Proposal Name

  • Proposal: [LP-0123](link to the file on github when it lands)
  • Author(s): Author 1, Author 2, ...
  • Review Managers: TBD1, TBD2[, TBD3, TBD4]
  • Status: [WIP, Active review (, Accepted, Rejected, Returned for revision, etc.]

During the review process, add the following fields as needed:

  • Pitch Thread: [1](url for discussion) [2](url for discussion)
  • Decision Notes: Rationale, Additional Commentary
  • Previous Revision: [1](url for previous significant revision)
  • Previous Proposal: LP-0012


A short description of what the proposal is. Try to keep it to one or two paragraphs of “elevator pitch” so the reader understands what problem this proposal is addressing. One reasonable way to structure this is one paragraph of context, one paragraph summarizing the proposal.

This proposal was discussed in this [pitch thread](URL for the pitch thread on llvm-dev).


Describe the problems that this proposal seeks to address. Explain why a change is needed, why non-action is a problem, and why now is a good time to address the problem.

Proposed solution

Describe your solution to the problem - what needs to happen, what needs to change. Show how your solution is better than current workarounds: is it cleaner, safer, or more efficient? Who is going to do the work?

Note that the LLVM Proposal process is about making decisions about what the best path is for the community - it is not a way to get other people to do things for you.

Impact On Other Projects

The LLVM umbrella of technologies are used by many other open source and commercial projects. If this change can have a significant impact on any of them, then please call this out and evaluate the impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

If there were common questions that came up in the pitch phase, please summarize them and what you think the answer is. Doing so gives you a chance to address them before the formal review starts up, which can lead to a more productive review thread - one that spends less time rehashing points that have already come up.

Alternatives considered

This proposal exists because there is something controversial, describe the controversy as you see it, any alternatives that can or should be considered, and provide your view of that. Describe why you think this approach is the best solution to the problem.