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import sys
import tasktool.utils as utils
def _git_ls_remote(url, ref):
refs = utils.check_output(['git', 'ls-remote', url, ref])
revs = {}
for line in refs.split("\n"):
line = line.strip()
if line == "":
rev, _, name = line.partition('\t')
revs[name] = rev
return revs
def verify(config):
if config.get('url') is None:
raise Exception("No 'url' specified")
def resolve_latest(config):
assert(config['type'] == 'git')
rev = config.get('rev')
default_rev = config.pop('default_rev', None)
if default_rev is None:
default_rev = "refs/heads/master"
if rev is not None:
url = config['url']
revs = _git_ls_remote(url, default_rev)
# Look for an exact match
if default_rev is not None:
rev = revs.get(default_rev, None)
# Otherwise hope that we only have a single match.
if rev is None:
if len(revs) == 0:
raise Exception("No refs matching '%s' found for "
"repository '%s'\n" % (default_rev, url))
if len(revs) > 1:
raise Exception("Found multiple refs matching '%s' for "
"repository '%s': %s\n" %
(default_rev, url, ", ".join(revs.keys())))
rev = revs.values()[0]
config['rev'] = rev
def get_artifact(config, dest_dir):
url = config['url']
rev = config['rev']
# Note: -s is slightly dangerous for long running builds on the local
# machine where the user changes the reference repo. But it's also a good
# bit faster.
utils.check_call(['git', 'clone', '-q', '-n', '-s', url, dest_dir])
utils.check_call(['git', '--git-dir=%s/.git' % dest_dir,
'--work-tree=%s' % dest_dir, 'checkout', '-q', rev])
def repro_arg(config, dest_dir):
return '-r %s=%s' % (dest_dir, config['rev'])