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//===- PDBSymbol.h - base class for user-facing symbol types -----*- C++-*-===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
#include "ConcreteSymbolEnumerator.h"
#include "IPDBRawSymbol.h"
#include "PDBExtras.h"
#include "PDBTypes.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/STLExtras.h"
#include "llvm/Support/Casting.h"
#define FORWARD_SYMBOL_METHOD(MethodName) \
auto MethodName() const->decltype(RawSymbol->MethodName()) { \
return RawSymbol->MethodName(); \
PublicName) \
auto PublicName##Id() const->decltype(RawSymbol->PrivateName##Id()) { \
return RawSymbol->PrivateName##Id(); \
} \
std::unique_ptr<ConcreteType> PublicName() const { \
uint32_t Id = PublicName##Id(); \
return getConcreteSymbolByIdHelper<ConcreteType>(Id); \
#define FORWARD_SYMBOL_ID_METHOD_WITH_NAME(PrivateName, PublicName) \
#define FORWARD_SYMBOL_ID_METHOD(MethodName) \
namespace llvm {
class StringRef;
class raw_ostream;
namespace pdb {
class IPDBRawSymbol;
class IPDBSession;
private: \
using PDBSymbol::PDBSymbol; \
friend class PDBSymbol; \
public: \
static const PDB_SymType Tag = TagValue; \
static bool classof(const PDBSymbol *S) { return S->getSymTag() == Tag; }
private: \
using PDBSymbol::PDBSymbol; \
friend class PDBSymbol; \
public: \
static bool classof(const PDBSymbol *S) { return Condition; }
/// PDBSymbol defines the base of the inheritance hierarchy for concrete symbol
/// types (e.g. functions, executables, vtables, etc). All concrete symbol
/// types inherit from PDBSymbol and expose the exact set of methods that are
/// valid for that particular symbol type, as described in the Microsoft
/// reference "Lexical and Class Hierarchy of Symbol Types":
class PDBSymbol {
static std::unique_ptr<PDBSymbol> createSymbol(const IPDBSession &PDBSession,
PDB_SymType Tag);
explicit PDBSymbol(const IPDBSession &PDBSession);
PDBSymbol(PDBSymbol &&Other);
static std::unique_ptr<PDBSymbol>
create(const IPDBSession &PDBSession,
std::unique_ptr<IPDBRawSymbol> RawSymbol);
static std::unique_ptr<PDBSymbol> create(const IPDBSession &PDBSession,
IPDBRawSymbol &RawSymbol);
template <typename ConcreteT>
static std::unique_ptr<ConcreteT>
createAs(const IPDBSession &PDBSession,
std::unique_ptr<IPDBRawSymbol> RawSymbol) {
std::unique_ptr<PDBSymbol> S = create(PDBSession, std::move(RawSymbol));
return unique_dyn_cast_or_null<ConcreteT>(std::move(S));
template <typename ConcreteT>
static std::unique_ptr<ConcreteT> createAs(const IPDBSession &PDBSession,
IPDBRawSymbol &RawSymbol) {
std::unique_ptr<PDBSymbol> S = create(PDBSession, RawSymbol);
return unique_dyn_cast_or_null<ConcreteT>(std::move(S));
virtual ~PDBSymbol();
/// Dumps the contents of a symbol a raw_ostream. By default this will just
/// call dump() on the underlying RawSymbol, which allows us to discover
/// unknown properties, but individual implementations of PDBSymbol may
/// override the behavior to only dump known fields.
virtual void dump(PDBSymDumper &Dumper) const = 0;
/// For certain PDBSymbolTypes, dumps additional information for the type that
/// normally goes on the right side of the symbol.
virtual void dumpRight(PDBSymDumper &Dumper) const {}
void defaultDump(raw_ostream &OS, int Indent, PdbSymbolIdField ShowFlags,
PdbSymbolIdField RecurseFlags) const;
void dumpProperties() const;
void dumpChildStats() const;
PDB_SymType getSymTag() const;
uint32_t getSymIndexId() const;
template <typename T> std::unique_ptr<T> findOneChild() const {
auto Enumerator(findAllChildren<T>());
if (!Enumerator)
return nullptr;
return Enumerator->getNext();
template <typename T>
std::unique_ptr<ConcreteSymbolEnumerator<T>> findAllChildren() const {
auto BaseIter = RawSymbol->findChildren(T::Tag);
if (!BaseIter)
return nullptr;
return llvm::make_unique<ConcreteSymbolEnumerator<T>>(std::move(BaseIter));
std::unique_ptr<IPDBEnumSymbols> findAllChildren(PDB_SymType Type) const;
std::unique_ptr<IPDBEnumSymbols> findAllChildren() const;
findChildren(PDB_SymType Type, StringRef Name,
PDB_NameSearchFlags Flags) const;
std::unique_ptr<IPDBEnumSymbols> findChildrenByRVA(PDB_SymType Type,
StringRef Name,
PDB_NameSearchFlags Flags,
uint32_t RVA) const;
std::unique_ptr<IPDBEnumSymbols> findInlineFramesByRVA(uint32_t RVA) const;
const IPDBRawSymbol &getRawSymbol() const { return *RawSymbol; }
IPDBRawSymbol &getRawSymbol() { return *RawSymbol; }
const IPDBSession &getSession() const { return Session; }
std::unique_ptr<IPDBEnumSymbols> getChildStats(TagStats &Stats) const;
std::unique_ptr<PDBSymbol> getSymbolByIdHelper(uint32_t Id) const;
template <typename ConcreteType>
std::unique_ptr<ConcreteType> getConcreteSymbolByIdHelper(uint32_t Id) const {
return unique_dyn_cast_or_null<ConcreteType>(getSymbolByIdHelper(Id));
const IPDBSession &Session;
std::unique_ptr<IPDBRawSymbol> OwnedRawSymbol;
IPDBRawSymbol *RawSymbol = nullptr;
} // namespace llvm