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<h1>Welcome to the Buildbot
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<p>Our goal is to provide extensive build and test coverage for all supported platforms.</p>
If you are willing to donate some CPU cycles and some room on a hard drive, you are welcome.
The instructions of how to add a build slave to the LLVM Buildbot infrastructure can be found
in the
<a href="">
How to Add Your Build Configuration to the LLVM Buildbot Infrastructure</a>
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<li class="{{ }}">The <a href="waterfall">Waterfall Display</a> will give you a
time-oriented summary of recent buildbot activity. <a href="waterfall/help">Waterfall Help.</a></li>
<li class="{{ }}">The <a href="grid">Grid Display</a> will give you a
developer-oriented summary of recent buildbot activity.</li>
<li class="{{ }}">The <a href="tgrid">Transposed Grid Display</a> presents
the same information as the grid, but lists the revisions down the side.</li>
<li class="{{ }}">The <a href="console">Console</a> presents
a user-oriented status page.</li>
<li class="{{ }}">The <a href="builders">Builders</a> and their most recent builds are
<li class="{{ }}"><a href="one_line_per_build">Recent Builds</a> are summarized here, one
per line.</li>
<li class="{{ }}"><a href="buildslaves">Buildslave</a> information</li>
<li class="{{ }}"><a href="changes">Changesource</a> information.</li>
<li class="{{ }}"><a href="about">About</a> this Buildbot</li>
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<p><i>Admin:&nbsp;Galina Kistanova</i></p>
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