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; RUN: llc -mattr=mul,movw < %s -march=avr | FileCheck %s
; Tests lowering of multiplication to hardware instructions.
define i8 @mult8(i8 %a, i8 %b) {
; CHECK-LABEL: mult8:
; CHECK: muls r22, r24
; CHECK: clr r1
; CHECK: mov r24, r0
%mul = mul i8 %b, %a
ret i8 %mul
define i16 @mult16(i16 %a, i16 %b) {
; CHECK-LABEL: mult16:
; CHECK: muls r22, r25
; CHECK: mov r18, r0
; CHECK: mul r22, r24
; CHECK: mov r19, r0
; CHECK: mov r20, r1
; CHECK: clr r1
; CHECK: add r20, r18
; CHECK: muls r23, r24
; CHECK: clr r1
; CHECK: mov r22, r0
; CHECK: add r22, r20
; :TODO: finish after reworking shift instructions
%mul = mul nsw i16 %b, %a
ret i16 %mul