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.. _amdgpu_synid9_offset_smem_plain:
An offset added to the base address to get memory address.
* If offset is specified as a register, it supplies an unsigned byte offset.
* If offset is specified as a 21-bit immediate, it supplies a signed byte offset.
.. WARNING:: Assembler currently supports 20-bit unsigned offsets only. Use :ref:`uimm20<amdgpu_synid_uimm20>` instead of :ref:`simm21<amdgpu_synid_simm21>`.
*Size:* 1 dword.
*Operands:* :ref:`s<amdgpu_synid_s>`, :ref:`flat_scratch<amdgpu_synid_flat_scratch>`, :ref:`xnack<amdgpu_synid_xnack>`, :ref:`vcc<amdgpu_synid_vcc>`, :ref:`ttmp<amdgpu_synid_ttmp>`, :ref:`m0<amdgpu_synid_m0>`, :ref:`simm21<amdgpu_synid_simm21>`