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; RUN: llc -march=hexagon -enable-pipeliner -verify-machineinstrs < %s
; REQUIRES: asserts
; This test fails in the machine verifier because the verifier thinks the
; return register is undefined, and because there is a basic block that
; ends with an unconditional branch that is not marked as a barrier.
; Enabling SWP exposes these bugs because the live variable analysis is
; performed earlier than the process implicit def pass. This ordering
; causes the JMPR machine instruction to contain two R0 operands, one
; with an undef and one with a kill flag.
@g0 = common global i32 0, align 4
; Function Attrs: nounwind
define i32 @f0(i32 %a0) #0 {
%v0 = icmp eq i32 %a0, 0
br i1 %v0, label %b2, label %b1
b1: ; preds = %b0
%v1 = tail call i32 bitcast (i32 (...)* @f1 to i32 (i32)*)(i32 %a0) #0
br label %b3
b2: ; preds = %b0
store i32 0, i32* @g0, align 4
br label %b3
b3: ; preds = %b2, %b1
ret i32 undef
declare i32 @f1(...)
attributes #0 = { nounwind }