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; RUN: llc < %s -mtriple=arm64-eabi | FileCheck %s
; ARM64ISelLowering.cpp was creating a new (floating-point) load for efficiency
; but not updating chain-successors of the old one. As a result, the two memory
; operations in this function both ended up direct successors to the EntryToken
; and could be reordered.
@var = global i32 0, align 4
define float @foo() {
; Load must come before we clobber @var
; CHECK: adrp x[[VARBASE:[0-9]+]], {{_?var}}
; CHECK: ldr [[SREG:s[0-9]+]], [x[[VARBASE]],
; CHECK: str wzr, [x[[VARBASE]],
%val = load i32, i32* @var, align 4
store i32 0, i32* @var, align 4
%fltval = sitofp i32 %val to float
ret float %fltval