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; Check that unaligned accesses are allowed in general. We check the
; few exceptions (like CRL) in their respective test files.
; RUN: llc < %s -mtriple=s390x-linux-gnu | FileCheck %s
; Check that these four byte stores become a single word store.
define void @f1(i8 *%ptr) {
; CHECK: f1
; CHECK: iilf [[REG:%r[0-5]]], 66051
; CHECK: st [[REG]], 0(%r2)
; CHECK: br %r14
%off1 = getelementptr i8, i8 *%ptr, i64 1
%off2 = getelementptr i8, i8 *%ptr, i64 2
%off3 = getelementptr i8, i8 *%ptr, i64 3
store i8 0, i8 *%ptr
store i8 1, i8 *%off1
store i8 2, i8 *%off2
store i8 3, i8 *%off3
ret void
; Check that unaligned 2-byte accesses are allowed.
define i16 @f2(i16 *%src, i16 *%dst) {
; CHECK: lh %r2, 0(%r2)
; CHECK: sth %r2, 0(%r3)
; CHECK: br %r14
%val = load i16, i16 *%src, align 1
store i16 %val, i16 *%dst, align 1
ret i16 %val
; Check that unaligned 4-byte accesses are allowed.
define i32 @f3(i32 *%src1, i32 *%src2, i32 *%dst) {
; CHECK: l %r2, 0(%r2)
; CHECK: s %r2, 0(%r3)
; CHECK: st %r2, 0(%r4)
; CHECK: br %r14
%val1 = load i32, i32 *%src1, align 1
%val2 = load i32, i32 *%src2, align 2
%sub = sub i32 %val1, %val2
store i32 %sub, i32 *%dst, align 1
ret i32 %sub
; Check that unaligned 8-byte accesses are allowed.
define i64 @f4(i64 *%src1, i64 *%src2, i64 *%dst) {
; CHECK: lg %r2, 0(%r2)
; CHECK: sg %r2, 0(%r3)
; CHECK: stg %r2, 0(%r4)
; CHECK: br %r14
%val1 = load i64, i64 *%src1, align 1
%val2 = load i64, i64 *%src2, align 2
%sub = sub i64 %val1, %val2
store i64 %sub, i64 *%dst, align 4
ret i64 %sub