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LLDB Codesigning Identities

The debugsign tool contains the logic necessary to configure and enable automation-friendly codesigning for LLDB builds on Darwin systems.

The import sub-command requires a P12 archive containing a codesigning identity. A P12 archive compatible with the debugsign tool can produced using the following procedure:

Generating a Codesigning Identity

  • Open Keychain Access
  • -> App Menu
  • -> Certificate Assistant
  • -> Create a Certificate

In the dialog that appears:

  • Name: lldb_codesign
  • Certificate Type: Code Signing
  • use defaults for all other values and complete the dialog sequence

The identity (private key, public key, self-signed certificate) will be created in the default login keychain. Export the identity:

  • Select login keychain
  • Select My Certificates
  • Select entire lldb_codesign item (not sub-components)
  • File -> Export Items
  • Select File Format: Personal Information Exchange (.p12)
  • When asked for a password to protect the exported archive, enter lldb_codesign for both options.
  • If Keychain Access asks for permission to export, click Allow

The resulting .p12 file can be passed to debugsign's import sub-command.

Using the debugsign Script

Once you've created the .p12 archive, you can use it to enable codesigning on any number of machines for as long as the generated certificate is valid.

The general use case for debugsign is described in the script's help output: debugsign help