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; Test incorrect syntax for -D# option is correctly diagnosed.
; Invalid variable name: starts with a digit.
RUN: not FileCheck -D#10VALUE=10 --input-file %s %s 2>&1 \
RUN: | FileCheck %s --strict-whitespace --match-full-lines --check-prefix NUMERRCLIFMT
NUMERRCLIFMT:Global defines:1:46: error: invalid variable name
NUMERRCLIFMT-NEXT:Global define #1: #10VALUE=10 (parsed as: {{\[\[#10VALUE:10\]\]}})
; Invalid definition of pseudo variable.
RUN: not FileCheck -D#@VALUE=10 --input-file %s %s 2>&1 \
RUN: | FileCheck %s --strict-whitespace --match-full-lines --check-prefix NUMERRCLIPSEUDO
NUMERRCLIPSEUDO:Global defines:1:45: error: definition of pseudo numeric variable unsupported
NUMERRCLIPSEUDO-NEXT:Global define #1: #@VALUE=10 (parsed as: {{\[\[#@VALUE:10\]\]}})
; Invalid definition of an expression.
RUN: not FileCheck -D#VALUE+2=10 --input-file %s %s 2>&1 \
RUN: | FileCheck %s --strict-whitespace --match-full-lines --check-prefix NUMERRCLITRAIL
NUMERRCLITRAIL:Global defines:1:51: error: unexpected characters after numeric variable name
NUMERRCLITRAIL-NEXT:Global define #1: #VALUE+2=10 (parsed as: {{\[\[#VALUE\+2:10\]\]}})