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(* RUN: rm -rf %t && mkdir -p %t && cp %s %t/
* RUN: %ocamlc -g -w +A -package llvm.analysis -linkpkg %t/ -o %t/executable
* RUN: %t/executable
* RUN: %ocamlopt -g -w +A -package llvm.analysis -linkpkg %t/ -o %t/executable
* RUN: %t/executable
* XFAIL: vg_leak
open Llvm
open Llvm_analysis
(* Note that this takes a moment to link, so it's best to keep the number of
individual tests low. *)
let context = global_context ()
let test x = if not x then exit 1 else ()
let bomb msg =
prerr_endline msg;
exit 2
let _ =
let fty = function_type (void_type context) [| |] in
let m = create_module context "valid_m" in
let fn = define_function "valid_fn" fty m in
let at_entry = builder_at_end context (entry_block fn) in
ignore (build_ret_void at_entry);
(* Test that valid constructs verify. *)
begin match verify_module m with
Some msg -> bomb "valid module failed verification!"
| None -> ()
if not (verify_function fn) then bomb "valid function failed verification!";
(* Test that invalid constructs do not verify.
A basic block can contain only one terminator instruction. *)
ignore (build_ret_void at_entry);
begin match verify_module m with
Some msg -> ()
| None -> bomb "invalid module passed verification!"
if verify_function fn then bomb "invalid function passed verification!";
dispose_module m
(* Don't bother to test assert_valid_{module,function}. *)