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; RUN: llc < %s -mtriple=arm64-eabi -verify-machineinstrs | FileCheck %s
; We used to not mark NZCV as being used in the continuation basic-block
; when lowering a 128-bit "select" to branches. This meant a subsequent use
; of the same flags gave an internal fault here.
declare void @foo(fp128)
define double @test_f128csel_flags(i32 %lhs, fp128 %a, fp128 %b, double %l, double %r) nounwind {
; CHECK: test_f128csel_flags
%tst = icmp ne i32 %lhs, 42
%val = select i1 %tst, fp128 %a, fp128 %b
; CHECK: cmp w0, #42
; CHECK: b.eq {{.?LBB0}}
call void @foo(fp128 %val)
%retval = select i1 %tst, double %l, double %r
; It's also reasonably important that the actual fcsel comes before the
; function call since bl may corrupt NZCV. We were doing the right thing anyway,
; but just as well test it while we're here.
; CHECK: fcsel {{d[0-9]+}}, {{d[0-9]+}}, {{d[0-9]+}}, ne
; CHECK: bl {{_?foo}}
ret double %retval