0b10, "sbclb">;
defm SBCLT_ZZZ : sve2_int_addsub_long_carry<0b11, "sbclt">;
// SVE2 bitwise shift right narrow (bottom)
defm SQSHRUNB_ZZI : sve2_int_bin_shift_imm_right_narrow_bottom<0b000, "sqshrunb">;
defm SQRSHRUNB_ZZI : sve2_int_bin_shift_imm_right_narrow_bottom<0b001, "sqrshrunb">;
defm SHRNB_ZZI : sve2_int_bin_shift_imm_right_narrow_bottom<0b010, "shrnb">;
defm RSHRNB_ZZI : sve2_int_bin_shift_imm_right_narrow_bottom<0b011, "rshrnb">;
defm SQSHRNB_ZZI : sve2_int_bin_shift_imm_right_narrow_bottom<0b100, "sqshrnb">;
defm SQRSHRNB_ZZI : sve2_int_bin_shift_imm_right_narrow_bottom<0b101, "sqrshrnb">;
defm UQSHRNB_ZZI : sve2_int_bin_shift_imm_right_narrow_bottom<0b110, "uqshrnb">;
defm UQRSHRNB_ZZI : sve2_int_bin_shift_imm_right_narrow_bottom<0b111, "uqrshrnb">;
// SVE2 bitwise shift right narrow (top)
defm SQSHRUNT_ZZI : sve2_int_bin_shift_imm_right_narrow_top<0b000, "sqshrunt">;
defm SQRSHRUNT_ZZI : sve2_int_bin_shift_imm_right_narrow_top<0b001, "sqrshrunt">;
defm SHRNT_ZZI : sve2_int_bin_shift_imm_right_narrow_top<0b010, "shrnt">;
defm RSHRNT_ZZI : sve2_int_bin_shift_imm_right_narrow_top<0b011, "rshrnt">;
defm SQSHRNT_ZZI : sve2_int_bin_shift_imm_right_narrow_top<0b100, "sqshrnt">;
defm SQRSHRNT_ZZI : sve2_int_bin_shift_imm_right_narrow_top<0b101, "sqrshrnt">;
defm UQSHRNT_ZZI : sve2_int_bin_shift_imm_right_narrow_top<0b110, "uqshrnt">;
defm UQRSHRNT_ZZI : sve2_int_bin_shift_imm_right_narrow_top<0b111, "uqrshrnt">;
// SVE2 integer add/subtract narrow high part (bottom)
defm ADDHNB_ZZZ : sve2_int_addsub_narrow_high_bottom<0b00, "addhnb">;
defm RADDHNB_ZZZ : sve2_int_addsub_narrow_high_bottom<0b01, "raddhnb">;
defm SUBHNB_ZZZ : sve2_int_addsub_narrow_high_bottom<0b10, "subhnb">;
defm RSUBHNB_ZZZ : sve2_int_addsub_narrow_high_bottom<0b11, "rsubhnb">;
// SVE2 integer add/subtract narrow high part (top)
defm ADDHNT_ZZZ : sve2_int_addsub_narrow_high_top<0b00, "addhnt">;
defm RADDHNT_ZZZ : sve2_int_addsub_narrow_high_top<0b01, "raddhnt">;
defm SUBHNT_ZZZ : sve2_int_addsub_narrow_high_top<0b10, "subhnt">;
defm RSUBHNT_ZZZ : sve2_int_addsub_narrow_high_top<0b11, "rsubhnt">;
// SVE2 saturating extract narrow (bottom)
defm SQXTNB_ZZ : sve2_int_sat_extract_narrow_bottom<0b00, "sqxtnb">;
defm UQXTNB_ZZ : sve2_int_sat_extract_narrow_bottom<0b01, "uqxtnb">;
defm SQXTUNB_ZZ : sve2_int_sat_extract_narrow_bottom<0b10, "sqxtunb">;
// SVE2 saturating extract narrow (top)
defm SQXTNT_ZZ : sve2_int_sat_extract_narrow_top<0b00, "sqxtnt">;
defm UQXTNT_ZZ : sve2_int_sat_extract_narrow_top<0b01, "uqxtnt">;
defm SQXTUNT_ZZ : sve2_int_sat_extract_narrow_top<0b10, "sqxtunt">;
// SVE2 character match
defm MATCH_PPzZZ : sve2_char_match<0b0, "match">;
defm NMATCH_PPzZZ : sve2_char_match<0b1, "nmatch">;
// SVE2 bitwise exclusive-or interleaved
defm EORBT_ZZZ : sve2_bitwise_xor_interleaved<0b0, "eorbt">;
defm EORTB_ZZZ : sve2_bitwise_xor_interleaved<0b1, "eortb">;
// SVE2 bitwise shift left long
defm SSHLLB_ZZI : sve2_bitwise_shift_left_long<0b00, "sshllb">;
defm SSHLLT_ZZI : sve2_bitwise_shift_left_long<0b01, "sshllt">;
defm USHLLB_ZZI : sve2_bitwise_shift_left_long<0b10, "ushllb">;
defm USHLLT_ZZI : sve2_bitwise_shift_left_long<0b11, "ushllt">;
// SVE2 integer add/subtract interleaved long
defm SADDLBT_ZZZ : sve2_misc_int_addsub_long_interleaved<0b00, "saddlbt">;
defm SSUBLBT_ZZZ : sve2_misc_int_addsub_long_interleaved<0b10, "ssublbt">;
defm SSUBLTB_ZZZ : sve2_misc_int_addsub_long_interleaved<0b11, "ssubltb">;
// SVE2 histogram generation (segment)
def HISTSEG_ZZZ : sve2_hist_gen_segment<"histseg">;
// SVE2 histogram generation (vector)
defm HISTCNT_ZPzZZ : sve2_hist_gen_vector<"histcnt">;
// SVE2 floating-point base 2 logarithm as integer
defm FLOGB_ZPmZ : sve2_fp_flogb<"flogb">;
// SVE2 floating-point convert precision
defm FCVTXNT_ZPmZ : sve2_fp_convert_down_odd_rounding<"fcvtxnt">;
defm FCVTNT_ZPmZ : sve2_fp_convert_down_narrow<"fcvtnt">;
defm FCVTLT_ZPmZ : sve2_fp_convert_up_long<"fcvtlt">;
def FCVTX_ZPmZ_DtoS : sve_fp_2op_p_zd<0b0001010, "fcvtx", ZPR64, ZPR32, ElementSizeD>;
// SVE2 floating-point pairwise operations
defm FADDP_ZPmZZ : sve2_fp_pairwise_pred<0b000, "faddp">;
defm FMAXNMP_ZPmZZ : sve2_fp_pairwise_pred<0b100, "fmaxnmp">;
defm FMINNMP_ZPmZZ : sve2_fp_pairwise_pred<0b101, "fminnmp">;
defm FMAXP_ZPmZZ : sve2_fp_pairwise_pred<0b110, "fmaxp">;
defm FMINP_ZPmZZ : sve2_fp_pairwise_pred<0b111, "fminp">;
// SVE2 floating-point multiply-add long (indexed)
def FMLALB_ZZZI_SHH : sve2_fp_mla_long_by_indexed_elem<0b00, "fmlalb">;
def FMLALT_ZZZI_SHH : sve2_fp_mla_long_by_indexed_elem<0b01, "fmlalt">;
def FMLSLB_ZZZI_SHH : sve2_fp_mla_long_by_indexed_elem<0b10, "fmlslb">;
def FMLSLT_ZZZI_SHH : sve2_fp_mla_long_by_indexed_elem<0b11, "fmlslt">;
// SVE2 floating-point multiply-add long
def FMLALB_ZZZ_SHH : sve2_fp_mla_long<0b00, "fmlalb">;
def FMLALT_ZZZ_SHH : sve2_fp_mla_long<0b01, "fmlalt">;
def FMLSLB_ZZZ_SHH : sve2_fp_mla_long<0b10, "fmlslb">;
def FMLSLT_ZZZ_SHH : sve2_fp_mla_long<0b11, "fmlslt">;
// SVE2 bitwise ternary operations
defm EOR3_ZZZZ_D : sve2_int_bitwise_ternary_op<0b000, "eor3">;
defm BCAX_ZZZZ_D : sve2_int_bitwise_ternary_op<0b010, "bcax">;
def BSL_ZZZZ_D : sve2_int_bitwise_ternary_op_d<0b001, "bsl">;
def BSL1N_ZZZZ_D : sve2_int_bitwise_ternary_op_d<0b011, "bsl1n">;
def BSL2N_ZZZZ_D : sve2_int_bitwise_ternary_op_d<0b101, "bsl2n">;
def NBSL_ZZZZ_D : sve2_int_bitwise_ternary_op_d<0b111, "nbsl">;
// SVE2 bitwise xor and rotate right by immediate
defm XAR_ZZZI : sve2_int_rotate_right_imm<"xar">;
// SVE2 extract vector (immediate offset, constructive)
def EXT_ZZI_B : sve2_int_perm_extract_i_cons<"ext">;
// SVE2 non-temporal gather loads
defm LDNT1SB_ZZR_S : sve2_mem_gldnt_vs<0b00000, "ldnt1sb", Z_s, ZPR32>;
defm LDNT1B_ZZR_S : sve2_mem_gldnt_vs<0b00001, "ldnt1b", Z_s, ZPR32>;
defm LDNT1SH_ZZR_S : sve2_mem_gldnt_vs<0b00100, "ldnt1sh", Z_s, ZPR32>;
defm LDNT1H_ZZR_S : sve2_mem_gldnt_vs<0b00101, "ldnt1h", Z_s, ZPR32>;
defm LDNT1W_ZZR_S : sve2_mem_gldnt_vs<0b01001, "ldnt1w", Z_s, ZPR32>;
defm LDNT1SB_ZZR_D : sve2_mem_gldnt_vs<0b10000, "ldnt1sb", Z_d, ZPR64>;
defm LDNT1B_ZZR_D : sve2_mem_gldnt_vs<0b10010, "ldnt1b", Z_d, ZPR64>;
defm LDNT1SH_ZZR_D : sve2_mem_gldnt_vs<0b10100, "ldnt1sh", Z_d, ZPR64>;
defm LDNT1H_ZZR_D : sve2_mem_gldnt_vs<0b10110, "ldnt1h", Z_d, ZPR64>;
defm LDNT1SW_ZZR_D : sve2_mem_gldnt_vs<0b11000, "ldnt1sw", Z_d, ZPR64>;
defm LDNT1W_ZZR_D : sve2_mem_gldnt_vs<0b11010, "ldnt1w", Z_d, ZPR64>;
defm LDNT1D_ZZR_D : sve2_mem_gldnt_vs<0b11110, "ldnt1d", Z_d, ZPR64>;
// SVE2 vector splice (constructive)
defm SPLICE_ZPZZ : sve2_int_perm_splice_cons<"splice">;
// SVE2 non-temporal scatter stores
defm STNT1B_ZZR_S : sve2_mem_sstnt_vs<0b001, "stnt1b", Z_s, ZPR32>;
defm STNT1H_ZZR_S : sve2_mem_sstnt_vs<0b011, "stnt1h", Z_s, ZPR32>;
defm STNT1W_ZZR_S : sve2_mem_sstnt_vs<0b101, "stnt1w", Z_s, ZPR32>;
defm STNT1B_ZZR_D : sve2_mem_sstnt_vs<0b000, "stnt1b", Z_d, ZPR64>;
defm STNT1H_ZZR_D : sve2_mem_sstnt_vs<0b010, "stnt1h", Z_d, ZPR64>;
defm STNT1W_ZZR_D : sve2_mem_sstnt_vs<0b100, "stnt1w", Z_d, ZPR64>;
defm STNT1D_ZZR_D : sve2_mem_sstnt_vs<0b110, "stnt1d", Z_d, ZPR64>;
// SVE2 table lookup (three sources)
defm TBL_ZZZZ : sve2_int_perm_tbl<"tbl">;
defm TBX_ZZZ : sve2_int_perm_tbx<"tbx">;
// SVE2 integer compare scalar count and limit
defm WHILEGE_PWW : sve_int_while4_rr<0b000, "whilege">;
defm WHILEGT_PWW : sve_int_while4_rr<0b001, "whilegt">;
defm WHILEHS_PWW : sve_int_while4_rr<0b100, "whilehs">;
defm WHILEHI_PWW : sve_int_while4_rr<0b101, "whilehi">;
defm WHILEGE_PXX : sve_int_while8_rr<0b000, "whilege">;
defm WHILEGT_PXX : sve_int_while8_rr<0b001, "whilegt">;
defm WHILEHS_PXX : sve_int_while8_rr<0b100, "whilehs">;
defm WHILEHI_PXX : sve_int_while8_rr<0b101, "whilehi">;
// SVE2 pointer conflict compare
defm WHILEWR_PXX : sve2_int_while_rr<0b0, "whilewr">;
defm WHILERW_PXX : sve2_int_while_rr<0b1, "whilerw">;
let Predicates = [HasSVE2AES] in {
// SVE2 crypto destructive binary operations
def AESE_ZZZ_B : sve2_crypto_des_bin_op<0b00, "aese", ZPR8>;
def AESD_ZZZ_B : sve2_crypto_des_bin_op<0b01, "aesd", ZPR8>;
// SVE2 crypto unary operations
def AESMC_ZZ_B : sve2_crypto_unary_op<0b0, "aesmc">;
def AESIMC_ZZ_B : sve2_crypto_unary_op<0b1, "aesimc">;
// PMULLB and PMULLT instructions which operate with 64-bit source and
// 128-bit destination elements are enabled with crypto extensions, similar
// to NEON PMULL2 instruction.
def PMULLB_ZZZ_Q : sve2_wide_int_arith<0b00, 0b11010, "pmullb",
ZPR128, ZPR64, ZPR64>;
def PMULLT_ZZZ_Q : sve2_wide_int_arith<0b00, 0b11011, "pmullt",
ZPR128, ZPR64, ZPR64>;
let Predicates = [HasSVE2SM4] in {
// SVE2 crypto constructive binary operations
def SM4EKEY_ZZZ_S : sve2_crypto_cons_bin_op<0b0, "sm4ekey", ZPR32>;
// SVE2 crypto destructive binary operations
def SM4E_ZZZ_S : sve2_crypto_des_bin_op<0b10, "sm4e", ZPR32>;
let Predicates = [HasSVE2SHA3] in {
// SVE2 crypto constructive binary operations
def RAX1_ZZZ_D : sve2_crypto_cons_bin_op<0b1, "rax1", ZPR64>;
let Predicates = [HasSVE2BitPerm] in {
// SVE2 bitwise permute
defm BEXT_ZZZ : sve2_misc_bitwise<0b1100, "bext">;
defm BDEP_ZZZ : sve2_misc_bitwise<0b1101, "bdep">;
defm BGRP_ZZZ : sve2_misc_bitwise<0b1110, "bgrp">;