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; NOTE: Assertions have been autogenerated by utils/
; RUN: llc < %s -mtriple=riscv32 -mattr=+m | FileCheck %s --check-prefix=RISCV32
; Test ADDCARRY node expansion on a target that does not currently support ADDCARRY.
; Signed fixed point multiplication eventually expands down to an ADDCARRY.
declare i64 @llvm.smul.fix.i64 (i64, i64, i32)
define i64 @addcarry(i64 %x, i64 %y) nounwind {
; RISCV32-LABEL: addcarry:
; RISCV32: # %bb.0:
; RISCV32-NEXT: mul a4, a0, a3
; RISCV32-NEXT: mulhu a7, a0, a2
; RISCV32-NEXT: add a4, a7, a4
; RISCV32-NEXT: mul a5, a1, a2
; RISCV32-NEXT: add a6, a4, a5
; RISCV32-NEXT: sltu t0, a6, a4
; RISCV32-NEXT: sltu a4, a4, a7
; RISCV32-NEXT: mulhu a5, a0, a3
; RISCV32-NEXT: add a4, a5, a4
; RISCV32-NEXT: mulhu a5, a1, a2
; RISCV32-NEXT: add a4, a4, a5
; RISCV32-NEXT: add a4, a4, t0
; RISCV32-NEXT: mul a5, a1, a3
; RISCV32-NEXT: add a5, a4, a5
; RISCV32-NEXT: bgez a1, .LBB0_2
; RISCV32-NEXT: # %bb.1:
; RISCV32-NEXT: sub a5, a5, a2
; RISCV32-NEXT: .LBB0_2:
; RISCV32-NEXT: bgez a3, .LBB0_4
; RISCV32-NEXT: # %bb.3:
; RISCV32-NEXT: sub a5, a5, a0
; RISCV32-NEXT: .LBB0_4:
; RISCV32-NEXT: slli a1, a5, 30
; RISCV32-NEXT: srli a3, a6, 2
; RISCV32-NEXT: or a1, a1, a3
; RISCV32-NEXT: slli a3, a6, 30
; RISCV32-NEXT: mul a0, a0, a2
; RISCV32-NEXT: srli a0, a0, 2
; RISCV32-NEXT: or a0, a3, a0
; RISCV32-NEXT: ret
%tmp = call i64 @llvm.smul.fix.i64(i64 %x, i64 %y, i32 2);
ret i64 %tmp;