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.. _amdgpu_synid7_label:
A branch target which is a 16-bit signed integer treated as a PC-relative dword offset.
This operand may be specified as:
* An :ref:`integer_number<amdgpu_synid_integer_number>`. The number is truncated to 16 bits.
* An :ref:`absolute_expression<amdgpu_synid_absolute_expression>` which must start with an :ref:`integer_number<amdgpu_synid_integer_number>`. The value of the expression is truncated to 16 bits.
* A :ref:`symbol<amdgpu_synid_symbol>` (for example, a label). The value is handled as a 16-bit PC-relative dword offset to be resolved by a linker.
.. parsed-literal::
offset = 30
s_branch loop_end
s_branch 2 + offset
s_branch 32