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REQUIRES: x86-registered-target
RUN: sancov -print-coverage-pcs %p/Inputs/test-linux_x86_64 | FileCheck %s --check-prefix=LINUX
RUN: llvm-objdump -d %p/Inputs/test-windows_x86_64 | FileCheck %s --check-prefix=DISAS_WIN
RUN: sancov -print-coverage-pcs %p/Inputs/test-windows_x86_64 | FileCheck %s --check-prefix=WINDOWS
RUN: sancov -print-coverage-pcs %p/Inputs/test-darwin_x86_64 | FileCheck %s --check-prefix=DARWIN
LINUX: 0x4e132b
LINUX: 0x4e1472
LINUX: 0x4e14c2
LINUX: 0x4e1520
LINUX: 0x4e1553
LINUX: 0x4e1586
LINUX: 0x4e1635
LINUX: 0x4e1690
LINUX: 0x4e178c
The coverage PCs should be equal to the return address of the call minus one. A
direct call is five bytes, so the coverage PCs should be call PC plus four.
DISAS_WIN: 14000103f: {{.*}} callq {{.*}} <__sanitizer_cov>
WINDOWS: 0x140001043
DISAS_WIN: 140001074: {{.*}} callq {{.*}} <__sanitizer_cov>
WINDOWS: 0x140001078
DISAS_WIN: 1400011df: {{.*}} callq {{.*}} <__sanitizer_cov>
WINDOWS: 0x1400011e3
DISAS_WIN: 140001227: {{.*}} callq {{.*}} <__sanitizer_cov>
WINDOWS: 0x14000122b
DISAS_WIN: 14000147e: {{.*}} callq {{.*}} <__sanitizer_cov>
WINDOWS: 0x140001482
DISAS_WIN: 1400015b6: {{.*}} callq {{.*}} <__sanitizer_cov>
WINDOWS: 0x1400015ba
DISAS_WIN: 140001629: {{.*}} callq {{.*}} <__sanitizer_cov>
WINDOWS: 0x14000162d
DISAS_WIN: 140001664: {{.*}} callq {{.*}} <__sanitizer_cov>
WINDOWS: 0x140001668
DISAS_WIN: 1400016f2: {{.*}} callq {{.*}} <__sanitizer_cov>
WINDOWS: 0x1400016f6
CHECK: 0x4e132b
CHECK: 0x4e1472
CHECK: 0x4e14c2
CHECK: 0x4e1520
CHECK: 0x4e1553
CHECK: 0x4e1586
CHECK: 0x4e1635
CHECK: 0x4e1690
CHECK: 0x4e178c
DARWIN: 0x100001527
DARWIN: 0x100001668
DARWIN: 0x1000016b7
DARWIN: 0x1000016dd
DARWIN: 0x10000179d
DARWIN: 0x1000017cc
DARWIN: 0x10000189d
DARWIN: 0x1000018e0
DARWIN: 0x100001906
DARWIN: 0x1000019dc
DARWIN: 0x100001a28