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import subprocess
import lit.util
if not ('AArch64' in config.root.targets):
# We need support for AArch64.
config.unsupported = True
elif not ('aarch64' in config.root.host_triple):
# We need to be running on an AArch64 host.
config.unsupported = True
# We need libpfm to be installed and allow reading perf counters. We can
# only know that at runtime, so we try to measure the latency of an empty
# code snippet and bail out on error.
llvm_exegesis_exe = lit.util.which('llvm-exegesis', config.llvm_tools_dir)
if not llvm_exegesis_exe:
print('llvm-exegesis not found')
config.unsupported = True
with open(os.devnull, 'w') as quiet:
check_llvm_exegesis_result =
[llvm_exegesis_exe, '-mode', 'latency', '-snippets-file', '/dev/null'], stdout=quiet, stderr=quiet)
except OSError:
print('could not exec llvm-exegesis')
config.unsupported = True
if not check_llvm_exegesis_result == 0:
config.unsupported = True