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; RUN: llc -mtriple=aarch64-linux-gnu -verify-machineinstrs -o - %s
; Regression test for NZCV reg live-in not being added to fp128csel IfTrue BB,
; causing a crash during live range calc.
define void @fp128_livein(i64 %a) {
%tobool = icmp ne i64 %a, 0
%conv = zext i1 %tobool to i32
%conv2 = sitofp i32 %conv to fp128
%conv6 = sitofp i32 %conv to double
%call3 = tail call i32 @g(fp128 %conv2)
%call8 = tail call i32 @h(double %conv6)
ret void
declare i32 @f()
declare i32 @g(fp128)
declare i32 @h(double)