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; RUN: llc -verify-machineinstrs -o - %s | FileCheck %s
target triple = "x86_64--"
; This function gets a AL live-in and at same time saves+restores RAX. We must
; not add a kill flag to the "PUSHQ %rax" or the machine verifier will complain.
; CHECK-LABEL: test:
; CHECK: pushq %rax
; CHECK: testb %al, %al
; CHECK: je .LBB
define void @test(i64 %a, i8* %b, ...) {
%bar = alloca i8
call void @llvm.va_start(i8* %bar)
call void
call void %a, i8* %b)
declare void, i8*)
declare void
declare void @llvm.va_start(i8*)