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# RUN: llc -march=hexagon -mcpu=hexagonv60 -run-pass post-RA-sched -o - %s | FileCheck %s
# The post-RA scheduler reorders S2_lsr_r_p and S2_lsr_r_p_or. Both of them
# use r9, and the last of the two kills it. The kill flag fixup did not
# correctly update the flag, resulting in both instructions killing r9.
# CHECK-LABEL: name: foo
# Check for no-kill of r9 in the first instruction, after reordering:
# CHECK: $d7 = S2_lsr_r_p_or killed $d7, killed $d1, $r9
# CHECK: $d13 = S2_lsr_r_p killed $d0, killed $r9
--- |
define void @foo() {
ret void
name: foo
tracksRegLiveness: true
body: |
successors: %bb.1
liveins: $d0, $d1, $r9, $r13
$d7 = S2_asl_r_p $d0, $r13
$d5 = S2_asl_r_p $d1, killed $r13
$d6 = S2_lsr_r_p killed $d0, $r9
$d7 = S2_lsr_r_p_or killed $d7, killed $d1, killed $r9
$d1 = A2_combinew killed $r11, killed $r10
$d0 = A2_combinew killed $r15, killed $r14
J2_jump %bb.1, implicit-def $pc