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; RUN: llc -o - %s | FileCheck %s
; RUN: llc -global-isel -verify-machineinstrs -o - %s | FileCheck %s
target triple="aarch64--"
declare void @somefunc()
define preserve_mostcc void @test_ccmismatch_notail() {
; Ensure that no tail call is used here, as the called function somefunc does
; not preserve enough registers for preserve_mostcc.
; CHECK-LABEL: test_ccmismatch_notail:
; CHECK-NOT: b somefunc
; CHECK: bl somefunc
tail call void @somefunc()
ret void
declare preserve_mostcc void @some_preserve_most_func()
define void @test_ccmismatch_tail() {
; We can perform a tail call here, because some_preserve_most_func preserves
; all registers necessary for test_ccmismatch_tail.
; CHECK-LABEL: test_ccmismatch_tail:
; CHECK-NOT: bl some_preserve_most_func
; CHECK: b some_preserve_most_func
tail call preserve_mostcc void @some_preserve_most_func()
ret void