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; When EXPENSIVE_CHECKS are enabled, the machine verifier appears between each
; pass. Ignore it with 'grep -v'.
; RUN: llc -mtriple=x86_64-- -O0 -debug-pass=Structure < %s -o /dev/null 2>&1 \
; RUN: | grep -v 'Verify generated machine code' | FileCheck %s
; REQUIRES: asserts
; CHECK-LABEL: Pass Arguments:
; CHECK-NEXT: Target Library Information
; CHECK-NEXT: Target Pass Configuration
; CHECK-NEXT: Machine Module Information
; CHECK-NEXT: Target Transform Information
; CHECK-NEXT: Type-Based Alias Analysis
; CHECK-NEXT: Scoped NoAlias Alias Analysis
; CHECK-NEXT: Assumption Cache Tracker
; CHECK-NEXT: Create Garbage Collector Module Metadata
; CHECK-NEXT: Machine Branch Probability Analysis
; CHECK-NEXT: ModulePass Manager
; CHECK-NEXT: Pre-ISel Intrinsic Lowering
; CHECK-NEXT: FunctionPass Manager
; CHECK-NEXT: Expand Atomic instructions
; CHECK-NEXT: Dominator Tree Construction
; CHECK-NEXT: Basic Alias Analysis (stateless AA impl)
; CHECK-NEXT: Module Verifier
; CHECK-NEXT: Lower Garbage Collection Instructions
; CHECK-NEXT: Shadow Stack GC Lowering
; CHECK-NEXT: Remove unreachable blocks from the CFG
; CHECK-NEXT: Instrument function entry/exit with calls to e.g. mcount() (post inlining)
; CHECK-NEXT: Scalarize Masked Memory Intrinsics
; CHECK-NEXT: Expand reduction intrinsics
; CHECK-NEXT: Expand indirectbr instructions
; CHECK-NEXT: Rewrite Symbols
; CHECK-NEXT: FunctionPass Manager
; CHECK-NEXT: Dominator Tree Construction
; CHECK-NEXT: Exception handling preparation
; CHECK-NEXT: Safe Stack instrumentation pass
; CHECK-NEXT: Insert stack protectors
; CHECK-NEXT: Module Verifier
; CHECK-NEXT: X86 DAG->DAG Instruction Selection
; CHECK-NEXT: X86 PIC Global Base Reg Initialization
; CHECK-NEXT: Expand ISel Pseudo-instructions
; CHECK-NEXT: Local Stack Slot Allocation
; CHECK-NEXT: X86 speculative load hardening
; CHECK-NEXT: MachineDominator Tree Construction
; CHECK-NEXT: X86 EFLAGS copy lowering
; CHECK-NEXT: X86 WinAlloca Expander
; CHECK-NEXT: Eliminate PHI nodes for register allocation
; CHECK-NEXT: Two-Address instruction pass
; CHECK-NEXT: Fast Register Allocator
; CHECK-NEXT: Bundle Machine CFG Edges
; CHECK-NEXT: X86 FP Stackifier
; CHECK-NEXT: Lazy Machine Block Frequency Analysis
; CHECK-NEXT: Machine Optimization Remark Emitter
; CHECK-NEXT: Prologue/Epilogue Insertion & Frame Finalization
; CHECK-NEXT: Post-RA pseudo instruction expansion pass
; CHECK-NEXT: X86 pseudo instruction expansion pass
; CHECK-NEXT: Analyze Machine Code For Garbage Collection
; CHECK-NEXT: Shadow Call Stack
; CHECK-NEXT: X86 Indirect Branch Tracking
; CHECK-NEXT: X86 vzeroupper inserter
; CHECK-NEXT: X86 Discriminate Memory Operands
; CHECK-NEXT: X86 Insert Cache Prefetches
; CHECK-NEXT: Contiguously Lay Out Funclets
; CHECK-NEXT: StackMap Liveness Analysis
; CHECK-NEXT: Insert fentry calls
; CHECK-NEXT: Insert XRay ops
; CHECK-NEXT: Implement the 'patchable-function' attribute
; CHECK-NEXT: X86 Retpoline Thunks
; CHECK-NEXT: Check CFA info and insert CFI instructions if needed
; CHECK-NEXT: Lazy Machine Block Frequency Analysis
; CHECK-NEXT: Machine Optimization Remark Emitter
; CHECK-NEXT: X86 Assembly Printer
; CHECK-NEXT: Free MachineFunction
define void @f() {
ret void