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// Regression test for a bug in which --disassemble-all had the side effect
// of stopping mapping symbols from being checked in code sections, so that
// mixed Arm/Thumb code would not all be correctly disassembled.
@ RUN: llvm-mc -triple arm-unknown-linux -filetype=obj %s -o %t.o
@ RUN: llvm-objdump --no-print-imm-hex -d %t.o | FileCheck %s
@ RUN: llvm-objdump --no-print-imm-hex -d --disassemble-all %t.o | FileCheck %s
@ CHECK: 00000000 <armfunc>:
@ CHECK: 0: e2800001 add r0, r0, #1
@ CHECK: 4: e12fff1e bx lr
@ CHECK: 00000008 <thmfunc>:
@ CHECK: 8: f100 0001 add.w r0, r0, #1
@ CHECK: c: 4770 bx lr
.arch armv8a
.global armfunc
.type armfunc, %function
add r0, r0, #1
bx lr
.global thmfunc
.type thmfunc, %function
add r0, r0, #1
bx lr