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set -eu -o pipefail
. "${USERDIR}/config"
CURL_ARGS+=" -i"
CURL_ARGS+=" \"${JENKINS_URL}/job/${JENKINS_SUBMIT_PROJECT}/buildWithParameters\""
CURL_ARGS+=" --data-urlencode BUILDNAME=\"${BUILDNAME}\""
if [ -n "${JENKINS_SUBMIT_NODE+}" ]; then
CURL_ARGS+=" --data-urlencode where=\"${JENKINS_SUBMIT_NODE}\""
eval curl $CURL_ARGS | grep Location
# TODO: Get a handle on something that allows us to track the build as it goes
# through jenkins. This is hard to do because:
# - Jenkins gives us back a handle for the build in the Queue (the "Location"
# header in the answer)
# - Once the build is executed the queue handle gets updated with a handle
# to the actual build. However queue handle becomes invalid after a while.
# => You have to actively poll/query for the queue item changing into a build to
# catch it :-/
# Alternatively our builds are annotated with a unique ID and we set the jenkins
# build name to that. We could search all the jenkins builds to find a specific
# ID (probably good enough for a single node, is that efficient when we have
# to search mutliple or all nodes?).
# For now the user has to search/track himself:
echo ""
echo "Note: Build results at ${JENKINS_URL}/job/${JENKINS_SUBMIT_PROJECT}"