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.. _amdgpu_synid9_src_exp:
Data to copy to export buffers. This is an optional operand. Must be specified as :ref:`off<amdgpu_synid_off>` if not used.
:ref:`compr<amdgpu_synid_compr>` modifier indicates use of compressed (16-bit) data. This limits number of source operands from 4 to 2:
* src0 and src1 must specify the first register (or :ref:`off<amdgpu_synid_off>`).
* src2 and src3 must specify the second register (or :ref:`off<amdgpu_synid_off>`).
An example:
.. parsed-literal::
exp mrtz v3, v3, off, off compr
*Size:* 1 dword.
*Operands:* :ref:`v<amdgpu_synid_v>`, :ref:`off<amdgpu_synid_off>`